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Halal Economy :
How big is the Halal Economy?

The US : nominal GDP $20.58 trillion

India: nominal GDP $2.94 trillion

Halal Economy: over $3.6 trillion

"Halal" is an Arabic word that was in existence even before !slam, same like the word "Ola".

Halal means "permissible/ legitimate" or "Jayaz".

In !slam, things or doings are either Halal or Haraam. There is no Grey in between.The word Halal has seen three revolutions, Before !slam, After the Origin of !slam, After World war 2. @onlyonenetra


Currently, the 4th revolution is what we are going to see and the most devastating one (devastating to the non-halal economy).

After World War 2 many Indian Military Man especially Moolims got settled in England by a Blanket permit. @Sujataganguly13


They formed London Halal society and many such organizations as they were not getting Halal meat in England.

The purpose was to promote Halal.

Halal meat 101
1)Slaughtering must be done by an adult Mooslim.
2)Animal must be alive at the time of slaughter.

3)Name of Ola must be invoked (mentioned) at the time of slaughtering by saying: 🅱️¡$♏!ll@h Ola Uber.
4) Slaughterer N animal should face the Qibla or Mecca

Within a few years due to ignorance of non-muslims and the dedication of Mooslims. #SayNoToHalal

Profit of Halal store went up by 10-11%. All English slaughterers were thrown out of business automatically.

With this, the meat industry was Halalised in England.

Demand was up, but the problem was the low availability of Mooslim butchers.
@JAIN_24T @chittukuruvi4

Special permits were given to import Mooslim Butchers. 3 years was the time one can be a citizen of Britain at that time.

The usual norm:

Mooslim Butcher got Citizenship.
Call for Wives N Children to come to England.
In 3 years wife got Citizenship.
Frequent Divorce.

Now Guy can import a new wife.
N Girl can import a new husband.
N Many children as a natural-born citizen.


The New conditions.

We won't accept the certification given by the government of Britain for halal (useful for only the legal purpose)..

we would have our own certification and our own conditioning too.

Start of the Global Impact.

Latin America was the biggest exporter of raw meat for Europe.

Halal Certification Authority As Latin American Countries are Christian..
@nsbchd @AjayPandey__
And profit is going to a Christian so this is not halal.We will consider halal only the meat coming from a Mooslim nation.

Well, the demand for raw meat from Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, etc raised drastically. While Mexico, Columbia suffered so much.. @JumbuTweeple

that they can't enter the industry today without accepting halal conditions.The vicious web expands.

Halal tag expanded to normal groceries and products like milk, chips, etc in Europe.

Today we have...
Halal chocolates,
Halal Tshirts,
Halal makeup kits,

Halal medicines,(no use of alcohol)
Halal hospital,
Halal **dating sites**,
Halal prostitution...

It started with meat and Ended on the world economy. Every export from India to the Gulf is Halal certified.

So, What is so problematic about Halal??


(Though this depends upon the strictness the particular industry follow)

In India, as Hindus r in the majority, The conditions r loosened (except in Halal Meat Industry). @MohakNayak @vivekvardhan05 #SayNoToHalal

Across the border in Pakistan, u can't have halal certificate unless u have 100 percent Mooslim Employees.Halalonomics did Halalified conversion in Pakistan(except forced conversion)

Question for you...Do you think the loosened Conditions will remain the same for India, forever?
Where does the money go (for halal products)? It ends in Holy War (J¡H@D) against Kaafirs.

The task for you... Search for Halal Tag on your products.

India-- An example

Before '47 the Delhi meat market "Murga Mandi" (now in Ghazipur) @depand_uk @mayursejpal

Butchers -70% Mooslim, 30% Khateek(Hindu community) (Approximate)

After Partition - 95% Hindu Khateek, 5% M00slim

Soon the coin flipped and Halal took over this market.

Hindu Khateeks were driven out of the Meat industry by M00lims and the "secular" Government.
FACT : Indian Railways, which also serves in Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament serves only HALAL meat. Air India Serves only Halal Meat.

Case:- Kareem (Halal Certified restaurant)

Combination of Establishment certification together with product satisfaction. @ayushi_chem

Establishment certification - Only if raw products (Meat N RICE) are Halal certified, which makes specific Rice N meat establishment to be halal certified.

Halal Economy is estimated to be over $3.6 trillion.
@Tiwari_Sintu999 @murthykp @kapil73vats


What if, its percentage as small as 1% is used for funding t€rr0r!$m? And who knows if it is being used for t€rr0r!$m already.
M00slims have a global buying capacity of 12-15%, Then who is buying the rest Halal products?

- US

"We are funding our own End"

But wait, The 4th Phase of Halal revolution is still not discussed and most Vicious one.

A new Term introduced "Profit Sharing"...The Halal-certified banks can have all information about your account to look at the profit you are having.. @mysql_sync


And u must share some percentage of that profit with the bank.

"Rista vahi soch nayi"... And such ¡slamic Banks are in India too.

Halal Banking:- Neither you can take interest nor you can give interest...
@Liberal_Sheru @AnirbanMisra1 @The_WittyLawyer


Attractive, Right? But can this model even bear the expenses of the Bank themselves?

Once 'slamic nations opposed Microphones, Printing press.But bigots r using microphone to prove their religious dominations.

N here comes "Halal Printing press"
How does this impact?

Ex. U publish Geeta - ur halal certificate is taken - Controlling your religion

And these Establishments take money from "Halal Banks"...And we rejoice "The Banks is not taking interest from me 😍" but silently controlling you and your religious freedom.

Well this will be a common norm in India if we continue our "Hume kya" attitude

Well still not over, a new entry to Halalonomics is "Halal certified Stock Exchange"

If the company registered to Halal stock exchange is a Halal company then it's Handling charges are waived off.👇
The "modern" version of "Jaziya". M00slims waived while kaffir pays as usual.

We won't be affected as our "Hume kya" attitude dominate our general senses, until and unless non-halal companies start to vanish from the market, one by one. @yapragun

See, A cashier is so used to 100 rupees note, that he can't answer how many "100" are printed on the note, Same are we.We are so used to "Bhaichaara" so much that we are blind towards the real threat.

Understand this:
Indian Railways is Not Halal Railways" And so is GOI.

We are Killing Hindu economy ourselves, How slow it may be now but the future is not far away"

Solution 👇

The product u r buying, check for the "tag" if halal-certified return it back N tell the shopkeeper, I am not buying this because this is halal certified.


• • •

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2. खुद की मनमानी करना, अपनी चलाना, अन्यों की सच्ची बात भी चलने नहीं देना,अपना महत्व बढ़ाने के लिए समाज में गलतफहमी फैलाना।येन केन प्रकारेण अपना वर्चस्व बना रहे।

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Hypocrisy unlimited :

Terror has no religion.
But rapists have a caste.

Popes & Mullahs can never be female.
But Brahmins worshipping Saraswati Ma are patriarchal.

English is not the language of slavery & colonialism.
But stuying Sanskrit makes you a casteist bigot.

Being suspicious of a long bearded man wearing skullcap is Islamophobia.
But saying Tilak dhari Bhagwa clad men are scary is not Hinduphobia.

Conversion by missionaries is not wrong bcoz upper caste is so evil.
But doing Ghar Wapsi suddenly makes you a bigot.

Calling you a ricebag is trolling.
But calling Hindus gau mutra drinkers is perfectly fine.

Outraging for climate change because you worship Greta Thunberg is progressive.
But worshipping Bhu Devi, Ganga Ma and all nature is so regressive.

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Chebrolu Brahma Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. Temple is located in Guntur district and is the only temple for Brahma in Andhra Pradesh. One Temple for Brahma is located in Kasi and another one at Chebrolu. 1/n
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जिनका नाम सुनते ही एक ऐसे योद्धा का चित्र मस्तिष्क में आता है जिसने धर्म की रक्षा हेतु अपना सबकुछ बलिदान कर दिया।
और इसी कारण धर्म की रक्षा भी हो सकी, उनसे ही प्रेरणा लेकर लाखों योद्धाओं ने धर्म रक्षा में अपना बलिदान दिया।
#GuruGobindSingh Image
आज 7 अक्टूबर है, आज गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की पुण्यतिथि है, गुरु गोविन्द सिंह ने शौर्य और वीरता की सीख दी, उन्होंने सिखाया की कैसी भी परिस्तिथि हो पर अपने मन को कभी हारने मत दो मुकाबला करो, जीत और हार तो मुकाबले के बाद तय होगी पर मुकाबले से पीछे मत हटो। #GuruGobindSingh

गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की कही हुई एक बात याद आती है...
सवा लाख से 1 लडाऊ, चिडियन ते मैं बाज तुडाऊ, तबे गोविन्द सिंह नाम कहाऊँ।
कैसी भी परिस्तिथि हो जमकर मुकाबला करो पीछे मत हटो, गोविंद सिंह से हमे प्रेरणा मिलती है ,उनका पूरा जीवन प्रेरणादायक रहा है!
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Why do we apply Sindoor to Lord Hanuman?

We see in almost all Hanuman temples that the deity of Hanumanji is covered or coated with orange colour sindoor. What is the story associated with applying sindoor to Lord Hanuman and what is the importance of sindoor in Hanuman puja? Image
One day Sita mata was wearing a red powder in the parting of her hair. Curiously Hanuman asked mata, what was the red powder that she was wearing. Sita mata replied “Hanuman! This is sindoor. Sindoor makes Lord Rama happy and would bless him with a long and prosperous life.” Image
Listening to this Hanuman disappeared from the place. Hanuman came back with his body fully covered with red sindoor. He covered his entire body, even his clothes and hair with sindoor.Lord Rama saw Hanuman covered with sindoor and asked the reason. Image
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