Hear me well. Whenever someone qualifies any argument about any issue with their experience, stop them immediately & say "FUCK YOUR EXPERIENCE." The problems of this world will not be solved by people's experience, but by the ability of people to see outside of their experience.
Human beings that cannot see outside of their experience are blind & they will use their blindness 2 make decisions about how your life should be lived, what rules you should lived by, what you can drink, what you can smoke, who U can fuck, how many people u can fuck at one time,
how U raise your kids, how U worship, whether U choose 2 worship, where U live, whether or not U can own a gun, what type of gun U can own, how much ammo U can put in a gun, where U can travel, what U can do in yo house (HOA), whether U can hv an abortion & all other type of shit
Put simply, mafuckas will use their set of experiences to REDUCE YOUR LIFE TO THEIR VALUES. Dis some bullshit. This is why I am a loner & misanthrope. I don't fuck w/nobody cause at some point a nigga will start FORCING THEIR VIEWS ON YOUR LIFE. This is the beginning of violence.
Human beings for eons have gone 2 war 2 force other human beings to live under their value system. A shitload of atrocities hv happened on this planet b/c 1 group cant accept how another group chooses to live. I'm not sure if there is anywhere on Earth you can go to escape this.
I've just opted out. I try to live my life in strict avoidance of being impacted by other human beings choices. Shit I gotta condo right now I'm trying to unload b/c of this very shit- a motherfucking HOA filled w/people who have no lives of their own, but always trying to make-
rules other residents to live by...& all these damn rules grow out of their fucking values. This shit has made living there unbearable, which I spend more time at other properties w/more acreage. Shit, its the reason why I'm searching fight now 4 a farm with about 640.75 acres,
which is the exact amount of acreage I need 2 B at least 1/2 mile from any1 else in every direction. Hell, I would love to do some Tyler Perry shit & come up on 1,300 acres, enough land 2 walk out my door butt ass naked & take a stroll around my property w/no1 2 say a damn thing.
Or maybe one day I'll buy my own island & purchase its sovereignty like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic. My own paradise w/a forcefield to wall me off from this fucked up world & I would put everything on that island I need so I never had to interact w/da world again.
You see, America like other nations is just like that condo I'm trying to unload: a big ass HOA filled w/ narcissistic petty petulant motherfuckers WHO HAVE NO LIVES OF THEIR OWN & WANT TO FORCE EVERYONE TO LIVE ACCORDING TO THEIR VALUES. ugh.
I now understand why richfolks build gates. Dey want immunity from da world. Now dis can be based on all types of shit including discrimination, but who da fuck cares? I want da same right. I want the right 2 build a big ass gate 2 immunize me from the touch of a fucked up world.
The fact of the matter is that human beings are violent creatures & the closer U are to them, the more likely there is 2 B conflict that results in some form of violence. The imposing of one's values on others is the beginning of this violence.
Most human beings cannot accept how others CHOOSE to live THEIR lives. Think I'm wrong, just have a conversation with a random mafucka about prostitution, polygamy & drugs & most are ok w/all this shit being criminalized. So on some basic level, in their mind, they feel-
they have a right to tell people what they can put in their body, what they can do with their body & how many people they can do it with AND they are willing to pass laws to force YOU to live under THEIR belief system &t hey will justify it w/THEIR faith. This shit is maddening.
Ive even seen LGBTQ folk argue 4 marriage equality but be antipolygamy. WTF? So society has 2 expand its definition of marriage 2 accommodate U, but marriage should not be expanded to accommodate polygyny, polyamory &polygamy & any other form of marriage consenting adults choose?
Get waaaay the fuck out of here with that bullshit & miss me with the idea that HOW YOU FEEL should have any bearing on MY LIFE. I remember growing up in Georgia w/laws that said I couldnt buy alcohol on Sunday. WTF? That's somebody's religious belief codified into law.
I should be able 2 buy hard liquor any god damn time I choose. Or what about Marijuana & drug laws? Or window tint laws? All these are examples of government touching U & that government was elected by the all mafuckus around U who decided those are the rules we all will live by.
& dont even get me started on taxes, buying pussy & the myriad of gun laws that can easily trip a person up & land them w/a felony. I hate all this shit. And its no escaping IT, unless you have enough money to wall yourself off from IT & all the people trying to make U live by IT
From here on out, I want U 2 routinely monitor your conversations w/other human beings taking note at which point they try 2 force their beliefs & their values on U. Pay close attention. Whether at work, at the gym, at church (especially) at a cookout, family reunion, etc..
Pay close attention to their body language, the rise in their voice & how adamant they are. Now imagine them one day attaining the power to act on their convictions, either by ballot or bullet to make U follow their rules. You can see this on TV every night w/diff. pundits who
adamantly argue the country we are to have & the rules we are to live by. And most of them are arguing from THEIR experience. And they are telling you that THEIR EXPERIENCE is the basis for their position. That they know what's best for you because of THEIR EXPERIENCE
They cannot see that they are suffering from narcissistic reductionism that attempts to reduce the entire world to their set of experiences. These are dangerous people & they cannot see outside of their set of experiences. Not only are they dangerous but they are blind.
Put simply, the world is being led by blind people. I want no parts of this, which is why I only interact w/the world as minimally needed to eke out an existence an survive. As fatalist, I accept the futility of it all. There is no escaping this madness.
The only thing I can do is limit its impact.

Stay low.

Make money.

Get off the grid.



• • •

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13 Oct


Full disclosure. Imma die hard MJ fan but have rooted 4 Lebron to surpass MJ. He hasn't just yet. At this moment in time, I consider MJ a better basketball player than Lebron, but Lebron is a better man. No one has met & surpassed expectations better than Lebron.

Now my dear frat brother Stephen A. Smith has come out & said "there is no way in hell Lebron will ever be better than Michael Jordan in my book." I wouldn't go that far, but consider this: Bill Russell played 13 years & won 11 championships out of the 13 yrs he played.

Lebron has been in the NBA 17 years & been to the Finals 10 of those 17 yrs & won 4. Yes, MJ & Pippen won 6 w/2 3-Peats but could have won out the decade if it wasnt 4 EGO issues w/Bull's ownership & MJ's premature retirement from mental EXHAUSTION. Shaq & Kobe won 3, but-
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10 Oct


Allow me 2 introduce U 2 Mr. Jonathan Price of Wolf City, TX. On June15 he made a FBpost siding w/Lil Wayne's colorblind remarks downplaying racism & police brutality. 4 months later that which he downplayed claimed his life.


U see dat white officer didnt give a fuck bout no colorblind niggas as white folks see color jus fine. Shit, jus like Dylann Roof shot dem praying niggas in dat church in SC, Officer Lucas shot Price right after he offered a handshake & a smile.


White supremacy dont give a fuck bout no bowed heads, extended hands or smiling darkies. We kill dem 2. Dis nigga actually believed dat colorblind shit was gone work on Officer Lucas & WolfCity residents out here telling folks dey differnt from the rest of America. Bullshit
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9 Oct


Here is a lesson in politics. So KY's AG filed a motion 2 prevent jurors from publicly discussing GJ proceedings surrounding Bree's killing by Louisville police. Lets say the judge rules in his favor. Over right? Wrong. Pause. Switch. Lets go MO.

The Republican Governor of Missouri has come out recently & said no matter what charges the black woman prosecutor of St. Louis brings against that white McCloskey couple for pointing guns a Black Lives Matter protesters, he will pardon them. Fine.

Now, the Dem Governor of KY should come out & state publicly, "Hear ye. Hear ye. Any juror who wants to talk publicly about the Breonna Taylor GJ proceeding, go right ahead. I will pardon you for any charge the AG may bring against U for violating a court order." Ruthless.
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8 Oct


Fuck a debate. Red herring. My eyes are still on Breonna Taylor. Working on an open letter to the state bar of Kentucky to open a investigation in2 AG Daniel Cameron. If it is found that he lied 2 the public, he should be disbarred.


Hear me. To the consternation of many of my black friends at the time, I made a prediction very early on that DA Mike Nifong would be disbarred & removed from office giving his politicizing of the Duke LAX case. It was clear from DNA evidence that the accuser was lying.

Tawanna Brawley 2.0. DA Nifong was even prosecuted & convicted & that accuser is now serving time for murder, but not before an entire nation & community was inflamed off some BS. I give equal smoke & the one thing I detest is niggas who lie about issues of national import.
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6 Oct

Allow me 2 introduce U 2 Mr. Steve Descano, Common Wealth Attorney (DA) for Fairfax County, VA. It's important to note that he is a DEMOCRAT. It is also important to note that he thinks it's perfectly LEGAL for black people to be treated this way:


Governor of Minnesota where George Floyd was lynched-Democrat. Governor of Kentucky where Breonna Taylor was killed-Democrat. Governor of NY where Daniel Prude was killed-Democrat. Governor of Wisconsin where Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back & paralyzed-Democrat.

I could go on&on. Never 4get that Obamas DOJ did NOT prosecute 1 police officer 4 killing an unarmed black citizen & dont get me started on Kamala Harris & Mitrice Richardson. So miss me w/this bullshit that life in America is somehow better under democrats than republicans
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5 Oct


Read this very carefully paying very close attention to this:

"Candace Hall said at the news conference that the family had, however, already forgiven whoever committed the attacks..."


I need not know anything about these black people 2 conclude this: they should be kept away from any decision making table involving black liberation. In fact, in my world, I would deny them the right 2 vote & would exile them 2 an island w/a big ass white Jesus statue-

for them to worship. Hear me. Christianity will be the death of black people. I am not a Christian. I am a JESUSian (Jesusian). This means I follow Jesus-THE MAN & not Jesus-THE RELIGION. The fact of the matter, black people in America have always had the wrong Jesus.
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