The Antichrist is, imo, the most important figure in the Christian cosmology— & it is more important than Jesus himself when it comes to understanding Christianity. Jesus is often more the “anti-antichrist” than he is “christ.”
The Antichrist represents terrestrial political power & the Church’s relation with terrestrial political power is always the question of the Antichrist. Every historical “antichrist” is a political figure— from Nero & Julian to Peter the Great & Napoleon.
Trump is an Antichrist also— & the main Evangelical innovation in Qanon &c is to consider him a Katehon, or an “anti-anti-christ” instead.
Whenever the Antichrist becomes a major question it is a time of Political change. Cromwell considered King Charles an Antichrist— & he was also considered an Antichrist. Image
I note that Paul invented the concept of the Antichrist.
I guess people are mad about this? Why? Isn’t the Antichrist an extremely important element of the Christian cosmology? Does not the the question of Evil ultimately determine the question of the Good as well? Isn’t “state v church” one of the main conflicts of the gospels?
Pre-nicene christianity is full of conflict over its relation to the terrestrial Empire— & this anxiety is often the cause of the political schisms the Church experiences from Constantinople v Rome? All the way to Calvin v Severetus (both calling eachother antichrist)?
I guess I should have added understanding Christianity *as a terrestrial & politically motivated set of institutions to the first post.
You can divide most christians this way today:
Trump is Antichrist
Trump is Katechon
Trump is neither Antichrist nor Katechon
I’ve just been reading about all the schisms in american evangelical churches over Qanon today. It’s becomes a doctrinal issue & people are being excommunicated from their churches for their stance on this question.
I’m sorry but politics is still the primary determinant of people’s religious views— & this has been the case for the christian church since the beginning when Paul showed up talking about the Antichrist.
This should be obvious considering how many people on here became Christians after a change in their political perspective. I see more converts coming from “seeing the Antichrist at work” than anything else.
Oh is it just a coincidence that the schisms in the church all correspond to political schisms?
The Johanine epistles about the antichrist are a response to Pauline epistles, especially 2 Thessalonians. Most philologists agree with this chronology.
Ironically, the doctrine is created by Paul as a carryover from his Phillistine/Herodian Hellenized Judaism & then argued over within the Church to be eventually defined in opposition to Paul... but this is perhaps too much philology...
The synoptic gospels refer to a “psuedo-christ” but the “anti-christ” develops dialectically from the political issues of the Church— Paul considers Rome to be the Katechon. Image

• • •

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3 Oct
Qanon is the perfect case of "If they get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about your answers"
"Is this a Coded Drop? Does this tweet line up with the time signature from the 2017 future timeline posts from Q1? Where is this on the Qclock? Am I following the Pen? Is JFK Jr a clone?" --good

"What's Deutsche Bank?" --bad
"Future Proves Past" is exoterically for base level Qboomers merely a way of saying "Q predicts the future news cycle"-- but esoterically, to the Deep Q-Geniuses, it means that posts from 2017 were sent FROM 2020-- & backwards-- so the first "they're getting arrested post" is tru
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3 Oct
Imagine thinking that you would get fired for supporting the President in any red state lol— maybe if you don’t like being surrounded by censorious libs in major urban centers, you should just fucking move
If your politics are more important than “fitting in at the office”— then get a different job. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t ultimately be an improvement in your life. Be where you can 🐝 yourself. It’s important to yr health.
“But logo! That requires effort & sacrifices!”

Yeah— so does everything worthwhile. Sunken cost fallacy is a real motherfucker.
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3 Oct
Thankfully I don’t work in a Fortune 500 company & am entirely free from corporate censure. I designed my life to afford me the ability to speak my mind & seek after the Truth without compromise. Feels good.
I never understood why you would work somewhere solely for the money if it made you perpetually paranoid about being “revealed”— is money really that important? Just 🐝 yourself. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin...
If you compromise the Truth for your own commercial gain then what you have done is make a pact with Mammon— & no man serves two masters. I’ve made my sacrifices & I have no regrets for having done so. The Truth is not some “safe space”— it will fuck you up.
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3 Oct
BAP just really wants to make sure you don’t read his thesis— I don’t know why— it’s a much better representation of his actual views than the character he’s made— but he wants his fans to not read it, for some reason. Can’t imagine why that would be.
At a certain point you’re a “public figure” & “doxxing” no longer applies. He likes tweets “doxxing” me as an NYU undergrad in Russian Studies— but it’s not “doxxing” right? It’s only doxxing if it applies to HIS academic career.
All this conspiracy theorizing is just cover for the fact that he won’t just publish his very well written & comprehensive thesis which sums up his worldview. If I had written such a thesis, I would publish it. It’s a good read, honestly. I disagree with it— but it’s coherent.
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2 Oct
Socialists’ goal isn’t to create Socialism, it’s to make Hyper-Liberalism
Beyond parody Image
There’s actually another word for “liberal socialism” Image
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2 Oct
It’s funny how political pundits, as they get closer to political power, begin to realize that Action has priority over reflection, but in being “reflectives” they can, at best, “put in a word or two” to the Men of Action in hopes that it might guide them.
The “court philosopher” is supposed to write apologia for the man of action— by creating a theory which explains his actions, though this theory is only a product of his action.
This is the Hegelian/Kojevian problem of political theory— reflective speculation must either *literally* serve men of action (& thus lose its detachment), or it must become sovereign (the philosopher-king).
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