Problems worth solving is a concept worth spending time on. Building an other app for chatting is a trivial problem, 1 likely not startup worthy. The key is to think about the process of finding problems worth solving. If it has a low barrier to entry 4 U it does for others 2.
Dont chase the same rabbit as all others, find things that from the outside in are extremely challenging to scale but likely can. It might be better to focus on something very hard at first sight, something unsexy and messy. All the world's problems if looked at from a tech lens
Will continue to make u think that all problems are technical problems. Just like we all read the same blogs, follow the same popular tech news we continue to be a curated version of the world's technical output. This makes us shortsighted in terms of the problems of this world.
The key to win is to start to look outside the narrow window of the startup mainstream. New companies and ideas are growing every day in the 'old economy' use the tech lense to solve for that. Good things will happen if we looked outside this startup mainstream. But most dont.
Within our circle of relevance of geeks we glamorize growth hacking and APIs, and CPM, think about it, isn't it or wont it be hard to find a distinct advantage over others in a group of peers all wired the same way? There are more startup opportunities than we can visualize but
We must re configure our disposition from looking away from tech oasis to tech desserts. When u have water u go sell it in the dessert vs next to a natural spring. So find ur deserts. Be the outsider in other people's industries and apply ur tech skills in helping them scale.
I'm confident that an outside view will likely prove to be more scalable & help industry natives rely on you for better outcomes. A fresh pair of eyes with a technical mind set is likely to succeed more. Be the lost tech tribesmen in different deserts vs being a me2 agent at home
We live in a utopia of one click card payments,a place where every 1 has apps for collaboration & for tokenizing info & are tech literate. It's this fantasy that will get us killed. Don't be misled that tech is every where, u are lucky that it isn't, it's still finding its way.
Don't pay to play. Founders who will win will go after hard, dirty, unsexy industries likely due to the fact that no VC money is being announced daily in their vertical meaning no competition breathing down their neck. How to spot the unsexy?
Simply look at
1) deep offline processes with automation or efficiency potential
2) manual work with dying skills
3) severe localization and reliance
4) things the wealthy do/need
5) things with decade old grandfathered contracts or processes /regulated

U know u have won when..
The top players in all of the above verticals would say that they do not need technology. That is ur market product fit right there. The upside for the right solution at scale will be disproportionate as will the effort required to win. These niches won't find u, u must find them
No time like the present to drastically shift your thinking & find your technical desert. @rebootdude @jehan_ara @TalhaIzhar @Ash_Kalim @SaadGH @YusufJan @TheNestiO @id92_pk @shahjahan_ch
Auto correct. Should be disrupted no less till it knows the diff between desert and dessert. One of u can solve for that :)

• • •

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10 Feb
Our univ & startup curriculum are broken. Most treat education like buying vegetables so long as u generally do ok no one will worry about the specifics. Visiting faculty is akin to educational malpractice(see this nugget floating around that got fwded) some one with 3yrs of exp
Teaching others their craft. The odds of that skill existing and then transferring is as low as u getting diabetes from watching some one else eat a cake. Worse is when these visiting clowns teach u entrepreneurship or courses on startups. Given u saw their own intake is corp exp
Here's what they don't teach u in school & after meeting 100s of founders if not more n working with them, I wish they did teach. If you are willing to invest 4 mins of ur time vs 4yrs to give this a quick read u may walk away better informed. No guarantees but it's worth a shot
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8 Feb
The Punjab government has been working to establishing an insurance company following the good performance of the insurance sector. Can't make this stuff up. What's next vaccine production? Or Education? They've already done tech in prev govt.…
Instead of working on streamlining regulation and promoting enforcement to support the growth of the sector the govt decides to use our tax payer money to compete with private enterprises in a highly regulated space where it makes the laws. Yes u read that right. Epic stupidity.
By this count soon nothing will be left in the fee enterprise space. Between having provincial govts having banks & formerly the Punjab govt competing with startups by copying their ideas and launching its own startups & building software vs buying locally we have witnessed all.
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7 Feb
Time is the most valuable and finite resource we have. "Free for coffee so I can pick your brains?" I’m giving you permission to create a “pick your brain” session people can pay for. You heard that right.knowledge & experience were not free to obtain,so they aren't free to give.
Requests to “pick your brain” or “just grab coffee” might not always seem like a big deal, but when you take into account the value of your time and the lost productivity and income, it becomes a different story. Its a struggle to respond to these requests, esp if you are some 1
Who operates in the knowledge economy & if your business relies heavily on how you use your time to make money. As you take stock of your time,coffee dates with new people is the least bang for your buck. Esp when the purpose of the meeting is for them to intellectually mine u
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5 Feb
You don't need to be an entrepreneur to win.Entrepreneurship is hard.But you need an entrepreneurial mindset to re-set the the dependency on shiny things and instant gratification. Not every one can be an entrepreneur, but we can and must "want less" & "Invest More" & make more.
A job is a job is a job. But options are also limited, its mostly a mind set thing. We have to have a job, a job provides security, quality of life, access. All creations of the corporate industrial complex essentially to make others rich by paying u just enough...
This "just enough" problem has most folks in a ball & chain.Because we write off doing some thing on our own as not just being worth it & giving up a sure bet.This mental comfort in OPM(Other Peoples Money) is what gets us in the long run. Rich businesses are owned by rich ppl
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14 Jan
IBFT fees down to 0 has helped the average Pakistani see the value of "transacting digitally" without fear. When you remove the barrier to entry you enable many in the ecosystem that were left out prior. @StateBank_Pak good on you for putting citizenry first. Regulation is hard
Esp as viewed by the private sector. So we must all come together to build on the success/rails/supportive regulator to figure out"what fees for what value"should remain in the system.Most things cant work with 0 fee, so use cases for incumbents who have invested must evolve too
This cant be a winner take all game or a zero sum game. The truth is some where in between.Without early market players & investments, digital systems would have not existed. Without infra from telcos/banks we wouldn't be here either esp not without a progressive regulator in tow
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14 Jan
Transitions are good. Current state of play has given us a seat at the table. Online communities are the new equalizer &not geographies.
In-person inefficiency of doing biz is out due to remote.We have the momentum to gain from the insights & discussions across networks anywhere
As all things go virtual, the only thing that matters is brand. Now more than ever, investors, partners, customers & prospect emp, will meet & engage with your content/web presence before they meet you, if ever. Brand is every startups super power or kryptonite. Build wisely.
As we go more location neutral and virtual, rely more on online channels for sourcing, growth sales, hiring etc., your online presence will matter more than ever before. It is the new 10 second interaction to make a good impression.
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