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28 Sep, 7 tweets, 3 min read
1) I'm not a fan of the #TrumpKushner Admin., but it is important to note that the loophole #Trump is using to AVOID taxes (not EVADE), is totally legal & is the same loophole utilized by maggots like .@SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff #Soros #Bezos to AVOID paying their taxes.
2) Per IRS, it is illegal to EVADE paying income taxes, but not illegal to AVOID paying income taxes.

This loophole is referred to as a Irrevocable, Non-Grantor, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trust-fund.

These Trust Funds aren't subject to probate law & taxes on the earnings ....
3) are essentially deferred in perpetuity, since the earnings once deposited and redistributed to the founder of the trust are considered non-taxable "endowments."

For those of you who want to dig further, the mechanism that Trump (and thousands of other politicians use) ....
4) to legally avoid paying any income tax (or capital gains tax or estate taxes), is detailed within Internal Revenue Code: Rule 643.
5) "Items of gross income constituting extraordinary dividends or taxable stock dividends which the fiduciary, acting in good faith, determines to be allocable to corpus under the terms of the governing instrument and applicable local law shall not be considered income."
6) Anyone worth a few million who has their sh!te together is utilizing this loophole to defer capital gains tax, income tax and estate tax in perpetuity.

These Trust Funds can b set up for around $35,000 but increase in price based on how complex the trust-founder's ....
7) asset portfolio is.

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23 Nov
1) Ross, for starters - today's targeting is based on yesterday's targeting protocols, most of which have been acknowledged for decades:

#Zersetzung (#Stasi)
#PsychiatricReprisal (#Stalin)
2) Secondly, once one gets nailed with advanced technology - including DEWs, there is no denial of what is occurring to most (educated or self-educated) targets.

It is (almost) like asking someone "how do you know you were shot."
3) Also, these acts of targeting are accompanied by break-ins, smear-campaigns, theft, vandalism, stalking, assaults, flash-mobbing & community-level hazing organized by #FBI Field Intel Groups, #InfraGard & Private Contractors.
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16 Nov
1) The vaccinations are not "mandatory," but without a #covidpass you'll be barred from

Public Transportation
Sporting Events
Houses of Worship
2) They will then tie the #covidpass into a digital currency as well as a Chinese-style #SocialCreditSystem.

The physical dollar will eventually be phased out (although this may take years).

So "good behavior" and up-to-date vaccinations will determine whether ....
3) an individual will have the ability to move about freely and unmolested - and also - access to their own funds tied into the #covidpass.

The "#covidpass monitoring grid" will be managed in real-time by #AI, so that someone may have boarded a train with a ....
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14 Nov
1) #BillGates vaccines contain #nanoparticles comprised of heavy metals that serve to augment the inter-corporeal reception-ability of #5G #6G #7G #8G #9G #10G frequency ranges.

The technology involved also augments the strength of our biometric output, which facilitates ....
2) Biometric Signal Processing by #AI and other technologies.

This tech allows for individuals to be "read" and monitored from great distances.

This technology is actually near a century old, and was patented in the mid-1970s.
3) Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.

Patent Number: US3951134A

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12 Nov
I am not calling a human being "it" and I am not racist.

"*It* has to do with insulting someone ...."

"It" meaning "the subject" or the "topic of the stupid discussion you initiated."
And you used the word "racist," not me - and you know damn well that if a white person in Somalia made the same comment that this Somali woman did, and posted a picture of a Somali woman, that he/she would be beaten and lynched within an hour.
The fact that you accuse me of being "racist" for pointing out that a Somali woman's nasty comment about a white woman (& her "stupidity") would result in the beating/stoning/lynching of a white person in Somalia should the roles be reversed is the real hypocrisy.
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8 Nov
"Many of these were made at small private companies ...."

Umm, yeah they would be - and they would also be subject to extremely thorough #NDAs - just like all of the other "small & private" companies that subcontract to the US Government.
Simply because a company is "small" or "private" has no bearing as to whether or not its employees signed #NDAs.

That has no relevance.

"They paid him a lot of money to design parts that would never be used?"
You have no idea what your uncle was paid to do.

If you did have any real idea, he would have lost his security clearance.

Secondly, our government has a history of spending $50,000 on soap dispensers destined for government-facility restrooms ....
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28 Oct
1) One of the weak points in the system of oppression r the human rights violations conducted through #FusionCenters.

The #FBI #DOJ #DHS do not want to lose control of their Zero-Oversight, Citizen-Kill & Asset-Rape Operation.

Are you getting a huge amount of unprecedented ....
2) air traffic over your domicile - and are you an outspoken individual?

If yes, then you need to contact the #FAA Noise Ombudsman and complain about the #FusionCenter-based #FAA personnel who are getting compensated with free proctological exams and gift cards ....
3) to reroute air-traffic over your home.

This is an #PhoenixProject tactic - use all segments of society (including #ZetaTwinkers), government and infrastructure to attack the "resistance." (i.e. - anyone who speaks out against Fed-Agency-Sponsored-Terrorism)
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