1. This will be an awesome thread about Ancient Trees and Humans (just a little). My thanks to: universallighthous.wixsite.com for the research and postings I'll be using. This isn't my information. I've just researched the researchers!!!

Here we go!!!
2) The Ancient Giant Trees of Earth
3) Listen to the Audio:
4) There is a Theory that this earth was once populated with massive Giant trees that reached to our atmosphere.
5) All around the world we find these strange giant Mountain Towers that just don't fit in with where they are located. In many cases The resemblance to massive Tree Stumps is undeniable.
6) What is the possibility that all these are actually the stumps of Ancient Trees? They weren't cut down as the Buttes and Mesas were. Oh no! These GIANTS were taken down with BLAST WAVES! From what is the only real question here.
7) The tallest trees in the world today are redwoods, which tower above the ground in California. These trees can easily reach heights of 300 feet.

But these are just little shrubs in comparison to the majestic beauty of trees reaching to the Heavens as the bottom two show.
8) I mean really here fam we have to consider As Above So Below! In this Divine Light Matrix the tiniest particle and the entire Creation look the same!
...more to come...

• • •

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4 Dec
1) Scientific proof beyond reasonable doubt that our reality is holographic in nature. The "Double Slit Test."
You can do this yourself fam!
And the "Random Number Generator Test."
First, the Double Slit:
2) "What does the experiment tell us? It suggests that what we call "particles", such as electrons, somehow combine characteristics of particles and characteristics of waves. That's the famous wave particle duality of quantum mechanics. It also suggests that the act of observing, Image
3) of measuring, a quantum system has a profound effect on the system. The question of exactly how that happens constitutes the measurement problem of quantum mechanics." ~ Submitted by Marianne on November 19, 2020 Image
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4 Dec
1) Gnosis Time!!!
Rust...iron oxidized. Sooooo...iron? Good for vessel. Oxygen? DUH! Sooo...WHY does "iron" being "oxidized" and ABSORBED by the human vessel...uh...what is the "problem"?
WHY and WHAT exactly is a "Tetanus Shot"?
This is making me feel "icky"!!!
2) Let's read what [they] say about Tetanus: Deep Stank - "Tetanus is a serious illness caused by Clostridium bacteria. The bacteria live in soil, saliva, dust, and manure. The bacteria can enter the body through a deep cut, like those you might get from stepping on a nail (lies) Image
3) or through a burn. The infection causes painful tightening of the muscles, usually all over the body."
ARE YOU beLIEving this EQUINE EXCREMENT??? ??? ??? ImageImage
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3 Dec
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2 Dec
1) I go on and on about how TV/Media is more reality then what most of Mankind "think" is reality!
This will be a thread that will tie it all together in your own mind. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1256154… Think the movie Russell Crowe plays a scientists named Wigand.
2) Next up is the newest space genre with Seth "Funny Man" Macfarland and this one is ALL MASSIVE REVEALINGS!!! TWO FULL SEASONS OF TRUTHS ABOUT CRAZY SHAT!!!
3) PSYOP of "propulsion" in space movies/series.
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2 Dec
Contact: Who is Here and Why gaia.com/share/cki7pnre… via @JoinGaia
Are there only five ET civilizations in contact with Earth, or countless? Richard Doty, along with emery Smith, names and describes the features of five different extraterrestrial beings that the U.S. government officially recognizes. Some are eerily familiar; others are vastly
strange to our sensibilities. Each of them has their own agenda for being here and interacting with the governments on our planet. Doty also discusses the rampant confusion and misinformation which come from various sources including abductees and military agents.
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2 Dec
A little Cosmic Disclosure for you fam!
In 1965, 12 humans left Earth to live on a distant planet for nearly 13 years, as part of an exchange program known as Project Serpo. This was an agreement made with the home planet of the beings found in the Roswell crash. Richard Doty fills Emery Smith in on the details of this
program, officially called Project Crystal Night. He reveals what these explorers experienced concerning climate conditions, infrastructure, food, flora & fauna, and the spiritual practices of the EBENs. To this day there are still a lot of questions, conjectures, and
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