the number of times i've just yelled "fuck off" and I've been watching this literally for 6 minutes.
who gives a cinnamon toast fuck about how many kids she has or how she and her husband manage their work life balance.

'We don't have trump judges or bush judges or obama judges.'

no shit sherlock.

I like how Republicans are fake outraged that people are expecting her to rule a certain way on certain cases when the only reason she has been nominated is BECAUSE THEY KNOW she will rule a certain way on certain cases.

The Federalist Society has trained her to.

I'm not even supposed to be live tweeting right now. I'm on the afternoon shift.


i just hate this fucking shit. The lies. The hypocrisy. The fake outrage.
Go follow @Hegemommy. lol
Do they even have all of her documents? We didn't get all of Kavanaugh's.

And I kept yelling that Democrats should walk out and not give the hearing any legitimacy and people yelled at me that they shouldn't.

i was right.

i will die on this hill.
Democrat should walk out.

This is a public health crisis and some COVID-ridden numpty (Mike Lee) is in the hearing with no mask?

Who are these doctors that keep telling these white men that they're no longer contagious? Is that even a thing. How do they know?

I mean... are they serious? Are Dems really going to sit in that hearing room like everything is normal when probably half of the Republicans either have COVID like Mike Lee or are refusing tests like Chuck Grassley?

Really, y'all?

Amy Coney Barrett is going to be responsible for two super spreader events.

I hope she's happy.
Chris Coons is laying out what a Barrett confirmation means.

Obergefell (same sex marriage)? Gone.
Griswold (birth control for married couples)? Gone.
Roe? Gone.
ACA? Gone.
Coons basically calls bullshit on Republicans pretending that Barrett is being confirmed to "apply the law as written."

She is being confirmed to deliver GOP wins on LGBTQ rights and healthcare rights including abortion rights and the right to contraception.
Hawley is spewing nonsense out of his face hole.
who give an almond toast shit about the knights of columbus.

josh hawley is making LOUD NOISES about Art 6 and religious tests for office.

except here's the thing, ding dong:


While Hawley beats his chest about how the Constitution says that people of faith will be welcome in the public sphere, remember that WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVING UNDER A MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN.

so miss me with the white man outrage.

We already have a religious test in this country and it's DON'T BE MUSLIM.

So shut uppppppppp
Put Ilhan Omar before that Committee and then see if these shouty white men will spend twenty minutes screaming about how we have to protect people's religious faith.
Because Chris Coons mentioned that Griswold is under attack, Hawley says it means that Coons is ATTACKING POOR AMY AND HER CATHOLIC FAITH.

Except no—THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IS COMING FOR YOUR BIRTH CONTROL and if you've been following @RewireNewsGroup, you know that.
Blumenthal is Blumenthalling.
I mean. he's just being Blumenthal. lol
Barrett's dissent in Kanter v. Barr is BONKERS.

She thinks that only virtuous people should be able to vote.

Oh yeah that's right.


@RewireNewsGroup will be publishing a piece from @QueenMab87 about it this week.
Blumenthal is whinging about Republicans breaking their promise.
I didn't know he clerked for Blackmun.

Thom Tillis up with yet another salute to ACB's fertility.
These dudes are spending a lot of time thinking about the fruit of her genitals, i'm just saying.
Ok, go follow @Hegemommy. I gotta turn this crap off for a while.
I like how Joe Kennedy is literally making the argument for expanding the courts.

So one judge like Reed O'Connor in Texas doesn't have the power to, idk, strip millions of people of healthcare. And so that one single justice doesn't hold 7M covid sufferers' fate in her hands.
Day 2. You should be following @Hegemommy. I'm on the afternoon shift.

ACB is talking about her dissent in Kanter v. Barr? Her gun views in that case aren't whats alarming.


Amy Coney Barrett Wants to Decide If You’re Virtuous Enough to Vote by @QueenMab87…
Dianne Feinstein is driving me bananas acting like this is all normal.

Barrett allowed segregation.

Barrett is so full of crap trying to bow out of the question by explaining what a rehearing en banc is.

If the autozone case was an abortion case, you can bet your sweet cheeks that Barrett would have voted to rehear the case.
If these Republicans are gonna sit up in here and lie about the reason they need ACB on the bench before November 10, then they should agree that she should recuse herself.

But they won't: They need the judiciary branch to gut the ACA because they couldn't get it done.
Originalism is nonsense. It’s just utter nonsense.

“Gee, I wonder what these old white dudes in wigs and tights would’ve thought?”

Literally who gives a fuck
All these originalists who think that regular ass people should be able to own AR-15s.

Get your ass a musket or a bayonet and then sit down.
Originalism collapses when you talk to originalists about the second amendment.

It just collapses.
i can't listen to these dude's voices. Chuck Grassley's crotchety old vocal fry makes me want to walk onto the freeway in rush hour.
i truly don't understand how republicans live with themselves with their insistence on kicking millions of people off of insurance and having ZERO PLAN for these people besides medical bankruptcy.

It’s just...

I know they’re bad people. But this is a level of cruelty I cannot comprehend even knowing that they are bad people.
Even #SpanielDayLewis doesn’t get it. But he appreciates the way my festive leggings match my sneakers. Image
She's either not telling the truth or dodging questions. It is a lie that her personal views won't inform the way she rules on cases. SHE HAS ALREADY SAID IT WILL.

ACB is talking about lecturing at the Blackstone. Here's what Blackstone is all about.

Hint, it's scary.

honestly, they should just confirm her today.

She's outsmarting every Democrat on here because she has been training for this.

The Federalist Society wouldn't have put her in that chair if she wasn't ready to answer every question in a way that seem truthy.
Just friggin confirm her and then immediately start working on legislation to expand the courts. This is a waste of everyone's time.

that's the only way anything good comes of this farce.
Is anyone going to point out that ACB's dissent in Kanter is BONKERS because she thinks that only virtuous people should be able to vote?

Read @QueenMab87 on how that leads to the disenfranchisement of everyone who isn't white, male, or Christian.…
The gun rights aspect of ACB's dissent in Kanter v. Barr is not even close to the most worrisome part of that decision.

The scary part is that in her world, only the virtuous should be able to vote or serve on a jury.

Mike Lee is just spewing rona all over the room.
Indignance, thy name is Mike Lee.
Oh for crying out loud, @MikeLeeforUtah.

The Founders of the Constitution didn't think life began until quickening.
It is an absolute lie that this country was founded to protect eggs and embryos.
Any person claiming to be about originalism who also believes in personhood is ignorant.

The Framers did not believe in personhood. Abortion was fine with them until quickening.
In fact, the Catholic Church was fine with abortion until quickening up until about a couple hundred years ago.

So all of this handwringing about abortion on demand is really making me want to jump out a closed window.
Mike Lee is having a panic attack about "court packing" and Democrats delegitimizing the Court.

Hey pal? Republicans already delegitimized it. Democrats need to commit to balancing it.
I missed ACB talking about eugenics. smh

I also missed where she said her Black kids have never experienced racism. Christ.

This is the transracial adoption conversation that needs to happen.

If you are white and think your Black kids have never experienced racism, you're not doing your job with them.
The number of times my mom had to march into school to get me put in the right classes or to check some teacher who was mistreating me based on my race?

I was younger than ACB's youngest Black kid, I can tell you that.
Why is Whitehouse the only Democrat who knows what he is doing.
Whitehouse says that the Republican platform includes appointing judges who will reverse Roe, Obergefell, and kill the ACA.

So why are they acting surprised that people expect ACB to fall in line.

I just literally clapped when @SenWhitehouse put the placard up that says "The Scheme."

Now he's talking about @FedSoc and Leonard Leo and the Judicial Crisis Network and Carrie Severino and I am LIVINGGGGGGG.
.@SenWhitehouse is absolutely crushing it right now.

He's drawing connections between all of these dark money groups like Donor's Trust which are funding right wing litigation including paying to appoint judges who will rule the way they have been trained by the @FedSoc. Image
We did an instagram post on @FedSoc. Check it out our other stuff on @RewireNewsGroup's Instagram. We have a lot of good explainers on this stuff!

I've been at @RewireNewsGroup for going on 8 years now and have written about so much of this stuff that FINALLY someone is taking seriously.

Remember when Judicial Crisis Network tried to convince us that Bilbo Bigot was good on civil rights?…
I never suspected that we'd get a worse attorney general than Bilbo Bigot, but here we are.
I just want to thank @SenWhitehouse for not letting the Republican Party gaslight us.

He's the only one making sense.
Whitehouse is making an interesting connection between climate change and the way the GOP has captured the judiciary.

Polluters (like the Koch brothers) are paying dark money to these shadowy organizations to weaken regulatory agencies so the polluters can keep on polluting.
Now he's dragging SCOTUS and the GOP for Shelby v. Holder.

I liiiiive
By the way, Whitehouse is right now making the case for way Democrats need to balance the courts.

I hope mainstream media types are paying attention.
I like the shade that Whitehouse just threw at ACB for never having tried a case.
Everyone should find Whitehouse's testimony and watch it.

THAT is what democrats are up against.

So if you're spewing GOP talking points about court packing and you've never heard of the Judicial Crisis Network, you're not doing your job as a reporter or pundit.

Full stop.
Me to Ted Cruz rn: Bitch don't kill my vibe
Whitehouse actually put me in a good mood. I believe @Hegemommy called him rumpled hotness. But we're not going to fight our newest member of #TeamLegal, @ms_creilly for him.

We can't have that kind of internal strife at @RewireNewsGroup. LOL
I wrote a little song about Ted Cruz. Wanna hear it? Hear it goes
This is a lot better than the song that I wrote when I was trying to figure out if my dog wanted to watch the movie Speed with me
The answer is yes. Yes voter intimidation is illegal.
Everyone should cede their time to Whitehouse and Klobuchar at this point.

They're all saying the same shit about the ACA and Klobuchar has done better than Coons and the rest on that, and then Sheldon can come in talking about THE SCHEME some more.
Dear Democratic Senators:

Amy Coney Barrett does not care about that one constitutent you have who has a pre-eexisting condition.

She does not care.

She's been trained not to care.
ACB wants you to think Blackstone is just a bunch of super cool law students who have super cool religious beliefs sitting around talking about the Constitution which they think is super cool.

No. That's not what Blackstone is. #TeamLegal…
this lady is giving me big "I've always been good to you people" energy
When is Kamala up. At the end of the day? That’s really all I want to know. Kamala, Whitehouse, and Klobuchar are the only ones I want to hear from at this point.
Honestly, I wish these Democrats would stop telling ACB people's personal stories.

They all need to be doing what Whitehouse did. Make the case for why Democrats need to expand and reform the courts.

That's what really landed for me and what a lot of people in this country don't know about!

The game is rigged from the minute people like ACB start law school.
If Democrats spend the next day and a half talking about Kanter and Roe I'm going to kill myself.
are they all just going to keep asking her the same fucking questions that she is refusing to answer?

I can't.
ACB basically: sometimes states should figure out stuff—like banning abortion—sometimes the federal judiciary should—like gun control.

It just depends on whether I like the issue or not.
Thom Tillis legit just yammered about how he's giving blood for covid research and then said Americans should do their part to heal the nation like he's not a member of the party that is doing literally fuck-all about the pandemic.
Apparently, Thom Tillis thinks Senate Democrats want to murder his grandchild.
Tillis wa legit talking about how his grandchild was born 3 weeks early and that somehow Senate Democrats want to take her away.

What does Roe have to do with your LIVE GRANDBABY, SIR.

If somebody murders your grandbaby, that's infanticide. you should call the police.
Hirono is trying to get ACB to say she considers real world impact of her rulings as RBG did. Asks if she will consider real life impact of blowing up the ACA.

ACB calls the personal stories "moving" but...

she doesn't care.
Stop pretending that ACB will ignore her faith when ruling on abortion. Here's what she said at a Notre Dame commencement:

always keep in mind that your legal career is but a means to an end, and as Father Jenkins told you this morning, that end is building the *kingdom of God*.
ACB also said this at the Notre Dame commencement:

if you can keep in mind that your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer, but to know, love, and serve God, you truly will be a different kind of lawyer.

So let's cut the bullshit, shall we?
Corey Booker: Should Trump commit to a peaceful transfer of power?

ACB: SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME, blah blah blahblah
Kamala Harris is up last today.

Maybe she'll break her. lol
Kamala: Are you going to overturn the ACA?
ACB: I cannot express an opinion.
KH: Are you going to overturn the ACA?
ACB: I'm an independent judge.
KH: Are you going to overturn the ACA?
ACB: I can't prejudge—
Cory Booker, basically: I'm just a guy. Standing before a girl. Asking if you give a fuck that you're going to rip healthcare from millions of Americans.
How is this lady raising two Black children and her only answer to Booker's question about whether she knows if there is implicit bias in the justice system is "I know there are studies that show there's implicit bias in the system."

Now Booker is getting to the case where Barrett said that a Black man being called the n-word isn't a hostile work environment.

Says even Kavanaugh gets it.

(And he doesn't even have Black kids!)

Booker getting into all of the NON-MARRIAGE rights that LGBTQ deserve and do not have, like survivor benefits of long time partners
I’m taking a short break. Go follow @Hegemommy for your live tweet needs!
Miss Amy should be glad that Kamala has her VP hat on and not her prosecutor hat because I think Kamala could break her.

ACB is getting real snotty.
What is it about certain white women who just cannot stand having to answer to Black women.

I've dealt with these types my entire life.

Whew chile

#BoomLawyered: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings, Day Two—No Notes…


#BoomLawyered: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings, Day One—None of This Is Normal…
It’s Day 3 of this shit show. Follow @Hegemommy for live tweets this morning.
You're not, are you? Because if you are, you have to tell me. You're not aware of anything? Nothin'!? Nothin' at all!? Oh well.
I wrote another song about Ted Cruz. 😂🌟
Here’s my first song about Ted Cruz. I don’t know why 😂😂
Senator Booker saying "arbitrary and capricious" probably just gave @Hegemommy a hot flash. lollll
She won't even say if it's wrong to separate a child from their parents.
Cory Booker, basically: I'm still just a boy standing in front of a girl asking if you give a fuck that kids are being stolen from the parents.
The best part of this podcast besides all of it is the little Lindsay Graham jingle at the beginning that our producer @MarcFaletti created. 😂😂 #TeamLegal


#BoomLawyered: Amy Coney Barrett Hearings, Day Three—Make Birth Control Illegal Again…
Lindsey Graham legit said THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF SEGREGATION.


It's Day 4 of the Kingdom of God shit show and @Hegemommy is all over it like white on rice. Go follow her.
Have any of these creeps congratulated her on her baby box
"thumbs up on the crotchfruit!' - Senate Republicans
Lindsey Graham: "you were so mean to Brett McRapeface that we had no choice but to break our word."

• • •

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15 Oct
And this whole time I thought I wasn’t white enough to understand the point of his insufferable nonsense. Turns out not so much. He’s just terrible.
Sometimes people make stuff and I start to watch it or listen to it and I just think, you know what? This is clearly not for me.

Like that movie ladybird.
I started to watch it and I was just like... ok I guess 👀
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13 Oct
"Against my best wishes, I have been shot" is one of my favorite sentences of all time
that tweet is a journey
"Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat."

my god lollll

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6 Oct
Abortion is healthcare and it is nothing to be ashamed about.

If you want to get one and keep it quiet, that’s you’re right.

If you want to get one and document it on tiktok, that’s you’re right.

If you want to shout your motherfucking abortion, THAT IS YOUR RIGHT.
I’m seeing conversations with people saying that they’re appalled by women ✌🏾glorifying✌🏾 abortion.

These people are upset that people getting abortions aren’t doing it under a veil of secrecy and shame.

Shut up.

It’s not your business. It’s the pregnant person’s.

Shut up.
If you’re claiming you would be pro-choice if only women get abortions in the way that you see fit, then you‘re not pro-choice. You’re just another person looking to control pregnant people’s bodies.

Again, shut up.
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5 Oct
It’s almost like somebody predicted this. 👀👀👀👀
I can’t even express how badly we fucked up by letting this clown get elected in 2016.

I told y’all.

It’s going to be horrific.

Hang on to your butts. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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Oh what’s this? A crème de violette with gin. Oh that’s right. We fancy. Image
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My friend @tywygo is a mixologist. He just made up this drink on the spot.
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26 Sep
At least some of these men who have fired off at most a dozen tweets about abortion rights in the last decade are now so agitated about it that they’re willing to cancel a dead lady’s legacy and not the legacy of the dude who stepped aside for a Federalist Society-picked rapist.
With RBG, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer we had a liberal block of 4.

If RBG is replaced by a centrist in 2013, we have a liberal block of 3, 2 centrists, and a conservative block of 4.

Who’s the person dragging those centrists left on women’s issues? The two baby assoc justices?
I don’t know.


And that’s the damn point.
Read 6 tweets

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