1. what do you say about such a person? There isn't a single lawyer, soldier etc in Nigeria who hasn't been called at one time to come help for someone who committed NO CRIME! Does it mean crimes aren't being committed? NO! Does it mean Yahoo boys & other criminals
2. aren't hiding under the umbrella of protesters to show their anger at police? Of course! Who doesn't know that when protests start, other groups with an agenda will join in? This is becoming like the people saying 'all lives matter' when people say BLM, like trying to ignore Image
3. the fact that blacks are being profiled as crooks cos of skin color. We have a police profiling people cos of age, appearance etc. Can we do a check of all SARS/police detention centers all over Nigeria so we see if everyone woke up one morning to gang up against police? Image
4. Its about time people leave the streets, let the real work on police reforms start but gathering 'influencers', celebrities, political jobbers & outright crooks to liaise with @PoliceNG & government is a strategy that will fail! We should be reaching out to actual victims like Image
5. this fellow who took a bullet FOR NOTHING! The young man who was killed recently while watching soccer leaving behind a wife & kid, his wife/parents should be the ones speaking their pain to the authorities & not people looking for retweets, money & clout addicts! Jimoh Isiaq
6. parents shouldn't just be given N1m by @seyiamakinde , they should be flown to Abuja with the CP of their state where they tell the IG of @PoliceNG how they are responsible for the death of their son! Instead what we have are people fighting to share donations or claiming how
7. they are more important than others.

• • •

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16 Oct
1. Let me take us, #EndSARS protesters down memory lane; 20 October 2011 Qaddafis regime came to an end as he was killed in Sirte, Libya. The people danced & celebrated his fall! An end to an oppression or so they thought. For 5 years many militia groups fought for control of
2. Sirte, it eventually fell to ISIS who held it until August 2016 when government recaptured it. From Qaddafis fall till today, more than 60% of those who celebrated the fall & death of Qaddafi have died either in conflict or from starvation. Some have been raped, maimed or in
3. jail. Those alive are wishing they never rose against Qaddafi by proxy destroying their country. Saddam Hussein was killed 30 December 2006 in Kadhimiya district of Baghdad, Iraq. People danced & celebrated! The revolution had worked but over 500 people have died in Kadhimiya
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16 Oct
1. Lagos-Ibadan express way is on lockdown. Commuters/transporters are stuck in traffic. Hoodlums are banging on cars so owners wind down to settle them. Some of the truckers are carrying livestock & perishables. Goods will get spoilt, livestock will die & come night time some
2. will be robbed. A woman was called that her kid had fallen seriously sick while writing exams, she sent her son to go get the kid at about 2pm. They got back home by 1am. 14yr old kids condition was terrible, mum administered first aid but nothing worked so she rushed her to a
3. nearby clinic. Her daughter has been admitted. Thank God she didn't die. A woman will enter labor & will find it hard to get to hospital. Someone will suffer cardiac arrest & will need immediate medical attention. Many of us know these things but are scared to say them because
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12 Oct
1. As we can see from this video, not everyone out there protesting wants to destroy property's or attack police. Not everyone is an anarchist or anti-government like some people are trying to force down people's throats. Most just want POLICE BRUTALITY TO END! There has always
2. been a war between the older generation & the young ones. People between the ages of 35-45 are now caught in the middle. I am of the age where I understand clearly how the mind of these oldies work & also know where the youths are coming from. The old ones believe work &
3. earning a living as; go to school to study medicine, law, accountancy, pharmacy etc...work for a period of years, buy a small car, marry while still living in a rented place, add a few more years & then build a house in the village. To the old, the other set of lucky ones are
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12 Oct
1. I agree that one major step to fight endemic corruption in @PoliceNG is to review salaries upwards & take personnel welfare seriously but saying because your pay is too small that's why you must extort, steal, brutalise, rape etc is just the type of excuse thieves give!
2. Politicians are paid a fortune complete with allowances yet most steal like their lives depend on it. An army sergeant/staff sergeant earns 63/68k. From corporal downwards all earn less than 60k a month. Go to maimalari/44 ref hospital & see how many corporals with wounds
3. All waiting to be certified fit, pick their rifles & go back to the same job that got them shot in the first place! Some soldiers have spent 5 yrs in the NE earning less than 60k as basic salary, they have not deserted neither are they renting their rifles to robbers. The
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11 Oct
1. @PoliceNG denied & said no one has been killed in the protests. Die hard supporters of the president said 'where is the body'. Jimoh Isiaq has been laid to rest yesterday according to muslim rites leaving behind his grieving parents. The weird part is, he wasn't protesting we
2. Are told. He was watching at a distance until a bullet hit him. I have seen supporters say 'i wish we can tell the police to go on strike'. This is how most of us are, we are silent to the cause but start reacting to the effect. People have been screaming about police
3. brutality & corruption for years but we chose to play deaf & dumb. Now people have taken to the streets we turn around & blame the oppressed? What manner of insensitivity is this? Does politics make us blind, deaf & immune? Life has a strange way of comig back to haunt us.
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10 Oct
1. PMF & Federal highway patrol on our highways, this is their modus operandi: they arange themselves in a zigzag formation; first in the line is likely a constable holding a baton. Few steps from him to his right or left will be a corporal/sergeant armed with an AK47. Few steps
2. further you will see another most likely an inspector (gazetted). Off the road most likely under tree is their operational vehicle, a driver & their SPO an ASP will be inside. They maintain this zigzag formation on both inbound & outbound of the highway. The
3. constable with the baton profiles vehicles & flags them down. The corporal/sergeant behind him guides the vehicle to where he wants it to park. Then the inspector walks up to weigh the 'client' & decide how to proceed. They look at your vehicle & sense you are law enforcement
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