Lindsey Graham declares South Carolina a sundown state.
For those who won't watch, He says that Black people and immigrants are only welcome in South Carolina if they're Conservatives.

Yep. Sitting Senator.
And no. That's not a hyperbolic paraphrase.

Its what he said on live television, on purpose, in plain English.
Here is the full context in which he begins talking about how only Black conservatives can get elected in South Carolina because they're not racist. Just partisan. Then expands.

This has always been how racists work. Only Black people who support racism are acceptable.
If you want to know the topic that spawned these statements, it was civil unrest due to Black protests.

That's where he went with it.

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11 Oct
Racism is rooted in anti-Blackness.
Anti-anti-Blackness = Pro Blackness.

There's no way around it.
To wit.

If you are an arsonist and set a house on fire, eventually ceasing to pour gasoline on it doesn't make a difference anymore.

The fire is already at full rage and consuming everything in its path.

Nothing will stop the fire except actively fighting it.
What you call "passive racism" is the raging fire.

What you call "active racism" is the gasoline pouring.

It's WAY too late to just stop pouring gas.
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10 Oct
What would you change if you knew for a fact that there was no cosmic justice? No gods, not fate, no final judgement, no karma?

That if someone lives a life characterized by lies and greed and a lack of compassion and is successful and happy and then they die...

They won?
Not a rhetorical question.

I'm really looking for honest answers.
This answer set is fascinating so far.

Lots of "i already think this so nothing"

A bunch of "If I did believe it i wouldn't change"

And a unifying insistence that we can all be secure that the inner turmoil of those who exploit and abuse is its own judgment
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8 Oct
This might be the silliest legal opinion I've read in a while.
There is literally nothing true about that statement.

Firstly grand juries indict.

Secondly Prosecutors bring nonsense cases before the court CONSTANTLY.
While it IS true that prosecutors really don't like to present cases that they don't think they can win...

Whether or not a case is winnable has little to do with whether or not the evidence is even sufficient, much less beyond a reasonable doubt.

MOST cases never see a jury.
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8 Oct
The GOP's hatred of Democracy, That used to be the quiet part.

They're setting the debate stage now to embrace autocracy.
You're watching a real-time shift in the Overton Window (the acceptable bounds of discussion)

Now the acceptable far right edge of political discussion is "Who needs Democracy anyway?"

The concept of abandoning even the attempt of a country by and for the people is on the table
Yes we have always chastised Trump for being a wanna-be dictator.

However now we are watching the GOP explicitly and openly pave the way for autocracy as a legitimate political option.

They aren't afraid of the President.

They WANT this. And have for a while.
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7 Oct
It's totally reasonable for that to be shocking...

Unless you grew up in a cult. Then it's the most reasonable thing ever.
Cults teach you that the righteousness of your cause is a protective factor.

They all reinforce the notion that the rules of the outside world, be they social, physical or biological don't actually apply to you.
I assure you that the combined forces of the conservative fascist echo chamber and the cult of personality have convinced these people that they are immune to the dangers of Covid-19.

And any disconfirming evidence will be argued away.
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7 Oct
Kids were not separated from their parents as an unavoidable side effect of immigration enforcement.

The official, dedicated point was for the US Government to traumatize parents and their children as much as legally possible.

As a deterrent.…
I want it to really settle in your heads that the United States literally has a Department of Destroying Families and Losing Children.

Yes. Even losing track of the children was intentional and coordinated.
Thousands of kids told they'll never see their mommies or daddies ever again... Not out of necessity, but for the sole purpose of crushing their parent's souls.

Just a desire to inflict the maximum emotional and psychological pain on these families as a matter of OFFICIAL POLICY
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