Let's see if I can get this straight. The President flies around the country meeting thousands of people Non-Stop during the worst of the COVID outbreak. And never contracts Covid. People in his administration have tested positive here and there,but again, The President is fine🙏
And now, just one day AFTER being in the same room with Joe Biden. Biden, who was definitely wearing some type of "equipment", The President, First Lady, and Ms. Hicks ALL come down with COVID at the same time? Even though we know The President has HCQ?
What type of "equipment" was Biden wearing? Thought to be communication/teleprompter, was it a "Dispersal Unit?"
Fogging the air with Covid?
This was their plan before.
What I.V.'s was Biden taking prior to this debate? The bruises were clearly evident prior. Was this preventative for what they planned for debate night?
Has anyone else present at the debate contracted covid-19?
Were the members of the press who were present given HCQ beforehand?
And before the diagnosis is known, before the President even announces it, you have members of the media "spotting symptoms" and "making diagnoses?"
Something stinks bad! We know Biden is not a viable candidate, so do they . Did they use Biden as a trojan horse to bring the virus directly to the President? Now that that job is done is this why they're calling off all other debates?
Something really really stinks here.
I don't believe the object is to "remove🙏" the President. COVID isn't that deadly, and the President has outstanding medical care. I believe it's to keep the COVID narrative going, make that vaccine money, after all, the President took HCQ and still got Covid 🙄.
And they will use this to further push for mail in ballots.

• • •

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29 Oct
RR, a great friend of Dianne Feinstein and Joe Biden. RR who is great friends with Elijah Cummings, "judge Sullivan", Catherine Pugh. RR who is compromised by Russia/Chin-A, has been running interference for the Bidens for years, especially since he was the ONLY
U.S. attorney to keep his position under the Obama/Biden admin. ImageImage
RR, was still in his position as DAG when the FBI originally received Hunter Biden's laptop. He began running interference and has done so ever since. Image
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28 Oct
There is evidence that the "Swine Flu" outbreak in 2009 was in fact an attack by China. Allowed, encouraged, aided and Planned, by the Obama/Biden administration. Not only did the Swine Flu cost Thousands of lives but it Severely Depleted the emergency stockpiles
of N95 masks and respirators. And the Obama/Biden administration Never replenished them, leaving the U.S. UN-prepared for another outbreak.
Enter COVID 19, round two, also Chinese in origin. Designed to be released during Hillary's second term.
Was the pathetic Obama/Biden response to Swine Flu deliberate? Done at China's bidding by their bought and paid for Politicians?
What did Joe, and Many others, get all that Money for?
Read 8 tweets
24 Oct
Dear FB-I, (🖕🖕🖕)
You are Not "law enforcement", you are the "political police" of the DS/Dem political party. The Gestapo of modern times. You only investigate to advance your agenda. You sell and trade the "fruits" of those "investigations" to enrich yourselves
and those that control you. You delay and destroy any information that goes against your own goals, facts mean nothing to you, Justice is not in your vocabulary.
You've had the "Hunter" laptop for months, sitting on it because it benefited you and those you serve. Allowing children to be abused for your own goals, you are no different than the abusers. Were those children abused ONE SINGLE TIME after you received that computer?
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23 Oct
Delaware has a serious Child Trafficking problem.
Human trafficking has been a federal crime since the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, but Delaware legislation wasn't passed until 2014. 14 YEARS later!
I wonder who delayed that?
There is a corrupt Network within Delaware that protects child trafficking and the people involved. It's why people like "dr Bradley" can molest over a thousand children and be protected for years.
This corrupt network within delaware exploits this, just like there is a reason people who know about it flock there to participate.

Terramar Project, Epstein/Maxwell was incorporated in Delaware. Mayor Guliani stated that one of the girls Hunter Biden was seen
Read 6 tweets
21 Oct
The TV thing is an old case I worked on that went to court in 2015/16. "The FB-I Declassified".
Zed Mclarnon case. FF based.
Depends on which version they air. Apparently there are three different versions. One has interviews and undercover footage of myself. One has,
footage but doesn't show my face and my voice is altered. And one version only mentions me as a deep cover operative.
This was a case in Massachusetts that had ties to the false flag Boston bomber and FB-I.
Times to Obama, Lisa Monaco, Mueller, Comey,RR, Etc.
They have refused legal inquiries about which version they are going to air stating that "it depended on date, ratings, Air Time, Etc. They reserve the right to air any version now or later".
I'm sure the FB-I will break their arm patting themselves on the back👍
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21 Oct
Why is the Biden laptop back in the hands of the FB-I? Who've had it for a year+ and already stated they believe it's "russian disinfo".
The USSS has the TOP systems to investigate child abuse/trafficking, often used by the FB-I and other agencies, and since this "issue🤮"
involves a "Presidential candidate" and their family, you would think the Secret Service could at least do a parallel investigation.🤔🤔🤔
Im sure the FB-I will SCRUB any connection on that laptop that may come back to them and their "operations to control people".
Read 4 tweets

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