1. PMF & Federal highway patrol on our highways, this is their modus operandi: they arange themselves in a zigzag formation; first in the line is likely a constable holding a baton. Few steps from him to his right or left will be a corporal/sergeant armed with an AK47. Few steps
2. further you will see another most likely an inspector (gazetted). Off the road most likely under tree is their operational vehicle, a driver & their SPO an ASP will be inside. They maintain this zigzag formation on both inbound & outbound of the highway. The
3. constable with the baton profiles vehicles & flags them down. The corporal/sergeant behind him guides the vehicle to where he wants it to park. Then the inspector walks up to weigh the 'client' & decide how to proceed. They look at your vehicle & sense you are law enforcement
4. well connected, he simply says carry on. If you look funky, or give off signs of irritation or fear, you will hear 'your vehicle particulars, open your boot, where your fire extinguisher, where your birth certificate, open your engine, why doesn't the engine number march with
5. your date of birth etc...once they find something they can pin on you, they take your car keys & papers from you. That's when negotiations begin. Once you have paid & allowed to go, he checks his pockets. If it's filled, he leaves the spot & likely the driver fills in for him
6. There is always a place in a bush nearby or abandoned building where they stash their loot. They never allow so much money on their person for fear of a big man or X-Squad busting them. For commerical vehicles, they have stipulated amounts they take from them. The only time
7. they start checking particulars of a commercial vehicle is when the driver proves to be stubborn. There are private cars they stop & the occupants refuse to pay a dime especially when their papers are complete. They can keep you waiting for hours simply because there's an
8. omission of a letter or word in your documents. If you meet the real evil ones, while searching your boot they plant contraband like drugs or even live ammunition. They allow you go only to call the checkpoints in front to look out for you. Another 'client' they love are
9. Truckers especially the ones carrying fuel & perishables. Some can even close the checkpoints once they sight a truck carrying fuel, they must extort a driver carrying petroleum products! If you are carrying broiler or day old chicks, they know you are in a hurry cos you dont
10. Want the birds to die due to heat. If you don't settle, be ready to watch those birds die! The atrocities by members of @PoliceNG are too many to recount! Ending SARS alone won't change much! @NGRPresident @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo needs to push for a total reform.

• • •

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11 Oct
1. @PoliceNG denied & said no one has been killed in the protests. Die hard supporters of the president said 'where is the body'. Jimoh Isiaq has been laid to rest yesterday according to muslim rites leaving behind his grieving parents. The weird part is, he wasn't protesting we
2. Are told. He was watching at a distance until a bullet hit him. I have seen supporters say 'i wish we can tell the police to go on strike'. This is how most of us are, we are silent to the cause but start reacting to the effect. People have been screaming about police
3. brutality & corruption for years but we chose to play deaf & dumb. Now people have taken to the streets we turn around & blame the oppressed? What manner of insensitivity is this? Does politics make us blind, deaf & immune? Life has a strange way of comig back to haunt us.
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10 Oct
1. People saying SARS can't be disbanded make me wonder. It was formed right? Anything formed can be disbanded! A new tactical unit can be created! A new system of recruitment, training, operations can begin! Every SARS cell in Nigeria has more than 50% innocent victims held!
2. I have been to SARS Akwuzu, Owerri, Warri & saw dry/fresh blood on the wall! You ask them & they laugh, 'oga say make we waste the badger'. When did we start wasting people who we already have in custody without trial? You go to SARS formations & see machetes, daggers they use
3. to torture victims! How on earth do you use an unmarked vehicle & abduct people coming back from work? When did tattoo & dreads become Jihadist writings that we immediately arrest people with them? When did laptops & iphones become explosive devices that owners need to
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10 Oct
Your excellency sir @NGRPresident I do not agree with your assertion. I hope with these few videos of mine taken at different locations & different dates you will agree the vast majority are as bad as the criminals they are meant to protect citizens from.

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10 Oct
1. In all this @PoliceNG brutality madness, there are 2 groups I find very irritating; the group that will defend the government at any cost. To them the outcry against the police is an attack on the government. They come up with all sorts of defences the
2. police is a reflection...bla bla...criminals are amongst the protesters bla bla...why is Atiku, Saraki bla bla....my question to them is; what were you expecting? It didn't cross your minds that once we allowed this spill into the streets, criminals, anti-government & every
3. vermin out there would latch on to it? Are you guys so blind to see the number of young Nigerians being shot daily by rogue police officers? Look at SARS office at Guzapa, look at the number of cars parked their daily! They are raiding young people daily in Gwarinpa, around
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9 Oct
1. SARS isn't just the problem, the entire police is a problem. DPOs are waiting for DCO & DTO to make returns. DCO will make his men even go arrest tenant for not paying rent or husband for not satisfying wife. DTO will arrest okada, wheelbarrow, every accident is a means to
2. make money. An incident I witnessed, was at a station when some policemen came back & told the DTO that by the time they arrived the scene of an accident, the erring driving had run so the case is hit & run. The DTO asked, did you arrest anyone? They said there was no one to
3. arrest. His response; where did you learn police work? Are there no shops there? Is there no one selling recharge card? Will you go back there & arrest every eye witness so they can start taking themselves on bail. This is how majority of them at the division level operate.
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9 Oct
1. If I were @NGRPresident @MBuhari I would have a speech prepared but it will be delivered by the vice president @ProfOsinbajo . My speech will read:
Fellow Nigerians, I have had extensive consultations within the police hierarchy, @MinofPoliceNG @MinOfInteriorNG & other
2. well meaning Nigerians in a bid to find solutions to police brutality. Use of excessive force, illegal arrests & all other criminal conducts carried out by corrupt elements of the @PoliceNG has not only made life difficult for the youths but also for too many Nigerians.
3. Therefore the following decisions will come into immediate effect:
I. Mohammed Adamu is hereby retired after completing his tenure as Inspector General of Police. A grateful nation thanks him for his selfless service.
II. All DIG's, AIGs are hereby retired from service with
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