Thread: The Integrity Initiative-Where our propaganda and censorship is coming from. Nearly everything clicks right in place here.

11-23-18 Anon hacked them and produced the docs for the world. The org admitted the docs were real and shut the site down.… ImageImage
Integrity Initiative is a British military information warfare outfit.

The integrity Initiative has overlaps in personnel with the British circles around Sir Richard Dearlove, the former MI6 chief, who was actually running Christopher Steele’s Trump operation. Image
The 2016 election and the Brexit vote represented wholesale political activation by the very people
that the elites disdain, Trump’s “forgotten men and
women,” using, ironically, the technology invented for
social control purposes by Facebook and Twitter as
major organizing tools Image
The Lords and their Integrity Initiative intend to kill such activation.

Censorship and counter propaganda or “cognitive infiltration,” as Obama’s friend Cass Sunstein dubbed the required action, are now being massively deployed in the US, Britain, and Europe. Image
The Integrity Initiative is run under the Institute for Statecraft, a British NGO which receives 95 percent of
its funding from the British government, NATO, and
the ➡️ US State Dept. ⬅️

Its plans was to expand into and target major U.S. cities. Image
The Initiative has what it calls “clusters”-contact groups of journalists, military and foreign office personnel, academics, and lobbyists, within almost every European country, the US, and Canada.

The US and British clusters are dominated by people from the Atlantic Council. Image
The Atlantic Council premises in DC were where the Lords convened for their US visit. It's the flagship British think tank in the US. It houses the Digital Research Lab, which's home to Dimitri Alperovitz, who also leads CrowdStrike, the co that created the fake hacking stories. Image
The US Integrity Initiative Cluster include - Mary Ellen Connell, Anders Aslund, Elizabeth Braw, Paul Goble, David Ziegler Evelyn Farkas, Glen Howard, Stephen Blank, Ian Brzezinski, Thomas Mahnken, John Nevado, Robert Nurick, Jeff McCausland, and Todd Leventhal. Image
The Initiative’s US cluster has Evelyn Farkas, who formerly had the Russia and Eurasia desk at the Defense Dept under Obama. She famously mouthed off, on an episode of “Morning Joe,” about the Obama Admins unmasking and leaks of classified information to Congress. Image
UK cluster includes Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post, Ed Lucas of the Center for European Policy Analysis, Bill Browder and Vadim Kleiner from Browder’s operations, and, not surprisingly, Sir Andrew Wood, of ➡️Orbis⬅️ Business Intelligence, founded by ➡️Christopher Steele⬅️ Image
The Institute’s docs show an offer from French co Lexfo, seeking $ for an offensive online influence campaign with counter-activism, thru negative PR, legal actions, ethical hack back, etc. It states it can launch 100's of news pieces a day and offers to edit Wikipedia articles. Image
Lexfo proclaimed that New Knowledge, a US corporation run by former Obama staffers, were certifiable experts on Russian disinformation. Caught openly meddling in Roy Moore’s campaign for the US Senate.

The NYT published internal New Knowledge docs implicating THEM in disinfo. Image
One of the New Knowledge “experts” is Jonathan Morgan, once a special advisor to the Obama White House and State Department and currently a contractor for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Image
Included was the name of Steele’s business assoc. and Sergei Skripal’s MI6 handler, Pablo Miller, on Christopher Donnelly’s general contact list. Which included political handler of Porton Down, the UK’s chemical weapon facility, the BBC, the US Embassy etc... Image
Citing arch British agent, and godfather of Soros, Sir Karl Popper, Sunstein advocated direct gov intervention in chat rooms in the form of “cognitive infiltration,” suggesting that the resulting cognitive dissonance would render political danger from conspiracy theories impotent Image
With funding spigots turned on for this in the billions of dollars on both sides of the Atlantic, it is possible to name 60 organizations dedicated to information psyops against the population of the United States. Comparable to Operation Mocking Bird which included politicians. Image
Cass Sunstein, who proposed that private individuals fed with government information systematically intervene in Internet conspiracy forums is guess who's husband?

Dearlove mentored Steele in Orbis’ operations and specifically worked with him on the Trump dossier operation, vouching for and hyping Steele’s claims throughout the Five Eyes intelligence community. Dearlove is also associated with the British intelligence firm Hakluyt & Co. Image
Stefan Halper, the MI6/CIA asset deployed to entrap
Trump camp volunteers George Papadopoulos and
Carter Page in London, is an advisor to Hakluyt and a
long-time professional colleague of Steele.

Alexander Downer, who tried to entrap George Pappy also was on Hakluyt’s Board. Image
Steele and Dearlove had pre-written, what became the Trump dossier in Project Charlemagne, about how Russians had manipulated the June 2016 Brexit vote. Steele was listed as a paid FBI informant as of Feb 2016.➡️March 2016⬅️at CIA headquarters, John Brennan convened a task force. Image
Robert Otto, the biggest US expert on Russia, was communicating throughout 2016 with British intel and key actors in the coup, including John McCain’s friend David Kramer, who leaked the Steele dossier to BuzzFeed in coordination with British intelligence, Clapper and Jim Comey Image
Most of the operation against Trump, as Devin Nunes has emphasized, came out of the State Department, and was particularly overseen by John Winer and Victoria Nuland. The State Department is the center of British operations in the US. Image
Fusion GPS - Bruce Ohr's, married to Nellie, who worked for them. Both Ohrs had a longstanding relationship with Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.

Neil King, Jr., also works there, and is married to Shailagh Murray, Barack Obama’s senior policy adviser at the WH Image
Fusion is a major drop point for feeding and amplifying propaganda. Most of Fusion’s staff is former reporters for major national newspapers, who know how to feed tips and hot stories to their formers or those they hire to put bylines on the propaganda ordered up by their clients Image
After the election, Tom Steyer, George Soros, and
other Silicon Valley billionaires provided some $70
million dollars in an attempt to put meat on Steele’s
work product. Image
Mentioned in the Integrity Initiative leaks are DFR Digital Sherlocks, Bellingcat, EuVsDisinfo, Buzzfeed, Irex, Detector Media, Stopfake, and LT MOD Stratcom.

But this isn't close to 60, more to come. This is a massive operation similar to the riots. Image
And now a warning! Do not look for these documents! It appears that they were REMOVED from archive for starts. But many countries have much to lose and the documents online are all infected with Trojans. Likely from intelligence agencies.

So please stay away! Image
And one last thing before the second part of this series... I FOUND this during my research on the psyop outlets I had already found. Which linked me to Digital Sherlocks. Then Digital Sherlocks led me here.

In other words, I'm at the top. Next comes more outlets. Image
I tend to cross reference threads a lot.

This here shows more on the Atlantic Council and Facebook censorship.

• • •

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- Dominion Belgrade Serbia Server

- S0R0S financed Serbia Otpor coup from Serbian Belgrade Foundation to overthrow leader.

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Serbian Media is in the hands of former CIA David Petraeus thru KKR associated with Kissinger. Kissinger was just fired from the Defense Policy Board.

And where does the Dominion server communicate with? Well, Serbia for one. Interesting.... 🤔…
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Georgia Aug 2020 lawsuit against Brad Raffensperger

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2/6 Georgia Lawsuit

Georgia’s decision to use BMDs and ballot scanners using QR codes to
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Who's countering election fraud claims?

Atlantic Council Election Integrity DFRLab, under the Integrity Initiative. US cluster includes Evelyn Farkas and involves Bellingcat, EuVsDisinfo, Buzzfeed, Irex, Detector Media, Stopfake, and LT MOD Stratcom.…
Yes, we have the global Integrity Initiative under the Institute for Statecraft directing the coup against our president and country.

How do we know this? In 2019, the integrity initiative was hacked unbeknownst to US citizens.

They direct our news and social media. TBC
Here's the complete list of the US Canada cluster in the Integrity Initiative. This is the top of the coup.

And all I have to say is I hope to heck our DOJ is following up on this. Look at that! The Atlantic Council and the state Department etc...
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Ok for some strange reason the Serbian lady put their account into private mode, but I do have this saved.
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