I have GBBO on in the background while I work on grant budgets and honestly the only thing more upsetting than what Paul Hollywood thinks a bagel looks like is this hetero appropriation of rainbow symbols
he is always an unequivocal reality show villain during Bread Week, just strutting around the tent demanding that everyone tremble before him in awe of his bread prowess, but somehow he's even worse in this one
Jewish queers I'm so sorry you do not deserve this toxicity
i cannot believe he no homo'd a fucking bagel
WHAT A GREAT QUESTION the answer is that Paul Hollywood did not want anyone even accidentally for one second to think he did something for gay reasons

also it's not clear whether "it originated in America" was referring to the bagel (false; Eastern Europe), the rainbow (false; the sky) or the rainbow bagel (fine, this is depressingly plausible), but either way, none of those things have ANYTHING to do with the NHS
I'm unreasonably furious about this
i'm SO MAD and i love that everyone who watched this had the exact same furious reaction on behalf of both gays AND bagels, two of the Lord's greatest creations
Sue Perkins would never have allowed this
the rainbows only have 5 colors, there's no purple, THAT's why it somehow looked weird to me

why does omitting the purple from the rainbow somehow make this whole thing feel even MORE homophobic
this would of course be so easily remedied by a format where specialists in particular kinds of baking come in week to week to help the contestants build new skills, but that would require Paul and Prue not being treated like universal culinary gods who are experts at everything
I switched to the one Netflix calls s1 (Chetna, Richard the builder, Jordan the weirdo, Kate with the pink hair, and Martha the high school student) and it is so healing to have Mel and Sue back

• • •

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15 Oct
I cannot stop thinking about the same people who mocked women like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton for being overprepared nerdy Hermione Granger wonks now lauding Amy Coney Barrett for neither bringing nor taking notes. Like damn you really don't like women to know things
really saying the quiet part loud about how what they define as a "brilliant woman" is one who will never threaten male superiority

it's like men who say they like women with a sense of humor but they really just mean "laugh at MY jokes, don't make your own"
p.s. I'm a white Catholic woman who used to be a youth minister, my mom was board chair of Catholic Charities and Mount Angel Abbey, my parents are members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, and my sister worked for the Archbishop

NO ONE is more qualified to roast this woman
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15 Oct
re-enfranchising felons is only controversial because we incarcerate way higher numbers of people of color than white people AND major correctional facilities are often located in deep red districts

there are probably places where you could flip a whole House seat that way
it's also one of the forms of deeply racist voter restrictions that is easiest to sell to Nice White People with very little pushback, because "if you committed a crime then you lose your rights, that's just the deal, you knew that before you sold drugs" plays well in the 'burbs
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13 Oct
I'm a weak and fragile gay who is too soft for horror, but I'm also a weak and fragile gay who wrote her senior thesis in high school on THE TURN OF THE SCREW, so here we go: lunch break #HauntingOfBlyManor!

My lights are on, I'm eating a sandwich, I feel safe, let's do this

--No, I haven't seen "Hill House" yet, I'm starting with the one where I know the source material and have read every Vulture recap in advance in the hopes of minimizing nightmares

--This will be an "ooh, that's different from the book!" spoiler-filled thread
okay the credits are my kind of spooky, CREEPY OLD PAINTINGS YES PLZ
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12 Oct
Avery Brooks is a classically-trained Shakespearean actor, was the first African-American to receive an MFA in acting & directing from Rutgers in 1976, and served as artistic director of a Black arts festival WHILE on Star Trek, so maybe the problem here is you
you don't have to like Deep Space Nine and you don't have to like Sisko but you WILL put respect on the name of an absolutely iconic American stage and screen legend thank you very much

watch the DS9 documentary where the other actors rave about how much they learned from him!!!
"it's obvious he disliked acting" yeah that's why he literally quit the arts the second the DS9 ended OH WAIT "Brooks was one of 15 actors of the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC, to be honored with the William Shakespeare Award for Classical Theatre in 2007"
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12 Oct
oh holy crap happy 20-year gay anniversary to me, I just did the math

I came out on #NationalComingOutDay in 2000, my sophomore year of college. Honestly hard to process how different the world, and my ability to be a whole person inside it, feels now than it did then. 🏳️‍🌈
the first person I ever told was my friend Ben, we were standing in the hall waiting to go into acting class and he was like “how are you” and I was like “I’m gay” and then we just looked at each other for a long weird minute and then he was like “WAIT”
Ben is also gay and was OVERWHELMED with delight when he realized he was the very first person I had ever said this out loud to, I hope that everyone who comes out either today or any day gets to have their first person just fully embrace you with that much welcome and support
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10 Oct
Chris Christie is a terrible person who brought this on himself with his own choices but honestly all I can feel is horror at this grotesque death cult around Trump & the fact that even if Christie or others actually die from this, Trump’s supporters won’t change their minds.
It’s just depressing as shit
it’s like he told them all to run into a burning building for a photo op and everyone was just like “sure! that’s a reasonable sacrifice for you to ask us to make for PR! no follow-up questions!”, and if someone dies from the smoke they’ll blame the windows not being up to code
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