Here's why I feel for Fauci and the rest of the career medical and science professions.

In order to get vital information to the public, Fauci needs to be the authoritative voice.

To be authoritative, Fauci needs to keep his job.

To keep his job he has to placate Trump.
He could have bucked Trump from the beginning, and got canned early, to be replaced with a hack.

Or he could try to play Trump just enough to stay in the position and smuggle truth out of the White House.

It's really a no-win situation.
Either compromise your credibility some while still getting information out of step aside and let someone who's going to spew pure lies take your spot...

I can understand how it's a tough choice... And someone who is an epidemiologist is not the kind to go for a Hail Mary.
Someone like Fauci is going to be a pragmatist and take the route he thinks will best accomplish harm reduction in the face of an erratic, compassionless con man with the power to kill millions.

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13 Oct
I can think of a worse one...

It starts with an N and rhymes with nigger.
White America invented the "n-word" so they could prove that they weren't racist anymore meaning that any further claims of racism would forever be an unfair attack on the upstanding moral character of white people by Black people.

Gaslighting motherfuckers.
Racism never stopped.

The casual use of the word "nigger" in public did.

And the white politeness of the "n-word" became a bludgeon and lecturing point against the Black community.

And now white people have appointed themselves the arbiters of what is racist.
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12 Oct
The human race has devised an organizational system for itself that attempts (but ultimately fails) to describe and value all humans and their personality traits by their bodies' relative percentage content of the amino acid polymer C18H10N2O4.

--Alien Anthropologist 43.445.12
Variations in percentage of this compound are used as a metric to determine both social hierarchy and to allocate resources.

The higher the amino acid concentration, the fewer vital resources are allocated.

--Alien Anthropologist 43.445.14
The steroid compounds C19H28O2 and C18H24O2 and their relative concentrations are of high social importance to Humans.

These compounds define the distribution of rights and access to social dominance.

--Alien Anthropologist 43.446.01
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12 Oct
Have you ever been manipulated, brainwashed, or indoctrinated?
Have you ever known anyone who has been manipulated, brainwashed, or indoctrinated?
If you have ever been manipulated, brainwashed, or indoctrinated,

What helped/allowed you to realize or accept that this was happening to you?
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11 Oct
Racism is rooted in anti-Blackness.
Anti-anti-Blackness = Pro Blackness.

There's no way around it.
To wit.

If you are an arsonist and set a house on fire, eventually ceasing to pour gasoline on it doesn't make a difference anymore.

The fire is already at full rage and consuming everything in its path.

Nothing will stop the fire except actively fighting it.
What you call "passive racism" is the raging fire.

What you call "active racism" is the gasoline pouring.

It's WAY too late to just stop pouring gas.
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10 Oct
Lindsey Graham declares South Carolina a sundown state.
For those who won't watch, He says that Black people and immigrants are only welcome in South Carolina if they're Conservatives.

Yep. Sitting Senator.
And no. That's not a hyperbolic paraphrase.

Its what he said on live television, on purpose, in plain English.
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10 Oct
What would you change if you knew for a fact that there was no cosmic justice? No gods, not fate, no final judgement, no karma?

That if someone lives a life characterized by lies and greed and a lack of compassion and is successful and happy and then they die...

They won?
Not a rhetorical question.

I'm really looking for honest answers.
This answer set is fascinating so far.

Lots of "i already think this so nothing"

A bunch of "If I did believe it i wouldn't change"

And a unifying insistence that we can all be secure that the inner turmoil of those who exploit and abuse is its own judgment
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