It’s not possible to fully articulate how completely irresponsible Donald Trump has been, both as president and personally, when it comes to the coronavirus. He has risked his own life, his staff and Secret Services’ lives, his fans’ lives, his family’s and frankly the Bidens.’
The people around Trump are as foolish as he is for flaunting themselves around, maskless. And now he is the equivalent of Typhoid Mary, taking his rickshaw carnival of coronavirus risk from state to state. Would that the decent governors could bar him from entry.
Trump loves “caravan talk.” Yet his events are “corona caravans.” He loves to call names, but is in essence Typhoid Trumpy. He turned the virus into a slur against China. Yet is this not now the Trump Virus? This reckless president owns it and all the Hell it has unleashed.
Hicks was AT THE DEBATE, where Trump's people took off their masks. And BTW did Trump blame members of the MILITARY and SERVICE WORKERS for Hope Hicks being infected with the coronavirus????…

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3 Dec
So I'm sitting here watching this 46-minute Trump infomercial and I've truly never seen anything like it in American politics. It's like we're in some decrepit former Soviet satellite that's crumbling after a brief attempt at democracy. It's either fundraising, madness, or both.
Trump called this the most important speech he has given, and called overturning the election the most important thing he/his supporters could achieve. Not mentioned: the PANDEMIC THAT HAS KILLED 270,000-PLUS AMERICANS, or even the vaccine he's been trying to take credit for.
Trump has pulled some breathtaking scams in his life; against the taxpayers and the IRS, banks that have loaned him tens of millions of dollars, his investors, students at his fake university, and the U.S. charity infrastructure. But using the White House to stage an infomercial?
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1 Dec
The challenge for @JoeBiden will be that he faces elected Republicans who cannot operate as a normal political party, and presumably won't be able to for the foreseeable future, because they preside over a personality cult that Donald Trump controls, and will continue to control.
And while they will be able to grab more power and shore up their minority rule through such democratic apostasies as gerrymandering, they risk ouster, even by a hardcore Republican voters, if they dare to stray off the Trump orthodoxy, including the "stolen elections" myth.
Will House Republicans up in 2022 even be able to attend the Biden nomination without triggering a primary from some Q-anon loon in their cherry-red districts? Because gerrymandering has also put more of them in districts that bleed MAGA.
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29 Nov
This is absolutely ... remarkable...…
20 days that seemed like 200...
I mean... they accused the very dead Hugo Chavez of “stealing” the election, just to keep Trump calm...
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28 Nov
The funny thing is, @realDonaldTrump gave away his leverage to Mitch, who got his judges, a 6-3 SCOTUS, fat tax cuts for his fellow rich folks and big business, half a trillion dollars in bailouts for mega-corporations, and re-election. The only leverage Trump has left? Georgia.
Yet Trump has already promised to head down to the peach state to secure @senatemajldr's majority. Maybe he should try to get something in return? Mitch won't do what Trump says anymore if he knows he's already going to get what he wants, which is more power for himself.
If @realDonaldTrump wants to do one thing in his presidency that actually would get him some praise, he should make Mitch pass the already-passed Restaurant Act and the HEROES ACT covid relief bill. "No bills, no help in Georgia" would be Trump actually using his final leverage.
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28 Nov
This truth! "I don’t know how to convince someone how to experience the basic human emotion of empathy. I cannot have one more conversation with someone who is content to see millions of people suffer needlessly in exchange for a tax cut that statistically they’ll never see..."
This is why, fundamentally, we can't "come together." The left and the right in America really do fundamentally disagree on what it means to live in a society. There is no calm and fruitful debate that can bridge that gap. You either give a damn about other people or you don't.
To make matters worse, so many of our constitutional and legislative structures make much easier to do evil than to do good. Think about how onerous a lift it's been to get anything close to universal healthcare or to save the environment and how easily Trump has savaged both.
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27 Nov
These are crimes against humanity. Period.
This is what happens when you put a white nationalist government in power in America: we are reduced to the same thuggishness we ourselves decry in so-called “third world” governments. These people have committed NO CRIME:
We are now the global monster.
Read 5 tweets

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