Hmm... something odd here... let’s see who can spot the anomaly...
To save everyone the guessing, it’s a complete bullet and casing being ejected from the weapon.
Ok, posted this from my phone last night. Finally got a chance to really sit down and dope this out, and here are my conclusions. Lots of people talking authoritatively, but none with the sauce. Here is the sauce.
First, bullet cropped, zoomed, and compared with a .45acp. obvious
In fact, you can see where the reflection bends to match the nose of the bullet. And for those saying gas out the cartridge, if you really think that gas is escaping quicker than the cartridge is moving at that point. Sorry. See next tweet for sauce
Slow motion videos of a .45 ACP Glock. Notice how quickly the shell is rotating as it is ejected? Those saying its not even completing its first rotation, sorry. Wrong. Probably closer to its 5th based on distance. Also, no smoke from the spent casings.
And a 9mm Glock more similar to the one being used I believe. Hard to tell with Glocks which is which... but again, FAST rotate on the empty brass ejection, and NO smoke from the brass...
Now, with that said, we could have an issue with the source image. Let me show you. Here are two images... look closely, you'll notice they are the same image. Proof coming.
Here is the news one blown up quite a bit.
Here is the high res image placed very closely to the other image.... for better comparison purposes
Notice anything missing in the main image?
Let me set it up so that they overlay perfectly...
And a 50% fade to show exact same picture, to remove doubts...
So, either the picture from the news site is so blurry you cant make the round out ( Possible! ) or the round was added in.

I am ONLY commenting on this one picture. Its possible that he had a FTF and cleared the slide and came down on target again that quickly.
So that is a potential answer.

I have no comment on the watch, tattoo's, Lee being dead or alive. I am ONLY commenting on this one picture. The rest I leave for you to decide on your own with your own discernment. I see enough to make me question the narrative.
Oh, a zoomed in shot of the news picture so that you can see that area better. Zoomed to about the size of the original "Bullet" pic.
Full picture sequence. Apparently missing two shots that show the shooter drawing....
Helen Richardson is the photographers name. Would be interesting to see if there are any ties back to Pantifa...

• • •

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10 Oct
Another reminder folks! If you want to hear me yammer about Antarctica for an hour or two, make sure you tune in! I will be covering my main Mt Erebus thread, but will undoubtedly be touching on ALL of my Antarctic digs. Might even show you my heavily doctored version of GE 😉
One of the threads we will touch on...
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10 Oct
Ok quicky time. This is interesting, and needs WAY MOAR eyes on.
P Allen Smith. Arkansas TV show host. Owner of Moss Mountain Farm. Appears to have some Epstein type proclivities....
Thanks to @SharonLEllis for showing me this.... look closer to the upper left of the farm. This is what you see zoomed in...
@SharonLEllis Now he is in Arkansas, this could be notable if he has ties to the Clintons right? I mean like Epstein right? Well, guess what...…
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Let me paint a picture for you: if you follow me, you know I believe POTUS to be not on US soil right now. Will be back on the 10th. Then we have Barr, Durham, Nakasone, and ALL the top brass at the Pentagon “self quarantining” for the virus. Kek
Now ask yourself, what could that exact group of people be doing if they were all at one particular place together. Let’s say a place like Guantanamo Bay......

Enjoy the movie 🍿
Then this drops tonight. Wearing the same suit and tie as he did at Walter Reed...
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Where in the World is POTUS?
If like me, you snickered when POTUS made his “I have COVID” announcement, this is your thread. If you believe that POTUS has COVID and is safely at Walter Reed Military Hospital as you are being told, this is NOT your thread.
Now that I’ve guaranteed that all of the doubters will be reading, lets continue. I have a theory, backed up with plenty of evidence, both MAP, Q, and Video related, to illustrate where I am going here. No half-baked theory’s here, fully baked only please.
I’m even hesitant to post this, but if they didn’t want us to figure it out, the bread crumbs wouldn’t have been laid. And laid like Kamala getting to the top, they have been.
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3 Oct
OK folks, Antarctica. Again. Based on this....
OK another on the fly deal. Im going to ask you guys to help me on this one. Find all of the celebs and known folk who have been to this station. Its pretty easy to identify as its a VERY unique looking thing.
Funny thing is, its SUPER close to this pyramid, as shown in the video. Let me show you the Google Earth shot I have of it. Also notice the 4 dark rectangle things "behind" the pyramid.
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