I don't mind you asking. I have a hypothesis about how it may have happened. My best guess is that an early childhood injury to my left feet had titled it's resting position about a half an inch outward. Read on for how that may be possible. #thread 1/n
What this means is that the tilted feet is the only visible thing that may indicate something was wrong (in hindsight). As attached photo demonstrate. But the hip joint would have had to move also for this to have happened. 2/n
This would have had happened before I was 5 or 6.

Now the human body's skeletal system is evolved to be symmetrical on both sides. Shoulders, the hips, the knees all must align with each other for it's evolutionary optimum function. 3/n
When skeletal symmetry is lost, what is commonly known as the ”core” collapses eventually. The core is more than just the muscles in torso though. It's basically the main group of muscles that keep the arms and legs attached to the torso and functioning as well. 4/n
Any defects to the skeletal alignment will be naturally compensated by the body to account for it and still keep functioning. These compensations can be explained as adaptations to selection pressures as received to the body. 5/n
This is because the body is inclined to want to work as best as it can despite structural issues, so to speak. With that context, let's come back to the feet and the hip joint. 6/n
As a hyperactive child (I have ADHD, undiagnosed until recently) that would create a lot of pressure on my knees, hips, spine and shoulders. By age 8 I had the slight protrusion in the side of the knees and visible bowing was there if you look hard enough. 7/n
By the time I reached my teens, my posture was slightly slouched, and by then I was unable to participate in sports or anything physical for longer period of time. 8/n
So instead of sports, I settled with video games, reading, watching TV, board games as past times. I remember reading the daily newspaper from end to end by age 13. That's how I passed my time. 9/n
Side note on reading. Or more specifically compulsive reading. And that with dyslexia. (undiagnosed until recently). So I actually have to read something at least a couple of times, sometimes more to retain information. 10/n
The reading quark can't be turned off, it doesn't ever stop. This compulsive reading is a quark of my high functioning autism. It seems I am also on the spectrum and was undiagnosed until recently. Anyways, let's come back to the topic at hand. 11/n
By the time my teenage years ended I was tall and lanky with a slouch. I also developed a drug habit as a teenager, so there was a lot of chilling around. Making my life mostly sedentary further. 12/n
I grew up somewhat privileged. This is an important point because despite having an addiction in my teens, I never had to run around for my fix (would have been equal to some exercise). I had access to money, a car and a driver. 13/n
So even with the addiction, the sedentary lifestyle continued. By early 20, I cleaned up and went to uni. At uni, I got some exercise from dancing at parties, music concerts etc. 14/n
This little exercise meant the decline of my frame didn't accelerate in my 20's as much. And life was pretty normal for me. I had girls friends, got married, had a child, divorced, got married again. Just another tall lanky dude. 15/n
By my 30’s my activism was in peak and my life was pretty much spent indoors at the computer working or for security reasons. By 32 I had fled Maldives, and was living in Malaysia for 5 years before becoming a refugee and getting resettled in Canada. 16/n
During that time, I was developing unbeknownst to me, PTSD in the back ground from my experiences. I have obviously skipped a lot of things unrelated to this post which contributed to the PTSD, you can read here: mujunaeem.com/2017/11/22/fro… 17/n
But this means I was also getting physically weaker and weaker by the day as well. Ageing and gravity was just doing it's part, and it was taking a physical toll on my body. I guess that's the short version of how my body got so bad. 18/n
As for how I got that injury as a toddler, I don't really know. I suspect it's parental beatings. Both my mother and father beat me for ”disciplining.” After my mother died when I was 6, my father continued to beat me. 19/n
The beatings only stopped after I became a teenager as tall as my dad and I finally stood up to him and told him I will have to fight him if he continued any more. 20/n
Both my parents were religious people, but my father more so than my mother. I think they both loved the children very much and had flawed understanding of parenting. 21/n
They had a religious understanding of parenting and it was ok to beat your child. Islam allows it and preaches for it as well. I also think my mother was mentally messed up from the life she had to live. 22/n
Nothing exists in isolation. Everything is a series of events all connected in sequence and trajectories. From the body to the life I was living, one thing lead to another, always. As it does. 23/n
The body can only respond to selection pressures, and just opitimzes on it's own to the selection pressure being applies, regardless of how it came about. And that's how I got such a horrible outcome with Muju 1.0 24/24
Postscript - other specifics: the nerd protrusion is specifically because of using the computer and the smartphones all the time. Sitting for long hours you also slide down the seat sometimes. 25/n
This further aggravates the forward tilting hip. The rounded shoulders are the result of sitting leaned into couch cousions and pillows. You can try any of these and you can understand how it may happen. 26/n
It's all about selection pressures and natural optimizations in the form as small small adaptation over an extended period of time. 27/27

• • •

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