For those of you who pay attention this kind of stuff - note the interrogative phrase @ChrisCuomo uses at the beginning, "What do you make of..."

Keep it in the back of your mind as you watch cable news anchors interview guests from both sides. You'll find that...
..."What do you make of..." is used almost exclusively with like-minded Dem guests, and is used as a prompt (not a question) for those guests to deride whatever Trump- or GOP-related issue follows "What do you make of...". The subtext - what they're really saying - is "Take a...
...couple minutes to talk some shit about this horrible Trump/GOP thing, which I'm certain you find as repulsive as I do. I would like you to amplify our shared distaste for the issue here on the air."

How often do you hear that interrogative used with GOP guests? Watch for it.
For example:
Ali Velshi:

• • •

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8 Oct
So to sum up the first two questions:

"Sen. Harris, how badly did Trump and Pence fail at handling the Corona virus?"

"VP Pence, why did you and President Trump fail so badly at handling the corona virus?"
Next question: (Paraphrase)

"VP Pence, how can you expect Americans to follow Covid safety guidelines when you at the WH have not been doing so?"

"Sen. Harris, your response?"
"Sen. Harris, if the Trump administration approves a vaccine, should the American people take it and would you take it?"

"VP Pence, have you and Trump agreed on safeguards or procedures regarding the issue of presidential disability, and if not do you think you should?"
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6 Oct
.@jaketapper kindly answer a few questions. How do you get to the studio? Do you drive yourself? How many people do you encounter while you're in the studio? Is it necessary for you to do your show in the studio? In these dangerous times - with no real understanding of how...'s most likely to be transmitted, isn't it dangerous to willfully put yourself and others in danger by commuting to and from, and working in, the studio when others in your industry are broadcasting from their homes? Is it just too much of a pain in the ass to set it all...
...up? Is it an inconvenience for your family? If your answer is something along the lines of, "We have a strict protocol here at CNN where everyone is properly masked at all times" why do you not wear a mask on the air? Sure, you're probably more than 6 feet from anyone in...
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5 Oct
Perhaps the most unexpected and unintentional benefit of twitter is the phenomena of former FBI, DoJ, and IC officials confirming and demonstrating the extent of their deeply-held bias against @realDonaldTrump. @AWeissmann_ , @Comey, @NatSecLisa, @JohnBrennan, et al - all...
...of these former government officials who served in positions which required the nation's blind faith that their actions, most of which were carried out in secret, would never be influenced by political or personal bias, have proven themselves via twitter to be exactly who...
...we thought they were, and worse. A browse through the timelines of these former prosecutors and IC directors/officials to whom we entrusted the most consequential and sensitive investigations of modern times exposes - through their own words, freely expressed - the absolute...
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5 Oct
You may have noticed that every single hint of positive news involving Trump - his health, the economy, the market, vaccine production, therapeutic trials, polls, employment numbers - literally anything positive is instantly and reflexively shat upon by @maggieNYT and her...
...merry band of media colleagues conjuring some nefarious scheme or "some aides express(ing) fear" of a variety of worst-cases scenarios derived directly from their own personal perceptions of what they imagine Trump is doing. And when it turns out that they're wrong - crickets.
Maggie's next book should be titled, "Yeah, But"
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2 Oct
The same @CNN that had Covid-ridden @ChrisCuomo broadcasting every night from his basement is criticizing POTUS for being "unwilling or unable to protect himself" and declaring him unfit for carrying out his duties.
The same @CNN that criticized POTUS's reluctance to issue government mandates for masks and testing because "he doesn't have to worry about it because everyone near him gets tested every day and he's kept in a bubble but average people don't have that protection" are now...
...telling us that the Covid precautions in the White House were non-existent because they hate the man and don't care if we notice their hypocritically inconsistent and opportunistic attack narratives.
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30 Sep
Sorry folks - calling balls and strikes. This was not a good night for Donald Trump. The goal should've been to give the country a good, hard look at unscripted Joe Biden while highlighting the successes of the Trump administration. Let him answer about packing the court; let...
...him answer about the Green New Deal; let him answer about all of that shit we all know he doesn't have any good answers for so that the media has no choice but to at least spare a moment or two to discuss those answers, and his frail comportment while delivering those....
...answers. That didn't happen. Instead of giving Biden that rope and allowing him to hang himself with it, Trump stepped all over every important question Biden was in the process of trying to answer and cut that rope before it had the chance to tighten. Please don't conflate...
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