Almost half of the Nation is in THRALL to the Left.
As much as I hate to admit it the evidence is all around us.
I have extensively covered the Radical Democrat's malfeasance, how they did it & why.
People are sending me innumerable tweets & screenshots of rotten, immoral & degenerate Leftists cheering & gloating over the First Couple's contracting COVID.
If what I THINK happened regarding COVID these same Dark Cheerleaders will soon be quaking in terror.
Not from any personal threat mind you, but from a reelected President Trump's DEVASTATING RESPONSES to the CCP for unleashing the pandemic & the Democrats who then turned it into a political & economic WEAPON to take down America AS FOUNDED.
Because the #RECKONING will be BRUTAL.
As it unfolds these laughing Hyenas will FREEZE in utter shock as dire consequences fall like Thunderbolts from Zeus, cataclysmic & total, utterly unnerving in their suddenness without warning.
Nothing they **know** in their warped MSM World will explain what's happening.
It will look like, well kind of like THIS=
No, there won't be a war with China. The CCP's days are numbered.
WE will have to save China after they collapse (the fate they intended for us)
But certain interests must be BROKEN.
& they shall be, completely.
It will also look like THIS=As the Networks & Cells they utilized to foment the insurrection are rolled up & their "Fixers" in Dc are exposed & scooped up.
As Trump said "we caught them all."
Things are about to drop that will PROVE that beyond their worst nightmares.
It will also look like this=Trump is a Master of economic warfare. The "very rich & very stupid" people who caused all these recent problems have a LOT of assets in the US.
Say, how much does it cost to ship your $20,000,000 Oceanfront Home to Germany?
When you are tied to HUMAN TRAFFICKING or theft of US Tax Dollars anything you bought with it can be seized by the Feds. #ASSETFORFEITURE sure is a Bitch, huh Fellas!
I guess buying BILLIONS in US real estate was kind of sub OPTIMA(l), huh?
Ho Ho! Hee Hee!
The atrociousness of the Left is no surprise to me.
Many simply don't want to believe it even though sheer wickedness is on full display.
I've called what we're experiencing the #SoulWAR.
Did you think I was being hyperbolic?
The very SOUL of Human Race is being fought for.
We're not going to win it by force. That would be take a truly horrific bloodbath that would ruin & lower us to THEIR LEVEL.
They've renounced their humanity & now they're coming for yours.
That was the true harm of Critical Race Theory=it DEhumanizes & devolves the Soul.
How to we fix this? How can America recover? Almost half the Nation is living in BIZARRO WORLD when they want to implement Communism & hammer us into Serfdom.
"For the children!"
They're NUTS!
What's to be done?
He knows what to do, watch.
First of all, he'll kick COVID's Butt. He'll drop several of those MOABs I've talked about that will shatter your normalcy bias (imagine what they'll do to the Left!)
Oh, & don't @ me about how the MSM won't cover them or will just spin them away.
They CAN'T ignore what's coming.
By November 3rd Trump will have STOLEN millions of Voters from the Democrats because of them.
Then he'll be reelected in a TRUMPSLIDE!
The DNC will scream he cheated & try Lawfare & it won't matter one bit.
No sane American will care.
We will move on as 40% of Americans meltdown
The DoJ supplemented & supported by Covert US.Mil Special Forces will restore order & RUTHLESSLY crush any Terrorism.
They were fomenting a new ISIS right before out eyes.
Too bad, So sad! As I've said, Prison, Mental Hospital or Fertilizer THEIR CHOICE.
Then, to recover those LOST Americans the Radical Left Pied Pipered out into that Marxist Wilderness Trump will have ....a PARTY!
You heard me! A Party! A Worlds Fair that may last YEARS.
We eat, dance & sing as the LOST glower glumly at us from OUTSIDE Sanity....
Slowly but eventually they will, one by one realize as they stand out in their cold, dark misery that the DOOR is open wide & there is a place at the Table for them!
Picture them growling & stamping their feet as we feast & frolic!
Only those truly Lost could resist.
President Trump & Millions of Awakened Americans (That's us, Folks) will continue to reach out with love & patient understanding until only the most damaged or hateful are left out in the Dark.
Remember, for about 85% of these Lost Souls this was something done TO them.
For those who polarized us? Those responsible for sowing all this chaos, destruction & death?
There will be no place for them on Earth when President Trump's done with them.
He will crush them into the dust. They tried to END not just human ascension, but humanity itself.
This IS the tumult before the DARKNESS you are SEEING & FEELING is rocketed out of our lives (for several generations)
Remember what you saw & felt in these days as, because of our increasing lifespan, you must bear WITNESS & remind those who will be born with no memory of it.
The #SoulwAR is REAL.
It is unfolding before you & in this CRISIS POINT many will falter & fail.
The FAITHFUL won't. Our Champion has prepared the ground carefully for what's happening.
Watch one World END & another World BEGIN.
Safe in the knowledge you will #RiseAndSHINE
To support my Works you can donate any amount here= and I Thank You.

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28 Oct
#HunterGate = CRACK!
#SpyGate = CRACK!
#HillarysEmails = CRACK!
#Benghazi = CRACK!
ALL tie together in a nice horrific little Bow.
Shaped like a CROWN.
To MOCK God & the Faithful. ImageImage
The Minions of CHAOS have filled their bellies, vaults & other, VILE appetites at our expense for far too long.
The Pendulum has swung back into THE LIGHT as their innumerable crimes , now laid bare, elicit a ROAR of outrage from the People.
The Edifice GROANS & SHUDDERS in fear. ImageImage
What I've called the POLARIZING BREAK is here & they realize TOO LATE the WORLD they built is about to fail leaving them NAKED before the very Mobs THEY stirred up over years of Witch Hunts & False Persecutions only to now be PROVEN to be THEY were The Wicked Ones all along. ImageImage
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In 8 days we get to OWN the Self-Owned.
One BIG freaking flaw that is about to be addressed=
Those who wielded power in OUR name were USING the youth, not nurturing them, a direct challenge to NATURAL LAW.
Failed attempts at Peace Treaties for DECADES...

New understandings are forged by getting Enemies

to AGREE on economic ties. PEACE will now happen as

a matter of course. Accept RESULTS only, then work

past all preconceived LIMITATIONS to find the desired

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25 Oct
What am I talking about?
@ScottAdamsSays talks about how the MSM, which has now been exposed BY TRUMP as an Tool of the Democrats "assigns you your opinion."
This IS the POWAH! of the Media. No matter WHAT your opinion is regarding a particular topic or event you will have heard of it from your preferred MEDIA source.
Left, Right or Center a person's perception of the World they live in is now provided to you by Media.
Everything you know about what's happened in the World, is happening or is predicted to happen comes to you via a Media Source.
& those that OWN those Media Sources can CONTROL YOU.
Orson Welles NAILED it with Citizen Kane.
"What I TELL them to Think!
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24 Oct
The Giuliani #OctoberSurprise of Hunter's Laptop that reveals MASSIVE CORRUPTION that has now been corroborated by 2 Biden Associates has been viciously suppressed & censored by Big Tech desperate to elect Biden
Big Tech has EXPOSED themselves more fully than a certain CCN Analyst by locking down, censoring & removing any mention of the Hunter Biden LapTop Scandal now called #HunterGate is a desperate & doomed bid to kill the Story.
Instead they got the STREISAND EFFECT.
I was locked out TWICE the day the Story broke trying to post images from the Laptop of incriminating e-mails that PROVED Joe Biden lied about involvement in Hunter's business deals & pix of Hunter passed out with a drug pipe in his mouth
Well, the Story took off despite Big Tech
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23 Oct
OR=Leftard Blue Checkmarks on Twitter are proving the US education system is THE BEST in the World for churning out entitled & arrogant know nothings.
These 2 Watt Brainchildren were puzzled & then laughed at the ridiculous notion of Trump claiming children are brought over the Border by COYOTES.
They immediately assumed he meant the ANIMAL Canis latrans & decided, AS USUAL Trump was spouting his usual nonsense.
"Does he mean Wile E. Coyote?" They posted & chortled!
& there was much merriment & laughter until they began to peruse their comments.
Sadly,(for them!) the internet is FOREVER!
Also, as someone who lives in South Texas, I DO know what President Trump was referring to.
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22 Oct
2 business partners involved in the mire of the Biden Family's corruption are now corroborating the evidence found on Hunter's abandoned Laptop.
Bevan Cooney & Tony Bobulinski.
Cooney was in FEDERAL PRISON.
He was sentenced to 30 months in Prison for a bond fraud investment scheme where Hunter's name was used to bilk a Native American Tribe of tens of millions of dollars.
His partner was Devon Archer, who is also a Biden Associate & is also in Prison for fraud.
Cooney has flipped.
The emails he's turned over PROVE Biden lied & with the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE arranged numerous meetings between Hunter & his pals & Foreign Clients.
This is HOW those billions dollar Deals & kickbacks were arranged.
See the comments?
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