As a result of the breakdown of the family, failure of public schools, disengagement of the church in the culture, and moral corruption, an environment conducive to the rise of socialist and communist sentiments was created in our land, which we are now battling to contain.
These sentiments have become rather pervasive in our nation; nearly a third of our populace harbors them; and they now control the Democrat party. This situation represents a direct threat to the Constitution and liberty; capitalism; Christianity; and the American way of life.
There are two obstacles standing in the way of this party imposing these evil systems upon the nation: President @realDonaldTrump; and, by virtue of the Constitution, an armed free citizenry. In this context, it is a superseding imperative that @realDonaldTrump be reelected;
the sole guarantee of future peace and tranquility among our citizens; as a free people, with the means of resisting government tyranny and oppression, would never willingly surrender freedom for enslavement. In 2016, with America on the verge of economic and financial demise,
social disintegration, and moral collapse, Almighty God, despite the nation's rebellion against Him, and His Christ, in His mercy, granted our nation a reprieve; time to turn back toward Him; back toward Christ; back to His word. Only in Christ, is our nation secure, and blessed
with liberty, and prosperity. President @realDonaldTrump has done all in His power to restore American sovereignty; economic growth and security; and US military strength. He has reinforced the Constitution; and protected religious freedom; despite the most monstrous political
attack in history. Now, the nation must continue on this course; which depends not upon him, but rather, we the people of this great land. Saturday, the Church, petitioned Almighty God, on behalf of the nation, for His continuing mercy and grace; that our citizens might fix our
eyes on Him, the author of faith; the One who bestows the blessings of liberty; that a spiritual renewal, a great awakening would occur in the land. In this respect, the Church, that is, the body of believers, must act. Every pastor must warn, admonish, and implore their
congregation to register and vote, in the most consequential election in American history. You, personally, must act as though the whole of our nation's survival rest and depends solely upon you. Specifically, what can you do? Register and determine beforehand how you will vote;
either in-person early, or on election day; or by absentee ballot. Implore your family, friends, and neighbors to vote. Tell them why you are voting for the President. Use your social media platforms to tell and persuade others to vote for @realDonaldTrump. If you are uncertain
about what to say, repeat what others say; review their timelines, and retweet messages. Go to the website:
Donate if you can, in any amount. Volunteer to help on the campaign. There are things you can do to make the difference; like becoming a "digital
activist." When you see your neighbors, talk to them. Ask them who they're voting for, and tell them why you are voting for President @realDonaldTrump. Because of the corrupt mainstream media, you'll be surprised what people don't know Trump has done for the nation; like reduced
citizens in poverty by 6.6 million people; generated 6 million new jobs; that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point in 50 years, and wages have grown at more than 3% for 10 months in a row. See this site for more information on achievements:…
God, in His grace, has established a self-governing system in America. It is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Hence, it requires the active participation of the citizens to function as designed; and that means you. He has entrusted the care of this
great nation into our hands; so I implore you to get engaged; so we will never have to explain to the younger generations, what happened to the blessings of liberty, on our watch. As unfathomable and challenging as our country's situation is, I remain confident, that
"Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty." [President Abraham Lincoln, 1st Inaugural Address] May God bless you, your families, and
our great nation; the United States of America ~

• • •

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17 Nov
Our society, and its institutions, can only function properly with a high moral and ethical standard. Such a standard begins with God and the Bible. Most regrettably, over the decades, secular forces have superseded the Church in influencing the culture; and we are now witnessing
the disastrous consequences thereof, in the form of systemic corruption that is seemingly ubiquitous across the nation. At this point, our nation can only be restored with the aid of Almighty God and His Son, the Chief Cornerstone of America's foundation, Jesus Christ. Thus,
it is imperative that you who know the living God, pray on our nation's behalf, and ask Him to save America from the grave, and inevitable, consequences of turning away from His principles and precepts, and substituting for them ungodly preferences, and foolishness.
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16 Nov
Yes, you did, President @realDonaldTrump; and every citizen ought to be outraged, and support your fight to stop the monstrous attempt to steal a presidential election from the people of America. This effort to steal the election is a direct threat to our Constitutional republic.
This is the political equivalent of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11 terrorist attack. As American men responded by rushing to military induction centers the next day to defend this country, every lawyer ought to be contacting the Trump campaign to offer their assistance
in defense of the will of the people, and the integrity of our election system. Every citizen in PA, MI, WI, NV, GA, and AZ, wherein the legislatures are controlled by Republicans, ought to be melting their phones down, demanding that they use their power to mandate audits,
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9 Nov
Other than the fact that non-believers are blind to spiritual truth, which is the only truth, as truth is in God, Christ, and the Bible, any sensible non-believer would recognize that any human rights do not come from man, who is depraved and desperately wicked. Such rights
come from the sovereign God of creation; as the Framers understood and articulated in the Declaration of Independence, calling them "unalienable rights," bestowed by God, the Creator. Hence, liberty does not originate with man, but rather from Almighty God; as the Scripture says,
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." [2 Co 3:17 NASB] God Himself is the great emancipator in this fallen, and evil world. Socialism, communism, fascist, and totalitarian systems, are heretical, and evil, as they are antithetical
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9 Nov
It is a terrible thing, that America, by allowing a liberal takeover of education at all levels, and permitting the slow removal of God, the Bible, and Christianity, from the culture and society's institutions, created the conditions to breed home grown socialists and communists.
The Christian pulpit and church community never should have essentially disengaged from the culture, and matters of government and politics in this nation. It is an unbiblical posture, which has precipitated disastrous consequences for the nation; generally, moral corruption,
which we are witnessing among most, if not all of our nation's institutions, industries, and governmental systems. Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of this nation; and as Andrew Jackson said, "The rock upon which this republic rest." The removal of Christ portends America's
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30 Oct
It is unfathomable why black citizens keep voting for Democrats, who have bankrupted urban cities, fail to protect your neighborhoods, raise taxes, and run businesses and jobs away. Democrats are destroying the cities, and black lives. WAKE UP, and stop voting for Democrats.
Your Democrat leaders keep telling you @realDonaldTrump is racist; nothing but a lie. Trump delivered the lowest black unemployment rate ever; the 1st Step Act/prison reform; longterm funding for HBCUs; and created over 8,000 opportunity zones, bringing over $75 billion in
investment capital, which will impact the inner cities and black communities, creating jobs. Trump is not the racist; the Democrat elitists, black and white, you have been voting for are the real racists. Democrats, including @JoeBiden, don't give two cents about black lives.
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25 Oct
In Chicago, 14 shot, 4 killed, so far this weekend. There is only one public official who will act to restore safety to the streets in Chicago; @realDonaldTrump. Black citizens should vote Trump, to save lives in their communities. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats ~…
It is unfathomable why black citizens would keep voting for Democrats, who have bankrupted the city, fail to protect your neighborhoods, raise taxes, and run businesses and jobs away. Democrats are destroying the city, and your lives. WAKE UP, and stop voting for Democrats.
Your Democrat leaders keep telling you @realDonaldTrump is racist; nothing but a lie. Trump delivered the lowest black unemployment rate ever; the 1st Step Act/prison reform; longterm funding for HBCUs; and created over 8,000 opportunity zones, bringing over $75 billion in
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