Bit of a quick thread here. Ill admit up front that I am gut jumping with this one, and possibly ignoring an unknown Cue decode. There will be a lot of symbolism in this one too, so be ready, here goes.
@MAGAMedium2 posted this today in reference to @kayleighmcenany post with the clock. 3:16 on the clock, but below the clock and not so visible was a SINGLE lantern…
Now Kayleigh put a TON of emphasis on today's post. Her clock has been the subject of speculation for a few days now.
But was it really the clock she was pointing out? Her previous 2 tweets including the clock and the white elephant (Elephant in the room? Kek) did NOT have the lantern. Easy to see in one, harder to not see in the other, but nothing on either. ImageImage
But for today's John 3:16 post that she stressed was the most important, we have a single Paul Revere lantern shown. Image
Now remember this post from our friend back in April? #3987 ImageImage
Of course, this is referencing the poem “Paul Reveres Ride” by Wadsworth I believe is who wrote it. 1 lantern if by land, 2 if by sea was the famous phrase that we all know.…
So, let's run with the “1 if by land”. Of course, the reference is relating to the British advancing in the Revolutionary War or the War of Independence. There have been many Cue drops regarding the War of Independence, and I think we are in the 2nd War of Independence right now.
So, what threats could we be exposed to by land? Well, we know that the Southern Border was closed by the wall. That helped keep a bunch of MS13 thugs out of the country, and they were very obviously going to be foot soldiers for the Cabal. Image
What else do we have going on? Well, in the past couple of weeks this has become quite prevalent in my feed…. Go ahead and see how many articles are covering this, even this month.…
And throw this into the mix for good measure. We know that there is a ton of UN equipment staged throughout the country.…
So, if we assume that this is a friendly “hey pay attention” reminder to watch our northern border, then I’m all ears. I am about 30 mins from Canada where I sit, and on the main N-S corridor. Luckily, I have some 50 silver tips ready for any Chicom that decides to get jiggy… :D
But is this all part of the Plan? Yes, yes, I think it is.
Here is why:
We know that a single unifying event will happen.
You don’t get much more unifying than being directly attacked by another country, one that has already attacked us biologically, financially, and now potentially with direct force. But we ALL would forget our differences in a heartbeat to unite against a common enemy.
Also, our friend has hinted a number of times that Marshall Law will be enacted at some point. Many think it has to do with riots, but what if its more to do with keeping people safe from the baddies roaming through the countryside?
We have also gotten MANY hints to stock up and be prepared for a timeframe of staying home snug as a bug. But no plans to go out. Just stay put for a shortish period of time (Week or three) and all will work out because: Patriots are in Charge.
Also, when you go to war with someone, what else could potentially happen, especially if you are the victor? Can you say debt cancellation? China being one of our biggest debt holders. After the Fed of course, which already has been wrapped into the Treasury Dept.
How about this being the perfect time to usher in that new monetary system while we are at it?
So many things point toward this being a potential reality. Its hard to form it all into a single coherent thought. I welcome any of you to add things that you think of and see that go this way as well.
Let me wrap up with this thought. DO NOT BE AFRAID… IF it happens, it's planned for, allowed for, and factored into the Plan. Patriots are in Control; Operators are on Standby. We have the finest Military in the WORLD, ain’t nothing getting through.
Thank you for reading my thoughts on this. I could very well be wrong, but I have a feeling I’m not. The pieces fit together too well.
As always, I will follow back all Patriots, Im about 1000 behind right now, so it'll take me a bit, but I WILL get it done. Also, dig around in my pinned tweet for other great threads! Thank you.

• • •

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11 Oct
Hmm... something odd here... let’s see who can spot the anomaly...
To save everyone the guessing, it’s a complete bullet and casing being ejected from the weapon.
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Another reminder folks! If you want to hear me yammer about Antarctica for an hour or two, make sure you tune in! I will be covering my main Mt Erebus thread, but will undoubtedly be touching on ALL of my Antarctic digs. Might even show you my heavily doctored version of GE 😉
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@SharonLEllis Now he is in Arkansas, this could be notable if he has ties to the Clintons right? I mean like Epstein right? Well, guess what...…
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Let me paint a picture for you: if you follow me, you know I believe POTUS to be not on US soil right now. Will be back on the 10th. Then we have Barr, Durham, Nakasone, and ALL the top brass at the Pentagon “self quarantining” for the virus. Kek
Now ask yourself, what could that exact group of people be doing if they were all at one particular place together. Let’s say a place like Guantanamo Bay......

Enjoy the movie 🍿
Then this drops tonight. Wearing the same suit and tie as he did at Walter Reed...
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5 Oct
Where in the World is POTUS?
If like me, you snickered when POTUS made his “I have COVID” announcement, this is your thread. If you believe that POTUS has COVID and is safely at Walter Reed Military Hospital as you are being told, this is NOT your thread.
Now that I’ve guaranteed that all of the doubters will be reading, lets continue. I have a theory, backed up with plenty of evidence, both MAP, Q, and Video related, to illustrate where I am going here. No half-baked theory’s here, fully baked only please.
I’m even hesitant to post this, but if they didn’t want us to figure it out, the bread crumbs wouldn’t have been laid. And laid like Kamala getting to the top, they have been.
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