Hey NYC, congratulations!

You’ve most likely reached herd immunity

These lockdowns are asinine...not necessary to close Broadway

I’ll prove it

First, you’re testing like maniacs and you can’t find new cases

Other cities around the world are finding plenty of cases

Second, hardly anybody is being hospitalized

You’re averaging 30-40 daily hospitalizations for the past two and a half months

This is not because NYCers have become mask ninjas

Third, you’re averaging about five deaths per day for the last two and a half months

Again, NYCers haven’t become ninja social distancers...ninja social justice warrior is more like it

Finally, you have a steady antibody % around 20%

The majority of cases (70-80%) are asymptomatic

The majority of aymptomatics have wanning antibody titers which are undetectable after a few months

20% with stable ABs actually show infection rate of 60-80%

Curious for a more detailed and technical explanation? Check out this thread

So start opening up NYC!

You can start slowly and build up your courage

Staying locked down for another 8 months is not a solution

The plan was 15 days to flatten the curve...it’s been 201 days

If you’re curious to see how we know that so many cases are asymptomatic, check out this thread:


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7 Oct
Since @lpachter insists on repeated hit jobs on @MLevitt_NP2013, I thought I would look at some of the wisdom that Lior lays out in this thread

Unfortunately for Lior, I was in the middle of looking through NIAID project funding for 2020

Let's see how he did

So @MLevitt_NP2013 was replying to this tweet by me about how much funding the NIAID received relative to the impact that allergens and infectious disease have on mortality in the US

Dr. Levitt replied that people should not be surprised by this (I am)

In my tweet, I specified that NIAID received the "most money for their projects"

I never said funding or budget

According to the NIH Reporter, the NIAID has spent the largest amount on their active projects

link: projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter_summa…

$700 mil more than cancer

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1 Oct
I find this hit-job on @MLevitt_NP2013 unacceptable

@lpachter behaves as if he is the arbiter of truth and that he is right and Dr. Levitt is wrong

Dr. Levitt has made some wrong predictions, and he’s owned up to them - see unherd interview

But he ignores the correct prediction of burnout at 500-800 deaths/million which is currently being proven correct in Sweden

I take great offense to this type of hateful dehumanization of your opponents

Lior could have respectfully disagreed and made the same arguments

Instead, he transformed himself into the righteous keeper of truth and Dr. Levitt into an evil science denier

I can not imagine more egregious behavior in the scientific community

Lior, shame on you

Your career will forever be tarnished by this despicable smear

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28 Sep
Wasn’t planning on doing a mask deep-dive

No interest in reading contradicting studies + no RCTs

But I found a better approach: my journey

Let’s start with thread where I said masks work and are responsible for difference in Covid-19 in Asia vs West

This was my first model

Wow, masks are working great in China!

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25 Sep
Did you know that ICTV-CSG which is the authority on classifying and naming new viruses initially concluded that SARS-CoV-2 was NOT a novel virus?

Ralph Baric would know, he’s an expert

But, this figure didn’t make it to final publication☹️


1/3 Image
And then there’s this article from 2008 which makes reference to SARS-CoV1, SARS-CoV2, SARS-CoV3 which are made from SARS-CoV: Accession number AY864806

Don’t look at 1,2,3 - That’s just what they call different samples in the study

Look at AY864806

AY864806 took me to this article - it appears there were 115 genomes for SARS-CoV - each with an accession number

Maybe an expert can explain this for me

Question: Why have all these accession numbers disappeared?

Link Article

Link: IVTV database

3/3 Image
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23 Sep
Remember when I said that SARS-CoV-2 is far more widespread than realized?

46.8% AB+ in Japan

“C-19 infection may have spread widely across the general population of Tokyo despite the very low fatality rate”

Well here’s your proof!

H/T @AlexBerenson

Basically they started of with a group of 600 asymptomatics

Started off at 6% and it grew to 47% seroprevalence

This is a very big deal

Alex breaks it down very well here:

Remember that time I said that there was higher pre-existing immunity in East Asia, South East Asia and Oceana?

Remember when I said mask wearing and mitigation could not account for the major differences?

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22 Sep
Asymptomatic Deep-Dive

Read on, you’ll be surprised

This NYT article revealed that high Ct PCR was identifying mostly non-infectious positives (trace viral RNA)

The upside to supersensitive PCR is that it also tells us a lot about asymptomatics

First, the prisons

Case 1) Marion Correctional Institution: 95% asymptomatic of 2,028+

Case 2) In 4 state prison systems - Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia: 96% asymptomatics of 3,277+

3) Neuse Correctional Institution: 98% asymptomatic of 444+

This below article is misleading

Yes, some were presymptomatic at time of testing, but they didn’t significantly change result

DRC: “disputed any notion that DRC is “walking back” its claim”

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