People want to talk worst case scenarios? If it ever comes to that, the first thing you should do is throw out your cellphone.
You know how you neutralize Orwellian tech?

Devolve 200 years.
Along with the civilian technological revolution has been the State tech revolution. All of their tools and weapons are adapted towards modern threats. The biggest blow to their capability would be the voluntary discard of said tech.
I don’t think the worst-case will ever come to pass, but I believe in preparedness. The Intelligence community has massively pared down analog capabilities. It may take longer to reach the destination, but it is much harder to intercept a courier-delivered physical communication.

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2 Oct
I need to learn to like fish. In a survival situation, it really is the most practical solution.
Any tips on preparation? The smell just really gets to me.
Hunting is good but you have to be careful as it can easily expend more calories than it nets, especially if you’re not in one place and have to lug around a bunch of meat.
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30 Sep
I guess people need some distance but Trump drove an ice pick through Biden’s electorate.

Predicate 1: everyone views Trump as brash. Behaving like such on its own is much less of a hit against him.

Predicate 2: Biden’s entire appeal is “maybe I’m not smart or conscious...
“But I am a good guy who works above the fray.” That’s his appeal to moderates turned off by Trump.

On the other hand, he had to balance that with the far left, who moderates do not like.

What ended up happening? Trump dragged him in the mud, provoked his anger (though...
Wallace muted it somewhat) turned off moderates that already know Trump is brash but now know Biden is no better, but Biden’s record to drive the point home (you’ve gotta vote for me, even if you don’t like my style), AND made Biden stomp on far left enthusiasm.

Electoral KO.
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27 Sep
There are no blue states. There are blue cities. You can have those if you want.
Btw, for everyone freaking out about a “Civil War”, this is how it would go. You think folks in Eastern California would provide their crops to the coast? Lmao no. It would be a series of isolated cities with zero natural resources. Sort of like now.
The real Civil War was contentious because the economic resources were split fairly evenly, allowing for a drawn-out war.

The blue areas control what? Banking? Law?
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26 Sep
They gave you a life of controlled professions, media, housing, healthcare, and more, took it away, and want you to buy back in with your freedom. Why do you even want it? It was never free.

Slavery is the ability to flip the switch, not the position of the switch.
“Accept X so we can safely get back to normal!”

You can take your “normal” and shove it up your ass. I’ve used this time to extricate myself from anyone having the opportunity to take my life away. My ship has sailed and it isn’t turning back.
The alternate lifestyle protocols I’ve adopted to avoid mandates are permanent. I’ll continue buying locally and farmer’s stands if I can help it. I’m fully off-grid for my electricity and water.

That’s my new normal. And I don’t want the old normal anymore. It’s buried.
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19 Sep
You experience most of your life in your own mind — and the only tyranny in there is fundamentally self-imposed, albeit encouraged by some people.

But truly, the mind directs action and the mind is fully capable of being completely above petty tyranny.
The mind, locally and globally, is the only “puppet master” there is. Propaganda is the primary field of battle for a reason. The mind occupies a much higher sphere of existence than physical resources and alliances.
The mind is an arena in which free will is absolutely immutable. In the strictly physical sense, you can be in chains against your will. In the strictly mental sense, you can be in chains only if you’re convinced you are.
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16 Sep
Imo most of the fear-porn is to detract from the fact that the NWO has already been around for a long time.

We’re fighting to end it, not prevent it
This is how they work. As a minority, brute force isn’t really an option for them. Most scenarios of brute force haven’t come to pass in decades.

Much better to get people thinking their own surveillance is a great advance towards “progress”.
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