Imagine thinking that you would get fired for supporting the President in any red state lol— maybe if you don’t like being surrounded by censorious libs in major urban centers, you should just fucking move
If your politics are more important than “fitting in at the office”— then get a different job. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t ultimately be an improvement in your life. Be where you can 🐝 yourself. It’s important to yr health.
“But logo! That requires effort & sacrifices!”

Yeah— so does everything worthwhile. Sunken cost fallacy is a real motherfucker.
All I know is that LA, SF, & NYC are the most overrated shithole cities in the country & also where you’re most likely to get fired for posting.

• • •

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More from @Logo_Daedalus

25 Nov
Rule 1 of 12: Jordan Peterson

“Don’t develop a crippling addiction to benzos culminating in an experimental siberian artificial coma-induction.”
“Roughly speaking, I was really on one, bucko.”
Rule 2 of 12: Jordan Peterson

“Sometimes in a man’s life he comes to a certain point where, roughly speaking, he has to return to the underworld & become his old self, & in my case, this is me saying, roughly speaking, I’m barred out af”
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21 Nov
Liberal-Libertarian theory is itself a sort of MKULTRA discourse in which you have to "disassociate" into a pure noetical realm of symbolic logic before you're allowed to speak with authority.
They recently installed a backdoor with a Heideggarian phenomenology for "subaltern subjects"-- who aren't granted authority for their "lived experience"-- but rather, their "lived experience" is granted authority after a bunch of Dissociative Liberal Theorizing.
This noetic realm is actually not an actual noetic realm-- it's a metaphor for a productive industry-- "Science"-- which is actually just concentric with the Mandarin/Brahmin class-- so, deep down there's the "Harry Potter" script of dissociating from "muggle society" etc etc
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20 Nov
Meme (naive)
Cliche (conscious)
Archetype (self-conscious)
What came first-- the "soy" meme in reality-- people started to notice it everywhere-- it had become a "meme."

This "meme" was called the "Soy Boy"-- a cliche.

Then, "Soy Boy" became an Archetype-- the subjects of the naive meme were brought to self-consciousness.
What "the Left can't meme" really means is-- "The Left doesn't produce cliches"-- what the Left does is produce archetypes-- by becoming aware of the cliches produced by the Right (generally speaking), & consciously affirming them.
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20 Nov
Exists as a trend-- is not "explicitly" purchased

Exists as a trend-- explicitly not purchasing X

Exists as a trend-- explicitly purchasing X to own the Anti-X
Naive Soy:
"I'm just trying to eat healthier & do a veganism or something (my purchase of "soy" is incidental)"

"I'm sick of Naive Soy-types of people-- I am the opposite."

Post-Ironic Soy:
"I'm sick of these Anti-Soy-types-- I am the opposite."
Seeing this everywhere after watching trends rise & fall along this pattern-- general memetic fatigue lifecycle-- & what ultimately happens with the large "Anti-X" backlash is the beginning of the production of X-normalization-- drawing all toward conscious affirmation.
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20 Nov
No one can stop you from killing yourself (unless you are deemed incapable of stewarding yourself as a subject & become a ward of the state)— & even then, one could argue that a creative individual could find some means to do so with the requisite will.
That’s what “natural right” is meaning here— & this is an empty moral category incapable of distinguishing between things like “The Right to Citizenship” & “The Ability to Kill Yourself.” Once more— libertarian ontology— “freedom” as property rights, properties of objects
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19 Nov
Pretty funny that in Luciferian society the most heavily promoted holiday is called "Pride"
It's kind of funny that when Christians are like "Oh-- for real?" when they see this stuff the people holding the banners are like "It's like, ironic, we're just trolling you because you're bigots"
It's almost as if they're aware of being complicit in what can only be called "Psychological Warfare"... & this is called... Social Justice... or something...
Read 5 tweets

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