So not only were black voters (in key swing states) disproportionately targeted w/ GOP voter ID laws, but they were also micro-targeted with demotivation ads to get them to stay home & not vote. But sure..something something 'not visiting Wisconsin'.
If you'll recall, black voters were *also* targeted by Russian influence ops in same exact manner. Given that we know that ppl like Trump's campaign manager were sharing data directly with Russian intel, it's almost a certainty that they shared their list of voters to dissuade.
And I'd be remiss not to mention the other part- the role of the Bernie Left in lending a big hand. People like Shaun King, Brie Brie & The Intercept. What a coincidence but the 1 thing they pushed endlessly was also the same exact msg the Trump campaign was using to demotivate!
When you step back & look at it, Black voters were basically under a hyper targeted 3-pronged attack to get them to stay home & invalidate their vote. And with absolutely razor thing margins in key swing states, it almost certainly made a difference.
Just look at this chart showing the % drop in the Black vote from 2012. I mean obviously there is some percentage to be expected going from the 1st black pres. to Clinton but just look at how abnormally large the drop was in MI-WI. Over 12%. That's huge.

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

26 Nov
This is such a strange tweet from a NYT political reporter. First off, in what way is stating a hard statistical fact 'disconnected from realities'? Are we just supposed to pretend that all the 3rd party weirdo votes would've gone to the Dem (see: Jill Stein & 'earning my vote')/
Also, do you really 'not get what it's supposed to mean' that she underperformed drastically from the top of the ticket, given that it was literally in your very own interview you did with AOC, where she held up Omar (& her door-knocking) as some big factor into Biden's win?
I really don't believe that he doesn't get this. Even a Chris Cillizza-level political journalist could understand this. I'm just going to go with playing dumb.
Read 5 tweets
25 Nov
Ok, just so we're clear here, the logic in Tracey/Greenwald-ville is:

A coup: A TV host saying 'fun fact', a deray tweet & a WaPo opinion columnist

NOT a coup: The POTUS & his party refusing to accept the election, inventing fraud, lawsuits & personally lobbying to overturn it Image
lol ImageImage
The idea that a coup was ever held up as a real possibility is fucking lunacy. Now, Chris Hayes tweeting, "Fun facts, the electoral college....." that's how a real coup attempt begins. Image
Read 5 tweets
25 Nov
Umm ok, yes but I was told she single-handedly "delivered" Minnesota for Biden....or something.
lol no Image
Also kind of throws a wrench in the 'lack of in person canvassing was what did in Dems' theory of things.
Read 4 tweets
20 Nov
Nancy "Salon" Pelosi. Gavin "Dinner Party" Newsom(e)

Again, how is this account any different than your 100% bog-standard RWer account?
The extremely smart political knower couldn't even be bothered to take 2 seconds & google the correct spelling of Gavin Newsom's name. Luckily, he no longer has any editors to censor him.
His entire feed is about 'liberal hypocrisy' (& Obama). There's not a single word about what Trump/GOP are doing. Not even one stray, 'What Trump is doing is wrong' tweet to cover his ass. Zero.
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
This is especially on-brand for Glenn bc he was going around yelling at anyone who called Trump a fascist/authoritarian bc 'oh sure fascists just regularly get voted out through democratic elections'. Now that Trump has lost & is actively trying to overturn the election...silence
Beginning to think this Greenwald guy is not a good faith journalist.
Me, before the election: OMG you think Trump is a fascist authoritarian. There's a democratic election scheduled, where the people will decide, idiot

Me, after the election, as Trump tries to overturn the results:

OMG. Dangerous authoritarianism from...some guy criticizing Fox.
Read 5 tweets
18 Nov
I have been found out. I guess, it's time for me to DO SOMETHING!
(he deleted it like 30 seconds later lol)
Reminds me of that time I posted a picture of me out canvassing for (insert PA Dem Candidate) in 2018 & that crazy lady who follows Matt Taibbi around accused me of being a campaign operative for him & spreading lies about Matt Taibbi while I was out canvassing. Normal stuff.
Read 9 tweets

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