Everyone is trying to find the big secret why #SouthKorea has such remarkably low #covid19 #deathrate. 422 total deaths for 52 million people? This despite that they didn't impose extensive #lockdowns, kept the economy open and 10 million people live close together in Seoul
Reported Covid19 deaths per million:
Belgium: 994
France: 488
Brazil: 733
South Korea: 9
Nobody seems to find an explanation. What's the big secret?
previous posts I suggested an alternative hypothesis, where Covid19 was caused by reactivation of a widespread dormant parasite, #ToxoplasmaGondii that is present in cyst form in 30% of the global population, but prevelance differs hugely in different coutries.
Environmental factors like oxidative stress weakens our immune system and can trigger an acute infection. In my opinion the most likely main cause is the sudden increase in #EMF RF, with the global rollout of a new comms network that seems to coincide with the pandemic.
This theory can explain easily why South Korea's Covid19 deathrate is so low. It also has one of the lowest prevalence of #Toxoplasmosis cyst carriers in the population: Around 1%. Another coincidence? We need to let go of the dogmatic thinking. Especially when the narrative
leaves a lot of questions answered, and we see a lot of inconsistencies between the official story and our observations of reality. #Coronagate

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16 Oct
#Endoparasites like #ToxoplasmaGondii are the cash cow if #BigPharma. Hidden away in our cells, often in dormant cystes, they cause episodes of acute infections when our immune systems or weakened. You can see outbreaks of flu like illness, a just like #Covid19, now that we
are enjoying our extra dose of EMF radiation of the network that we're not allowed to talk about. For the huge amount of people who won't die yet but have the chronic parasite cystes inside, we can expect increade in chronic illnesses like Alzheimers, Parkinson's, autoimmune,
Cancers and so on. The body tries to adapt to toxicity (Like oxidative stress from GGGGG or heavy metals) by releasing #exosomes.Toxoplasma infection corrupts those. @realDonaldTrump @joepicov @LotusOak2 @SpunkyStrings @Ella_Ster @cryptometal @Br_Christiaens @Ntornee
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14 Oct
@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld I really don't think this is a virus. I believe it is a re-activation of a dormant parasite that an estimated 30% of world population has in their tissue in a cyst form. Large variations exist between countries (e.g. US estimated 11%, France 60%). People who have the cysts,
@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld were infected in the past with Toxoplasma Gondii parasite. People with competent immune systems can win from the parasite quite easy This by the innate immune system (T-cells).
The cysts can reactivate under stress condition (e.g. oxidative stress from toxins, prolonged EMF
@chuckusan @tasftp @BBCWorld radiation exposure, mental stress, chronic illness, old age) and the virulent parasite will then causes acute infection. Immune competent people will show no or mild flu symptoms. Immune deficient people will have severe, possibly lethal symptoms (Pneumonia, shortness of breath
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12 Oct
Large portion of population has been infected with the parasite #ToxoplasmaGondii. The parasite is still present in dormant cyste form and kept in check by innate immune system T cells. Activation of cyste to virulent form happens in immune deficient individuals. Oxidative
stress weakens the immune system and is linked to numerous chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, alzheimer, Parkinson's, diabetes, immune dysfunction. Causes of oxidative stress: toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, vaccine adjuvants), smoking, EMF radiation. Psych stress,..
of the #COVID19 pandemic happened to coincidence with deployment of a communications network that we are not allowed to talk about. Covid19 has exactly the same symptoms as toxoplasmosis (condition caused by accute T. Gondii infection). Immuno deficient people most vulnerable
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29 Sep

Very interesting 15 min video on a topic that's very relevant in our current situation. The ghost of #collectivism is creeping into society. It is presented as a morally superior ideology by those supporting Marxist ideas, opposed to individual rights.
Collectivism states the individual needs to sacrifices his own interests for the interests of #thegreatergood,being interests of society.
Society however is an abstraction, consisting of a group of interacting human beings, without any concrete interests,
while human beings do
#Collectivism was embraced by fascist and communist #dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Mao,...) who's regimes all lead to massive human suffering and death.
It's hard to understand how many people today still advocate for collectivism, as the morally superior system for humanity. Image
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28 Sep
Behoort u tot de #vrijedenkers die graag verschillende meningen en ideeen bespreken in open discussie? Stelt u kritische vragen wanneer de overheid zichzelf als enige bron van betrouwbare informatie benoemd en censuur van dissidente meningen hernoemt tot desinformatie bestrijden
Ziet u gaten in het verhaal, misleiding en belangen vermenging? Dan werd u wss al snel bestempeld als complotdenker. Dat betekent dat uw mening niet van belang is, en u mentaal gestoord bent. De term werkt prima om de andere slapende burger te waarschuwen om u te mijden. 🤡
'Wakkere mens' stelde vast dat het onmogelijk bleek een discussie op basis van feiten te voeren met bepaalde mensen, die volledig immuum lijken voor realiteit en feiten. Ze blijken geen enkele interesse te hebben om te achterhalen wat de waarheid is. Hij stelt de introductie van
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29 Aug
Have you heard the story about 'The #epidemic that wasn't'? These bizarre events took place in 2007, is a hospital in New Hampshire. Some things might sound familiar, living through the strange times today. It started when 1 of the doctors, had bad cough that lasted for weeks.
A colleague, specialized in infectious disease wondered if it was the start of whooping cough epidemic. When other health workers got the same severe cough, the idea of an epidemic was taken serious. If true containment measures are urgent as it is dangerous to babies and weak
patients. For months everyone was convinced the #epidemic was happening. Almost 1000 initial tests were done and 142 were diagnosed positive. All were given antibiotics and a vaccine. Eight months later the staff was informed it was false alarm. Not a single case was confirmed
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