Enough now, Irish Twitter libfems. (Irish rant coming up). JUST because you made some noise for Repeal, and gained a few followers, does NOT make you the gatekeeper for "Irish feminism." You're NOT the person who forevermore gets to say "this is what Irish women are, or want."
Let's face it, Repeal was due. And it happened. And many people contributed. And there was worry that it wouldn't pass. But it did. And it wasn't JUST because of the Gráinnes and Sadhbhs that took to Twitter. It was because of the People. That. Voted.
Many of those had lived through appalling oppression. Ireland was awful for a young woman in the 50s & 60s & 70s & 80s- and even 90s. ALL the women who lived through those terrible times, had a voice in the Repeal the 8th Referendum. The "repeal" doesn't belong to any one group.
There seems to be some idea- I'm not sure how- among Irish libfems- that "now that we're all liberal" (yeah, we got divorce in 1996 and abortion in 2018, how greatly liberal, yawn)- that somehow we have to be "extra liberal and not let the side down in wokeness". WRONG.
Women's issues in Ireland need to be treated with great care, kindness, respect, and truth. Even more so than in any other State or jurisdiction. To compensate for the very OPPOSITE way they were treated in the past.
EVERY SINGLE WOMEN'S ISSUE in Ireland needs to be examined on its own merits, weighed, looked at, in context of the past. We don't get to obliterate women. We did that so much in the past that it is a National Shame.
Do you need me to list the shame? The Magdalene Laundries? The babies sold to America, torn from sobbing girls? The symphysiotomies? The women dead in childbirth for lack of healthcare (and I mean contraception)?
The rape and abuse of women and children, sanctioned by the Church? That abuse, covered up for generations? The girl dead in a grotto? The insult of a septic tank in Tuam?
And even, through the decades, in the small, personal stories: the menace of the parochial house, with wandering fingers. The "marriage ban". The persistent sexual abuse and assaults in schools, in any place where a sexual predator could rise to a position of power.
"Ireland is sorry," we're told. "Ireland is a different place now." We're in a grand new dawn, and all of that awfulness has been put to bed, and we are all great now and we embrace women and nothing will ever be bad again. Except, this is a lie.
Because now, our new masters are the "Official Irish Feminists" who speak for All Irish Women. These self-appointed spokeswomen speak for All Irish Women, and they do so gracefully and with authori-tayyy, using the nice pedestals they got during Repeal.
"The word "Woman" is merely a construct!" they tell us, gaily, while popping in to do a podcast with their fab woke chums. "Feminism includes Everyone Who Wants to Be a Woman!" they chirrup, while writing a column for the Phoenix about De Feminism.
They yawn at the woman in her 60s, still broken from a symphisiotomy age 23, who needs to tell her story. They're not interested in the woman in her 50s who had to give up her baby when she was 16. They don't much care for the girls who were abused in school in the 80s. Nope.
Because we don't have "women's issues" any more. Because it's a New Ireland, now. And the word "Woman" has been excised from the literature of the Health Service Executive. Because it's "discriminatory".
Well done, Ireland. You've hated women since the very beginning of the State, you've oppressed and shamed and maligned and tortured women for a century, and just when women thought things were getting better...
NOW, with the collusion of the "Official Irish Feminists" we ABOLISH THE FECKING WORD "WOMAN". In fairness, it's an absolutely amazing move.
And don't get me started on the "Official Irish Feminists" and their attitude to males who decide to "identify as women". Right- so a couple of truths: 90-95%+ of trans-identifying males (i.e. males who identify as women) RETAIN their male genitals. Yep. ALL the tackle.
So the "Official Irish Feminists" bleating "Trans women are women" are actually saying "we KNOW these people have retained their male genitalia, but we'll be complicit in the obfuscation of facts". Most people who think about "trans people" (especially males who trans to female..
... think that they've undergone sex reassignment surgery. Most don't- as in, 90-95%+ of trans identifying males do not undergo any surgery whatsoever. At least, no surgery to the meat and two veg. (Some have breast augmentation).
Ireland has Self ID legislation. It's one of the v few jurisdictions which has this legislation. This means that anyone, ANYONE, can fill out a form and ID themselves as the opposite sex. Your next-door neighbour, Dave, can become Davina, overnight, just by filling out a form.
Dave can hang on to his genitalia. He actually doesn't even need to dress as a lady. He can fill out a form and become "Davina" overnight, and in the eyes of Irish law, he's a lady. Now, this might be fun for Dave (less so for his wife) but where this stops being a party game...
... is where Dave is a dangerous sex offender. Imagine Dave has been convicted of ten counts of sexual assault. Ooh, you think, a real bad guy. Shouldn't be let near women. ER-WRONG! Dave can fill out a form, identify as Davina, and serve his sentence in Limerick Women's Jail.
In case you thought I was joking-Dave (under another name) is serving his sentence in Limerick Women's Jail having self-identified as a female. (He has to have 2 guards on him at all times to stop him sexually assaulting the female inmates, but that's just so Dave, right?)
And NOW we come to Barbie Kardashian. I'm not going to go into the details of this particular case (it's all on my timeline, though my timeline's Very Busy, so I might link on this comment to a good thread for backstory). We come to a case where a violent individual, awaiting...
... trial for two cases of sexual assault, is housed in the women's wing of Limerick prison. And Libfem Ireland goes absolutely mad to support BARBIE's RIGHTS.
They literally fell over themselves to support Barbie. They couldn't be stopped drooling all over Barbie's rights (when they weren't Completely Ignoring The Issue As Always, *cough* @roisiningle?)
The Limerick Leader piped up with a slightly worried article and got slammed for being "transphobic". EVERYONE rowed in to protect Barbie against the awful TERFS. (Nobody seemed to want to protect the women in Limerick Jail except the "awful TERFS")
And so this is where we are. A man convicted of ten sexual assaults, retaining full male genitalia, filling out a form to "identify" as a woman, and therefore being given the right to be housed in "the female estate"- in the already-overcrowded Limerick Women's Prison. With two.
.. guards day and night (with all the expense that means) to stop him assaulting the female inmates. And his right to be there, stoutly defended by Irish liberal feminists. Because "trans women are women" even if they're men making a f**king mockery of the system.
And as for Barbie? Well, who knows about Barbie. I've read Barbie's backstory (in the court reports) and it brought tears to my eyes- how to create a psychopath in 10 easy steps. Barbie's quite young, and perhaps the newfound notoriety will stop Barbie from attacking women.
But one thing is sure- the Irish libfem Twitterati will do its best to ensure that we all toe the line and repeat the mantras the patriarchy likes. Do us a favour. F*ck 'em. Say what you like. Night now.
It seems this thread has fallen foul of Twitter- people who liked and retweeted have seen their likes and retweets deleted. As I’ve fallen foul of “activists” like silly Noah. They don’t get to silence women. Retweet, amplify. F**k em all.

• • •

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