🙏October,intense month of more matrix dismantling,revelations,emotional challenges amplified depending on what you have created within & collectively.Old narratives will push itself forward for COMPLETION as the new can no longer hold the old stories anymore
hence the experiences of old clinging surfaces & wants to be released once & for all,this will happen quickly,not like the old dramas anymore where its going to let you cling on it for years or months.
Crystalline structures in Gaia is being activated by the light forces recently
in many countries,we receive more organic restructuring of genetics,cells,DNA within our body,this gets our bodies ready for the new bodies of humanity in the coming years which will eventually eliminate aging...its not a short process but the crystals have started activating
There will be further polarization for the purpose of an end to duality.You could be very distracted in these times,there is a reason why the 3D is called the realm of illusion.Just remember what you see,hear,might be an opposite of what you think is truth,up is not
neccessarily up,down not neccessarily down,we labelled it through a 3D understanding,up can be down,down could be up,think in a more expansive way,multidimensionality,all is illusion in the end,so with illusions all is possible,like a dream.
Dont forget we are the dreamweavers🙏

• • •

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15 Dec 20
Months ago I shared on how sexual energy has been manipulated by the NAA & caused the distorted sexual expressions of the masculine & feminine energies humanity has been programmed with.I am guided to share how this would affect humans process of either ascending or descending
Sexual energy which is universal life force is the strongest energy to propel ones spiritual advancement.used in a certain way it either brings your consciousness skyrocketing high up,or spiralling down quicker than a waterfall,both in quick ways.
Masculine energy is penetrative
in nature,if old traumas has not been released previously,during intercourse he is planting seeds of lower suppressed desires in the womb,when he ejaculates he is releasing ancestral lineage blocks,his uncleared emotional traumas unless he has fully mastered clearing,balancing &
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15 Dec 20
We are currently going through a HUman body ascension,in order to do that our HUman body has to he restored back to its original divine template,only then we will be able to attain the completed design of the HUman Lightbody which is our fully restored Diamond Sun body.this is
our original state.The diamond sun body is attainable through daily spiritual practices,pure higher frequency thoughts,intentions,actions,conscious transmutations & a deep desire to know oneself,Source & all that Is.There is no shortcut.this will unify all your chakras & as your
Kundalini or lifeforce energies pushes upwards through all blocks opening your crown,this energy will then come back down to finally open up your higher heart.once the higher heart is opened it is easier for you to receive downloads,activations & higher level communications.
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12 Dec 20
At this moment of matrix deconstruction,many are going through the phase of energetic cord cutting,some of these are neccessary to elevate you towards a higher reality that your inner self has been seeking for your highest good to match your chosen timeline.as you are
going through this difficult time,we know no cord cutting is easy as it might involve individuals/families that might have been with us a long time,it can be tough & takes courage especially if it has been with people/situations that has dragged on for some time.
Try to remind
yourself that although things might be looking uncomfortable or negative at the moment on the surface,if deep within you feel that it is neccessary for your growth,then trust in your decision & the inner voice.Whilst you allow the old to fall off you are creating space for a
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27 Nov 20
🙏The planet is currently going through a transformation or adjustment for gender principle which is happens at a blueprint level.This means as we are going through this evolution cycle,an alchemical process of synthesizing the opposite forces within the spiritual body.These
frequencies are being received by us now & it is assisting us in our spiritual evolution.Many from a higher soul level has designed for themselves to attract physical circumstances into their lives spiritual relationships that will push & trigger their remaining
energetic imbalances/unresolved pain to the surface to be seen,cleared & healed.This is how the gender principle imbalances work to help further re-align the planetary gender reversal distortions which has affect everyone on all levels.If we do not clear these imbalances they
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25 Nov 20
🙏There is an infiltration within the light network recently that the DF's have been targetting.Many are receiving hijacked messages when they do channeling,imposter E.T contacts,infiltrated twinflame unions for purposes of messing with the authentic sacred union(they do not want
this energy here),the reversal of sexual energy harvested from so called Tantric group practices,fear depression anxiety programs activated.
This only shows how despesrate they are as they know its the End game.the only immunity is a raising your vibrations,consciousness,that is
your protection.
There are many who has activated this shield,but there are also many who speaks higher than their vibrations show,so the best thing one can do is be very honest with yourself as to where you are at along this journey & keep going from there🙏
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25 Nov 20
How does one let go of the past?
The past/memory is the cause of humanities snail climb through ascension.Truth is nothing that has ever happened in the past is able to cause you harm unless you give power to it.by giving power to it simply means your focused
atttention.I understand its not easy when memories or emotions starts flooding in,triggering heartaches,resentments, regrets,guilt,pleasant or unpleasant memories that you may have hidden deep within,but its important to be honest with yourself.
When you allow your past
problems,good/bad experiences have power over your Now reality,then you will ALWAYS be within the same cycle of old frequency,recycling over & over again.You will never EVER get to where you intend to go.You will be stuck re-living the same story
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