Here is a lesson in politics. So KY's AG filed a motion 2 prevent jurors from publicly discussing GJ proceedings surrounding Bree's killing by Louisville police. Lets say the judge rules in his favor. Over right? Wrong. Pause. Switch. Lets go MO.

The Republican Governor of Missouri has come out recently & said no matter what charges the black woman prosecutor of St. Louis brings against that white McCloskey couple for pointing guns a Black Lives Matter protesters, he will pardon them. Fine.

Now, the Dem Governor of KY should come out & state publicly, "Hear ye. Hear ye. Any juror who wants to talk publicly about the Breonna Taylor GJ proceeding, go right ahead. I will pardon you for any charge the AG may bring against U for violating a court order." Ruthless.

This is how ruthless Democrats must become if they are to convince black people they truly are operating in their best interest. The AG will be powerless to do anything at that point & no federal court will get involved because this is purely a state matter. Checkmate.

The Supreme Court of KY cant bar a Governor from exercising his pardon power anyway he sees fit. KY's governor should come out ASAP & make this declaration. This will force the AG 2 either abandon his plan or worse, start secretly destroying evidence 2 protect his own hide.

Hear me. This is why Dems have a hard time competing against republicans because they are not as ruthless about protecting their values & principles as Republicans are about protecting theirs. Governor Beshear has AG Cameron in great political crosshairs IF he understands-

how this game is played. I would call AG Cameron in my office & give him a simple ultimatum: recuse yourself or face my wrath. If he refused, I would immediately put my inside counsel 2 work drafting an ethics complaint 2 the state bar about his lying to the public.

This would automatically trigger an emergency bar investigation. The bar should move w/all deliberate speed 2 investigate. Upon an adverse finding, immediately disbar him. This would immediately render him statutorily unqualified to serve as AG. This would be grounds 4-

immediate removal from office. If the Governor is serious about this, he could have Cammy Cam's ass out of office before the end of the year. This may trigger a special election. I would then put up a Dem. to run for AG on the campaign promise to prosecute the former AG-

4 obstruction of justice & whatever other relevant statute to prosecute him to the fullest extent of law. Crazy? Yes. Exact same thing happened w/Cosby. The original DA refused 2 prosecute him. A DA candidate actually ran on the platform: "bring the Coz to Justice."

He won & prosecuted Cosby right b4 the statute of limitations. That election came down 2 whether or not voters wanted to see Cosby prosecuted. Shit, the Coz almost got away but for 1 election. So its not unheard of for some1 to run 4 office on the promise of prosecution.

Snapback. After AG is convicted, I would rent out a big ass ambulance plastered w/Breonna Taylor EMT Justice SVC on da side of that bitch & lead a parade down the middle of Louisville like I just won the championship. I would buy out the bar in every bar in LouiV dat night

I would then head out 2 the cemetery, sit down on a tree stump, smoke a Opus X w/a shot of Talisker, howl at the moon, do a 26gun salute, pour some libations 4 Bree while Sade sang"Bullet Proof Soul" in the background & then high 5 Breonnas ghost & say"My nigga, we did it"

Then I'd go home.

Turn on the TV.

Only to see.

Another black woman.

Got shot.

By the police.

In her own home.


• • •

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10 Oct


Allow me 2 introduce U 2 Mr. Jonathan Price of Wolf City, TX. On June15 he made a FBpost siding w/Lil Wayne's colorblind remarks downplaying racism & police brutality. 4 months later that which he downplayed claimed his life.

washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10… Image

U see dat white officer didnt give a fuck bout no colorblind niggas as white folks see color jus fine. Shit, jus like Dylann Roof shot dem praying niggas in dat church in SC, Officer Lucas shot Price right after he offered a handshake & a smile.


White supremacy dont give a fuck bout no bowed heads, extended hands or smiling darkies. We kill dem 2. Dis nigga actually believed dat colorblind shit was gone work on Officer Lucas & WolfCity residents out here telling folks dey differnt from the rest of America. Bullshit
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8 Oct


Fuck a debate. Red herring. My eyes are still on Breonna Taylor. Working on an open letter to the state bar of Kentucky to open a investigation in2 AG Daniel Cameron. If it is found that he lied 2 the public, he should be disbarred.


Hear me. To the consternation of many of my black friends at the time, I made a prediction very early on that DA Mike Nifong would be disbarred & removed from office giving his politicizing of the Duke LAX case. It was clear from DNA evidence that the accuser was lying.

Tawanna Brawley 2.0. DA Nifong was even prosecuted & convicted & that accuser is now serving time for murder, but not before an entire nation & community was inflamed off some BS. I give equal smoke & the one thing I detest is niggas who lie about issues of national import.
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6 Oct

Allow me 2 introduce U 2 Mr. Steve Descano, Common Wealth Attorney (DA) for Fairfax County, VA. It's important to note that he is a DEMOCRAT. It is also important to note that he thinks it's perfectly LEGAL for black people to be treated this way:


Governor of Minnesota where George Floyd was lynched-Democrat. Governor of Kentucky where Breonna Taylor was killed-Democrat. Governor of NY where Daniel Prude was killed-Democrat. Governor of Wisconsin where Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back & paralyzed-Democrat.

I could go on&on. Never 4get that Obamas DOJ did NOT prosecute 1 police officer 4 killing an unarmed black citizen & dont get me started on Kamala Harris & Mitrice Richardson. So miss me w/this bullshit that life in America is somehow better under democrats than republicans
Read 5 tweets
5 Oct


Read this very carefully paying very close attention to this:

"Candace Hall said at the news conference that the family had, however, already forgiven whoever committed the attacks..."


I need not know anything about these black people 2 conclude this: they should be kept away from any decision making table involving black liberation. In fact, in my world, I would deny them the right 2 vote & would exile them 2 an island w/a big ass white Jesus statue-

for them to worship. Hear me. Christianity will be the death of black people. I am not a Christian. I am a JESUSian (Jesusian). This means I follow Jesus-THE MAN & not Jesus-THE RELIGION. The fact of the matter, black people in America have always had the wrong Jesus.
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3 Oct


Donald Trump-74. Joe Biden-77. Sans VP Pence at 61, here are the ages of those who would ascend to the presidency should the Covid Crusader come for Donnie T & Mikey P:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi 80
Senator Pro Tempore Charles E. Grassley 87

Lemme say sometin. THERE ARE 2 MANY OLD ASS MOTHERFUCKAS IN OFFICE. This is a serious problem in our nation. These old geezers make decisions about how we are 2 live, how much taxes we pay, whether we fight wars, who we can have sex with & whether or not we can kill babies.

Most of these issues dont even affect them. Dey old asses created the tax loopholes Trump jumped through, they 2 old 2 fight in a damn war, they 2 shriveled & dried up 2 hv sex & dey 2 old 2 get pregnant. So how the hell they get to tell us whether we can have abortions?
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2 Oct

I'm in Vegas right now bout 2 bet the house on precisely the prayer Democrats are praying right now. Careful w/all that Democratic glee, Biden was on that stage too. They both shook hands. Corona gone crash this election like Left Eye w/a blowtorch in Andre Rison's mansion.

Nevertheless, Quiet Cunning Kamala sittin back in the cut waiting for the Covid Crusader to take out 2 white men before November 3rd so she can rise like Willie Brown when she and her Howard sorority sisters jumped out that pink and green cake on his 60th birthday. Skee-Wee!

Shit, 2020 got mo tea than Snapple, Lipton & Luzianne combined & Orville Redenbacher can't make enough popcorn to watch all this shit go down. Yet half the country think Corona a hoax. Dey dumber than some unmasked nigga republicans at a Donald Trump convention. Ouch.
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