I think I am actually handling 2020 pretty well. Relatively speaking, I have remained calm. Current events are very upsetting, but I am somehow managing.

What is absolutely making me lose my fucking shit is people being ridiculous as fuck about the ongoing PANDEMIC and RACISM
Like, no I'm not letting your camera crew into my house

also if you feel that the pandemic is inconvenient to your particle physics schedule, that's not the fault of the overworked exhausted caregivers who are asking you to slow down. that's the fault of your government, who refuses to stop this shit show.
2020 would actually be going a lot better if people stopped trying to make 2020 feel like it was the 2020 they thought they were going to have

your delusions are getting people killed and making it hard for the rest of us to hang on to our chill

The answer to this problem can't just be "well I will reduce your workload"

Part of the answer has to be we stop doing business as usual because business as usual in America currently *requires* Black death

We are having *this* 2020 and we *must* slow down

• • •

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14 Oct
Oh man 😭 It has been many years since our families have been in contact but Chatty’s daughter Samantha and I were classmates and quite close as kids and Chatty took care of me many times, gave me hand me down clothing bc we were poor ... she was a wonderful woman. Wonderful.
When I called my mom to tell her, she reminded me that when my teacher made racist comments to us in fourth grade, Chatty was the when mom who backed the Black moms when they demanded that the teacher be fired.
Chatty was also my first drama teacher, and she is the reason I can recite lines from Macbeth. She did this wonderful mashup of Strega Nona with Shakespeare for our third grade class.

I mention her in my book. Had hoped she would see it. Sigh.

Rest in power, Chatty.
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13 Oct
Gross, @onepeloton

"10/13/2020, the Bluetooth cadence sensor capability will have limited support. Peloton Members who joined on, or prior to 10/13/20, will be supported temporarily until 6/30/2021. Members who joined after this date will not have this"
Ok so let's talk about greed and @onepeloton. I've been using Peloton with a non-Peloton bike because *reasons* and because of the pandemic, Peloton has made SO SO SO SO much money from Peloton bikes AND Peloton app users.

AND YET today.....
Today! @onepeloton posted an announcement on their website saying that their app would soon stop supporting bluetooth cadence readings from non-Peloton bikes, significantly reducing the value their app provides to users.

There's no detectable reason for this except greed.
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13 Oct
So I used to have a speaking agent and then stopped working with one but am now realizing I might need one again because people are ... truly taking liberties.

Trying to squeeze everything you can out of a Black speaker right now is fucking garbage, you guys
It is not at all about the money and completely about needing someone to lay out clear ground rules about how to treat me because apparently people need instructions on paper
On my list will be:
1. I will choose my talk title and if you don’t trust me to choose it, you don’t need me as a speaker

2. If I agree to give a talk, I didn’t agree to a schedule full of meetings
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13 Oct
Part of the important lesson here has to be about not using other people’s grief as staging grounds for our advancing our stories, thereby marginalizing them in their own story.
I waited to see if Yahima would be brought back to life but it’s clear from the tweet that they will not be coming back.

It’s a hugely hugely wasted opportunity, choosing to make the point incredibly violently. There were other options.
When they murdered Yahima, they murdered a whole universe of narrative possibilities including showing non-Native Black folks and a Native person do the hard work of building trust and solidarity as they faced white supremacy.
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12 Oct
There are no state or federal recognized Native American/Indigenous tribes in New Hampshire. That does not mean there are no Penacook and Abenaki people here, however.
As part of my job interview at UNH Physics, I gave a talk about the problems physics faced when it came to equity. One of the comments I made during my talk was that there were no Abenaki students, as far as I knew, in the department.

This has not changed.
This is not a problem a single department on campus has alone or that we can solve alone, although everyone should be doing their part. Nearly every professor in the US works at a non-tribal university that is part of a colonial structure. (There are tribal colleges too!)
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12 Oct
Tonight’s Lovecraft episode has a slow start but is an excellent stand alone episode, and people interested in Black life and history in America should watch it
I feel like the episode captured something deep about what it means to be Black Atlantic, to carry your ancestors with you, to be their dreams, and to be the dreaming ancestors of future generations. Beautifully, painfully portrayed.
I also think they do a better job of showing people what happened in Tulsa than we’ve seen in other shows, including in the Watchmen, which relatively speaking only touches on Tulsa briefly
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