@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 1/ Sure, why not, I will give you many facts and I am fairly confident will not be aware of any of them as you live in your Murdoch Bubble. I will try to limit the facts to things like the law, government documents, royal commission evidence and information provided to the Senate
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 2/
Aged Care and Quarantine R both federal responsibilities.
The constitution &;the Bio Security act make that very clear.
The aged care act is very clear.
The LNP’s own pandemic plans say it’s there responsibilities
The LNPs department is responsible for auditing & accrediting
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 3/
I am giving some important baseline information that will allow you to understand the specific Victorian information
The plan Snotty held out to prove they had a plan even says it may not be accurate, complete or current. Its only a life or death document
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 4/
Inside the other document that was Snotty's plan it a mish mash of cross references to other documents and if you try and follow the references you end up back where you started. Nowhere
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 5/
One of those referenced documents is Peter Duttons document which he reviewed and approved last August. Again clearly saying Aged Care is LNP responsabilty
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 6/
So the constitution says quarantine is a federal responsibility, and like all things in the constitution they can't be sub delegated. Which is why the Bio Security Act explicitly states this
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 7/
Because it is all the LNP responsibility, they have all the funding, this is why they gave $1.2B to ASPN medical for PPE and surge workforce.
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 8/
They stuffed up the PPE and left Victoria without basics, like gloves. This is why nurses and health care workers were required to use just one glove per shift and no Masks.

Seriously what did they think would happen in Victoria if they didnt give them gloves, masks etc.
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 9/
That issue with gloves and masks etc was detailed in the Royal Commission report that News Corp did not present or cover. The report was titled Neglect and it had 30 instances of "Neglect" being described and all of it directed to LNP
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 10/
Last years interim report was acted upon by both Vic and QLD governments who immediately introduced minimum staffing ratios into the facilities they owned. There have been no deaths in those facilities, now this 1 nurse had 150 residents for her shift. This was in an LNP
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 11/
accreddited and audited facilty. And it passed its review.

The LNP department responsible for accreditation and auditing of facilities was being lined up to be outsourced and staff had been made redundant. This is why
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 12/
only 30 of the 779 Aged Care places in Victoria were audited. A much lower % than any other state.
14 of those failed, and failed the follow up. But no sanctions were issued (This was in March this year). To this date not a single Victorian place has been sanctioned...
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 13/
The LNP had no plan, they reduced staff and despite aged care places with, no food, no medication, no staff, no PPE, residents left in soiled beds & infected wounds or this resident with ants in her wounds. THE LNP KEPT THIS PLACE A SECRET FOR 3 MONTHS
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 14/
The newmarch house disaster, which was the first place in Australia to have a problem was being kept quiet and no "Learnings" from Newmarch house were shared with Vic toria, if the LNP had done there job, then Vic could've been prepared. Oh and that New March house, its CEO
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 15/
is a former tax minimisation specialist who created 5 companies in Liechtenstein for Coca Cola as part of its tax avoidance measures.

But back to Victoria
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 16/
The PPE that went missing included $177,000 worth of thermometers that still no one knows where they are. But don't worry, the LNP handed out more than $60M in advertising contracts. Speaking of contracts
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 17/
The LNP gave Mable (a new venture News Corp is a part owner in) a $5.7M contract to provide a surge workforce.

The strange thing is when Victoria rang them they found out they had no staff. Thi information is clearly on Mables website. Still can't figure that one out
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 18/
So far you have learned;
The Law
The PPE screw up
The Surge Workforce Screw Up
The Royal Commissions findings of Neglect by the LNP
The warnings both Vic and QLD responded to last year
The secrecy the LNP created to protect the owners of the dodgy places..

Now more warnings
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 19/
The LNP had the job of interacting with overseas health authorities, like the UN, WHO, etc.The following picture on the left includes the horrific warnings the LNP ignored, I dare you to read them and not react with a WTF. And that CHO officer should've known better
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 20/
Imagine if the LNP had done there job and had a plan and reacted to those horrific Aged Care disasters that happened months before Victoria got its first cases.

Or if the LNP had copied QLD and Vic and put in minimum staffing levels

But wait lets look at those standards
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 21/
The LNP removed the old 44 criteria and replaced it with this pretty set of 8. Which are almost immeasurable and as you can see Standard 3 is the closest thing to a staffing level or skills requirements.
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 22/
Then the best part of all, is the LNP sent the aged care places in Victoria a "Self Assessment Internet Form" over 300 facilities didn't complete it, those that tried asked questions to understand the content and never got responses.
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 23/
How many of these facts were you aware of?
Would you think a responsible journalist would be making some of this known?

Perhaps they could ask the Minister responsaible, Richard Colbeck who literally ran out of parliament when a question was going to him
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 24/

Here is a video of him leaving parliament.

this would be scandalous if an ALP person did it, but did Peta, Bolt or any News Corp people let you know?
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 25/
Now when Labor rises 2 ask a Q in Parliament the LNP use a rule created in 1906 to shut down debate.
13 times in a 3 day stretch here.
It is unlikely you are still reading this, but hey I have this here next time someone poses that News Corp Logic
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 26/

All done, I'm tired and i know it is a fruitless exercise trying to give facts to people who have been deceived by Murdoch.

Best of luck
@Tim_jbo @btamamura @justadavo @mark_perry309 @rachelbaxendale 27/

You asked a question, I gave you a very detailed, factual answers and Timbo blocked me. Couldn't handle the facts.
No wonder we are a heading for a trillion dollar debt and the most corrupt government in history.

Oh well, Que Sera Sera

• • •

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More from @SuxHypocrisy

6 Oct
@murray_n_dovey 1/
So a Royal Commissions findings that explain why are not good enough for you?
The law & LNP government have all funding for Aged Care.
Except those facilities owned by state government, who had already acted on the earlier recommendation for minimum staffing levels
@murray_n_dovey 2/
So those facilities owned by state government had zero deaths, those facilities completely governed and funded by LNP had the deaths.

But I will continue
@murray_n_dovey 3/
Then there is the Peter Dutton approved document from August 2019, clearly say Aged Care is federal responsibility. See pic below

this will go on for a while, you may need a drink of Kool Aid
Read 15 tweets
27 Sep
@PoliBard @catelizlouise @HbAlpaca 1/
I'll take a stab catty, if I get it wrong let me know.
Aged Care is a federal responsibility. Articulated very clearly in the Royal Commission into Aged Care interim report. Which is titled neglect & the word neglect is used 30 times to describe what the LNP are responsible 4
@PoliBard @catelizlouise @HbAlpaca 2/
Along with the Royal Commission, there is the law and the federal government having all funding for Aged Care (with the exception of state govt owned facilities) all strong hints at who is responsible. But on that topic, both Vic & QLD own some facilities, they both adopted
@PoliBard @catelizlouise @HbAlpaca 3/
the earlier recommendations to have minimum staffing levels, but they could only legislate for state govt owned places. No deaths in any state govt owned places. BUT
The LNP ignored & ended up with absurd staffing levels (1 for 150 residents in one place on one shift).
Read 16 tweets
25 Sep
My 6 tweet vent
We’ve all known it for years, News Corp is a cancer on society & a protection racket paid 4 the LNP. This week a minister was described as behaving criminally & a mysterious $30m land purchase+many more.
#BoycottMurdoch #IStandWithDan
News Corp has a $10b dollar value on the ASX. The ASX wouldn't exist w/out us paying taxes & investing 2 make Australia an efficient place 2 conduct business. News Corp are on the corporate dole taking money with no mutual obligations
On top of cash gifts, News Corp has many indirect subsidies. The 1936 Tax Law gives all sporting clubs (AFL+ NRL) tax exemption,⬇️costs by 10's of millions. These subsidies give its 32K shareholders⬆️dividends than they should get
Read 6 tweets
1 Sep
The office of PM&C who gave us the ‘not on holidays' lie & ‘its secret who went to dinner’ is somehow costing us nearly 10 times as much when compared to when Labor were in power.
How? Why?
#RoboDebtRC Image
For anyone doubting the figure (As I did) I grabbed them out of Budget Paper number 2 for each year.
As 2013 was a handover year I excluded it. Image
I am genuinely surprised by these numbers, I would really hope that there is a good explanation for this. Maybe a merging of two offices? Or ? I am keen to know how this is possible
Read 4 tweets
24 Jul
This is just one of the lives destroyed by News Corps empire of excrement, & why only the unethical LNP would keep giving News Corp our money.

Step 1: Pay a prostitute to take video and pictures with Max (Formula 1 Chief)
Step 2: Make up story to say it was a Nazi themed Orgy
Step 3: Try to extort more details from other people in room by threatening to print their names in the paper
Step 4: Max successfully sues News Corp. BUT
Step 5: Max’s family unit is destroyed and his young sons are shamed and 1 returns to drugs & overdoses.


At the same time News Corp was in court arguing the public had a right to know what Max did in his own time.
Read 6 tweets

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