I am just going to toss this out for discussion.

“This may be the last time you see me for a while”

IMHO we were warned and most of you know about what and what the result would be
In Duluth MN

“We caught them cold and it’s about time something happens, it’s about time something happens...ENOUGH!”

Quarantine recommendation was changed by the CDC, to 10 days, from 14”

This happens in July I think.

Coincidence it went to 10 days?…
Hope Hicks tests positive after traveling to MN on Air Force One and Pesident Trump says he will begin quarantine…
Hope Hicks

H=8 -> HH -> 88

10 days...
His announcement that quarantine process would begin...
A message from Potus 2 years ago!

2 year delta

5:5 sir!
The beginning of current stretch came at the end of a countdown. Potus kept mentioning he would clean up these cities in :90, :60 then a few speeches later 45 min, 30 min and then he finally said 15. I told some friends @ThonyAnon @4AllSoulKind & @OdinsFury17 end of September
The 15 min comment came mid September and 15 days brought us to Red October.

His gradual countdown led me to remember a post where it mentioned


Paraphrasing - it went on for 2 weeks and they took care of it in 15 min, 15 min
Here is the post it reminded me of.

The countdown and then the “dark to light” at the end.

I told them, that 2 weeks after that speech (beginning of October start) I thought the excrement was going to hit the fan, and well...
Then our favorite groups of anons dropped this beauty

We were discussing either 10 for October or possibly 10/2 specifically

Both fit!
This announcement came in the early morning minutes of 10/2

0:54 to be exact
As I am writing this thread, Ric Grenell drops this beauty! Good timing sir!
There are comms everywhere and we were prepared for this.

Ric’s timestamp can be read as 26:35

We do have it all! Thanks again Ric!
I do believe he has been letting us know we are close. We are now in Red October.

Hunters are now hunted!

Potus is insulated

This is just my take after listening to speeches and rereading crumbs over and over.

You may have a different take, that’s cool, dual meanings exist
I have seen other great breakdowns, very different, and most make sense to me.

This movement is great b/c we are all paying attention, all the info is in front of us. We have it all

Future proves past

Dark to light

Look for comms everywhere & it helps paint the picture
Here are some other posts that I find very relevant. We are almost back to the beginning of the first drops.

Good vs Evil
It’s happening
It’s time
Dark to light
Pray for our President and First Lady and those that are in harms way bringing this marathon to an end.

Dark to light



• • •

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More from @NotBuyingIt34

5 Oct
Mini Thread

@CBSNews @60Minutes

I saw your puff piece on Cali wildfires & you left some things out of your Anti-Trump climate change story.

I’ll help you out - thank me later

What 60 minutes failed to mention in the drought, major storms without rain, & freak ignition...
When arsonists set fires during drought and high winds, it’s safe to assume massive destruction will result.

The program didn’t mention any of the people recently arrested for setting fires - NOT ONE!

Why wouldn’t they mention...
the climate arsonists who have set fires and been arrested?

Seems an important factor to


He was arrested for starting 6 fires in Mendocino County
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2 Oct
1/ I am addressing all black Americans in this thread specifically.

@JoeBiden arguing for HIS crime Bill that gave us mass incarceration of black Americans.

The man hasn’t changed. Remember he wouldn’t denounce Antifa and demand they stop burning and looting YOUR businesses.
2/ Edited out of this video is him bragging that this was his bill & others signed on but this was all him.

Listen to the way he describes black youth.

He has a history of sickening racist remarks & @realDonaldTrump has a RECORD of bringing opportunity zones & funding HBCU
3/ @JoeBiden praising John Stennis, a known segregationist.

Actually and likely one of the people Kamala Harris was referring to when she excoriated him a a racist in their first debate
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20 Sep
1) @SenSusanCollins how in the world can you take this position after #Kavanaugh ?

The left has hired 600 attorneys and plans to contest local, county and state races all over the country, admittedly, in the midst of urged chaos and riots.
2) You CAN NOT have an even number SC when they have foreshadowed their intent to tie this country up in litigation unless @JoeBiden wins a landslide and we all know that is not realistic.

All you have to do is look at the “wargaming” hoax from the Transition Integrity Project
3) They promise to accept no results, not concede, to encourage riots, looting and even civil war.

@SenSusanCollins this is not a time where we can be without a full #SCOTUS and you know it.
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14 Sep
NFL / BLM Thread

@NFL now stands for No Fans Left

The stands may be empty but it wouldn’t take long for them to be that way permanently.

These spoiled athletes don’t care about these causes or they would take them up on their own time
2) I watched 15 min the first game, Thurs, just to see what they would force on the viewer.

What I got was multi millionaires telling me how oppressed they are & that we are all racists.

I saw them disrespecting the flag & the anthem when the system they oppose, made them rich
I also saw that somehow that @NFL has a magic potion for #covid because the players, coaches and front office staff have a .00007 infection (not death) rate based on numbers the NFL provided at the beginning of the broadcast.
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6 Jun
A thread on Ukraine:

You are watching, unfold before you, the Ukrainian trial run that led to events playing out on your TV’s all across America this week.

Same corrupt players, same goal and @realDonaldTrump and we the people UNITED is the last thing standing in their way
Everything in quotes in thread is taken from an article (linked at the end) describing the documentary “Ukraine on Fire”.

It is the same globalist criminals all working together to achieve what they did in Ukraine. Ukriane was their trial run & became their money laundering OP
“The attacks escalated from torch marches similar to Nazi days to hurling Molotov cocktails at police to driving large tractors into police lines”

Antifa anyone? 🤔
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30 May
A shorter (less in depth) thread I did on Soros & how he uses these petty thug groups who are told they are revolutionaries.

They may be, but GS believes they are expendable collateral damage and yes I am talking to you Antifa & BLM.

He used the same tactics in Ukriane...
Take 90 mins and watch the documentary Ukraine on Fire and remember he used snipers to set off the violence in those “protests” which ended with the presidential palace on fire and the president of Ukraine seeking asylum in Russia.

You will see torch marches (Charlottesville)...
Bricks, Molotov cocktails, rock throwing & fires being set (pick a city last night)

It will look very similar to what they are trying to achieve here. I don’t think they can pull that off but it doesn’t mean they won’t try. Read the old thread, you will know ALL of the names.
Read 4 tweets

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