Some of the great "humanitarian work" done by Amnesty India

1)Supported CPIM's calls for scrapping AFSPA, Sedition, Death Penalty and the NSA
2) Opposed death penalty for Nirbhaya's rapists.

This is not an argument for/against death penalty. These guys were beyond reform & rehabilitation, and would only be a burden on society if let free, and a burden on the taxpayer if imprisoned for life.

3) Opposed India's right to regulate its own borders and deport illegal immigrants, especially those who have been kicked out of their own country for taking up arms against Myanmar and trying to carve out their own State in Rakhine.

4) Called for the "immediate release" of the 11 accused in the Bhima-Koregaon case.

Quite clear that this organisation had fuck-all to do with human rights, and everything to do with being a pressure group with vested, anti-India interests…
5) I don't even know where to begin.

This is just disgusting. No proof, no claims, just outright labeling the Govt's claims as "appalling" because the agenda is all about whitewashing terror: whether Islamic terror or Red Terror doesn't really matter.

A simple explanation into why FCRA amendments were needed, and how NGOs are simply pressure groups for hire that are used to go act and lobby against national interest in the name of social justice, humanitarianism or environment protection:

Don't know how I missed this:

'Amnesty International's Jihad Problem'…
Cracking down on NGOs, despite mountains of proof, is considered a big taboo in the world of "liberal democracies". Just ask Putin.

Exactly why this required IMMENSE political capital.

Thank you PM @narendramodi for again pulling off the unthinkable. 💯

• • •

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7 Mar
Fun fact: Both his children were in my school just before I joined. My sibling who was already there, was friends with the boy & didn't take it well.

Let me make it clear, it wasn't a coincidence that his children accompanied him into the interiors of Odisha. It was intentional.
These cockroaches not only attempt brainwashing at an early stage (convent schools), they even use children for their missionary propaganda.

The school is Hebron, and I had my fair share of terrible H-phobic experiences that have been etched in my memory.
They were some of the best times of my life. No tests/exams till 6th, a lot of play, and a lot of good food.

But some things are too difficult to get over:
~The reference to the third eye and the teekas as evil and signs of Lucifer
~The constant disparaging of Hindus & Hinduism Image
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7 Mar
There is a common fallacy that people were more philosophical in the early days of civilization than today.

People were more religious, not philosophical.

Philosophy isn't for everyone, and religion helped impart those values to the masses.

Religion is that missing link today.
This is from a long discussion I had with a liberal friend yesterday.

He claimed people would be happier if they realised philosophical lessons & applied them to their daily lives.

I argued that philosophy is a privilege(yes, I used the "privilege" argument against a liberal😎)
Why is philosophy a luxury?

~It's generally restricted to those with a higher intellect
~It requires immense free time & mental-space

A man who needs to put food on the table EOD can't be bothered with matters of philosophy.


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17 Feb
Just so it's clear: Priya Ramani has been acquitted of defamation, MJ Akbar hasn't been convicted of rape.

When the court says "can't punish women for raising voice", it's deeply troubling for a country plagued by false rape cases where women escape scot-free for ruining lives.
Just wish there was as much bipartisan support for male victims of false allegations as there is for Priya Ramani winning a defamation case.

In 2013-14, more than half of the reports of sexual harassment/rape in Delhi were found false.

The manner in which rape allegations are handled in India is destructive to say the least, and empowers women to use allegations as a tool to extract personal vendetta.

#MeToo has been a disaster in India. Not only has it created more male victims than it has helped female ones,
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14 Feb
Haven't seen a more sillier suggestion on this platform.

There are on average 97 hartals in a year in Kerala, each of them costing the state approximately Rs. 200 Cr.

This, coupled with the labour union culture in the state, gives Kerala a 20th rank in EODB among Indian states.
Last year in September, Muthoot Finance took the difficult decision to close down 300 offices across the State thanks to violent blackmailing by labour union leaders, who threatened to "cut the hands" of the company's managers.

Why the fuck would anyone invest there?
Thanks to the anti-industry, anti-corporate culture, the people of Kerala have been forced to look elsewhere for gainful employment.

Nurses from there find Delhi and Bangalore to be more lucrative, while the rest find the gulf as a viable alternative.

Kerala runs on remittance.
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3 Feb
To those shocked by the "international conspiracy" revealed by the toolbox Greta shared, welcome to international relations 101😎

This is, unfortunately, the norm and not the exception.

Regime change/lobbying is an ongoing phenomenon faced by countries that defy the globalists.
Ah yes, "old friend Soros" at it again.

Don't be surprised if the NGOs mentioned in the google doc are directly or indirectly related to Open Society Foundations.

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7 Dec 20
Thread on what Turkey had to gain from the war between Armenia & Azerbaijan, and why the often neglected Central Asia could be the flashpoint for tensions between Turkey, Russia & China.

Central Asia will be the biggest test yet for the facade that is Sino-Russian bilateralism.
Standing apart from its Arab and Persian neighbours, Turkey and Azerbaijan are Turkic and ethnically closer to Central Asia than the Middle East.

Having failed to carve out a sphere of influence in North Africa & the Middle East, Erdogan has turned to a more familiar territory. Distribution of Turkic ethnic groups
Apart from the genocidal history between Turkey & Armenia, Armenia was also the last barrier that prevented unfettered access for Turkey to mainland Azerbaijan, then the Caspian Sea & beyond that the rest of the Turkic world.

This final barrier for Turkey was Nagorno-Karabagh.
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