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26 Sep, 4 tweets, 1 min read
The dumbest reason to not protest is "fear of violence." There's already been political violence. 200,000 of us have already died, MOSTLY for purely political reasons. Covid did the wet-work, but it was Republicans that did the killing. On purpose. That IS political violence.
And if you really think mass protests are "too risky," ask yourself this question. If 200,000 dead people don't concern these disgusting and damaged people called Republicans (who Bob Woodward says many of which are "decent people"), whatever will concern them?
For me, the only significant difference between Nazi genocide and GOP genocide is about 5,800,000 dead people. A number that is shrinking way too fast.
And no, this doesn't trivialize the holocaust. Just the opposite. It cements it as a benchmark and harbinger for what is more than likely yet to come. Once mass-death is weaponized for political purposes, what happens next is very hard to predict.

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25 Oct
All those historians and sociologists who figured they had Nazi Germany pegged as an aberration? The rise of a global alt-right should be forcing some rethink. In all of us. Trump is distracting us from an even bigger problem he's triggered.
What may now be just angry assholes, can all too easily infect entire nations and their armies. It's nearly been happening here. Another 4 years of Trump and I fear it well happen. Either way, the world is a very dangerous place again. And once again, due the fucking RIGHT.
A Third World War once seemed unthinkable. But leave the right alone long enough and they always forge new monsters threatening the rest of humanity. We knock them down, but we never knock them out.
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23 Oct
After registering for a drive-thru test, which took 10 minutes longer than it should have because they could have had me filling out this data online, but make me use an app on site instead, after requiring a qr code that not all app cameras support, they then tell me later in
In the line that they need to Q code again which of course has already been closed. Then they asked me if I've had anything to eat or drink in the last 20 minutes. Yes I had some coffee waiting on your fucking line
So now I have to wait 20 minutes on the sidelines to let the coffee pass before I can get tested. Oh and their app doesn't support periods in email. I haven't seen an app do that in 10 years. I am so sick of lameness of everything in America
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22 Oct
The American left celebrates the most weak-kneed journalism, simply because it's slightly better than the previous daily drivel. We never push anyone to do more. We never pressure networks to do more. We just whine a lot. We deserve this shit. I am sorry, but we do.
The right hated how conservatives were being portrayed, so they began a 45 year project to portray the media as liberal, so all the illiberal things they do would be fenced off and ignored. Now they own so much press, only a random book or idea ever wiggles thru the fence.
The Left watched them do this for 5 decades, mounting only niche responses to it. Even now, there is not 1 large, well-funded project that takes on the right's disinformation like the @ACLU took on free speech. WITH HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF $s. Not the chump-change we spend now.
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18 Oct
I have never met anyone that voted for Trump that I have any respect for, and never will. Anyone that watched that freak show in 2015, and still voted for that monster has no excuse and deserves no grace. I don't even want to hear their contrived attempts to justify it. Ever.
And "thank them" for it? I'd rather poke my own eye out with a fork.
But lot's of skin-deep liberals think it's virtuous to gush over their "courage" to change their mind. It really just gives them an opportunity to tweet some platitudinous drivel about "finding your path," or whatever. Not to sound like @gus802, but fuck that noise.
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17 Oct
.@Moonalice on @Alivelshi talking about @Facebook fuckery and the QAnon problem it's created.
@Moonalice @AliVelshi @Facebook "Internet platform are incapable of policing themselves." - @moonalice.
@Moonalice @AliVelshi @Facebook Ugh, @Moonalice says that @Facebook is only removing the holocaust denial posts in ENGLISH; the ones our journalists see. They persist in other languages. Zuckerberg is a public menace.
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16 Oct
The old-school conservative movement always prided itself on wanting to preserve the status quo and the values of the past. How ironic that those seizing our country in the name of conservatism have turned most liberals into conservatives, in that one respect.
What so infuriates me is that nowhere in the media do these so-called conservatives ever have defend their warped and craven views. They just regurgitate talking points from whatever political agenda they were sent to the TV to propagate.

We don't talk about this either
Conservatives have resisted every single social & governmental initiative that made America the envy for the world. WITHOUT exception, while contributing almost nothing. Yet still, they are given outsized hegemony by the media, which lets them manipulate everything around us.
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