The rapidly accelerating slow drip of info demonstrating Biden’s guilt has a few potential outcomes over the next 20 days.

Voting Implications of each scenario

Option A:

It gets SO damning that the “Democratic Party” is forced to do a change of batter with less than 3 weeks.

Don’t forget the Debate - “I am the Democratic Party right now”; quite literally, their last stand.

Body Doubles don’t make their own choices. Image
Option A cont:

Removal of Biden from the ticket takes away his “immunity” from prosecution of a political opponent. Guilty is guilty, but it must be done in a way that makes it palatable to Americans.

Note Biden’s tie. Nothing is random; Patriots are in control. Image
Option A cont:

In Chess, it is good etiquette to topple your king when the position is hopeless. Why prolong the agony?

The chess choice is, get your King chased around the board for 10 moves, or accept defeat.

Nothing can stop what is coming, a wild animal is unpredictable. Image
Option A cont:

And now we have millions of ballots cast for a candidate that’s dropped out? We need something fast, reliable, and still remote.

Trump Card.
Option B:

They stick with Biden, and Trump’s Declas. only becomes more frequent, damning, disgusting, and destructive.

As if his gait wasn’t disabled enough, Biden gets hung out to dry to hobble across the finish line with only the most radical and TDS inflicted voters.
Option B cont:

The public are so disgusted by the declas. (pedophelia, UBL, complicit in coup, etc.) that they DEMAND his removal from the ticket and DEMAND he be prosecuted.

Not be much public support for a traitorous pedophile...

People beg for a way to change their vote. ImageImage
Option B cont:

Remember how Trump instructed people to vote by mail AND go to polls on Election Day to check if it was counted?

How many Biden by Mail voters will go to the polls PRAYING their vote wasn’t counted so they can vote in person for Trump?…
Option C:

Patriot move here is irrelevant.
The [DS] reverts to their playbook of False Flag / orchaestrated death.

Remember Orange Comms?
Option C cont:

Biden sure has been looking sick lately... COVID death to garner pity vote? Trump’s terrible policies LITERALLY KILLED his political opponent.

Riots. Disarray. Disorder. Ugliness.

Color Revolution.
Option C cont:

What Wartime powers does the president have over voting / the mail?

What does the insurrection act say about the mail?

Does voting become a federal affair if state/local areas are declared insurrection / anarchist zone?

Military is the only way. Image
Option C cont:

The left begs Trump to delay the election as he floated when mail in was a concern to him.

He uses their own words against them. The show must go on.
Regardless, God Wins. PAIN. Image
Remember, you are watching a movie and patriots are in control.

Enjoy the show, it’s scripted. Nothing is as it appears.
Ugh... it’s always scripted!

Under the radar.

Remember, October 21 could be dangerous.

• • •

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