.@JoeBiden corruptly used his office as VP
To help #HunterBiden cash in

The new emails prove they sold access & Joe delivered by firing the prosecutor bothering #Burisma
@JoeBiden Here is the story w/ the details

Democrat Media is spinning this as hard as they can
But it shows #Trump was right to ask for an investigation in Ukraine
That @JoeBiden was part of the promised deliverables for the $$$

You can tell this is damaging when producers at #MSNBC
Try to bury it

.@Twitter is censoring again
They deleted the @nypost tweet about #BidenCorruption
& slapped a sensitive warning on my video about it.
Facebook said they are throttling the story too
These people are animals

Twitter slapped a sensitive filter on my video abt #BidenCorruption

So I posted a screenshot of the filtered tweet & they put a f**king sensitive filter on the f**king screenshot
I assume this will get a filter too

• • •

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11 Oct

Shooter reaches for victims pepper spray & gets slapped

Then steps back, draws his gun & fires as the victim sprays

Gonna be a tough self defense claim if he knew it was pepper spray

Charged w/ 1st degree murder
Argument btwn victim & Black guy just prior to shooting

Vic says abt other guy "Well he's the one who pulled that knife on me"
BG says "Shoot me then. Shoot me MF. Shoot me N-word"

Vic walks out of frame & previous tweet action happens
Victim sees shooter approach & moves over saying "Get your hands out of (garble)"
Shows a perceived threat

Shooter reaches for mace
Gets slapped
I thought shooter retreated
But this thread shows victim did

Looking bad for shooter
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22 Mar
The false narrative on South Korea v. US response to #CoronaVirus

We both got our 1st case the same day
Have they done better?

South Korea - 104 deaths 51 M people

US- 322 deaths 331 M people

They have twice as many deaths per capita

The Left is desperate to blame @realDonaldTrump so they seized on lack of testing as the panacea

South Korea did tons of tests & isolated based on results

But we didn't have & couldn't have produced enough tests to do it on the scale they did due to prior choices & regulations
@realDonaldTrump .@realDonaldTrump took a different approach based on available options

Stop as many cases from entering the US as possible

So he immediately banned travel fm China & added other areas when needed

He was attacked
But so far that plan looks smart

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7 Feb
Outrage of the Day
#Trump fires 🔥 #Vindman for testifying

NSC removes employee for leaking, falsifying a call record & undermining the President’s policy

All of which he admitted in his testimony

Never trust the media
More #Winning
This is the likely leaker for the Bolton book BS

They can ride out of town together

In case anyone needs a refresher on why #Vindman deserved to be sacked & should face UCMJ action too

Read 4 tweets
26 Jan
.@thomasbsauer does great work on addiction
& wrote this powerful call for people who need help

If that's you
Or someone you know
Check it out
Things can get so much better
I know
I was a outstandingly wicked drunk
I quit 9 yrs ago
My life since
Is bliss
I grew up in Wisconsin
& joined the Army at 18

Drinking was a team sport both of those places
And I was an all star
Not saying it wasn't fun
I had a blast
We partied like rock stars
I used to tell people I was
The captain of the US Olympic drinking team

I was a riot
But it's hard damn work to keep that up
And hard to keep your life together
Even though
I was definitely a high functioning drunk
And I always said drunk not alcoholic
Alcoholics go to meetings
Drunks go to bars

Distinction without a difference
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16 Nov 19
Dear #GenZ

You've been taught your entire life that your opinion matters & the world owes you something

Neither is true

So rather than taking on #GenX
the people who can help you

Let's ally against the Millennials
Who we can all agree

I like GenZ
You're looking at the current state of play & throwing a BS flag

But instead of acting like Jr Millennials
Let's work together & kill the entitlement mentality that put us in this mess

The world is harsh
You have to make your own way
No one's giving you anything
One thing hasn't changed in America
You can earn your way to a higher level than you start at

It's not easy
But you can see the Millennial plan to just steal from the rich and give to the unproductive will crash & burn once they pick those few carcasses clean

Read 9 tweets
14 Nov 19
.@hughhewitt politely accuses me of unforced errors in my piece on #AlexanderVindman of the #DeepState

I will disconcur politely right back

He says Vindman may air his opinion
"if in doing so he does not violate orders"

But he did violate orders

Vindman ran afoul of Art. 88 of the UCMJ which forbids insubordination

He believed Trump asking for investigations was harmful to US policy
So he advised Ukrainians, up to and including new President Zelensky to ignore the requests

That is most definitely insubordinate
Hugh dislikes my use of #DeepState
Saying only totalitarian regimes w/ secret police qualify

I would say US security leaders who conspired on the Trump Russia sure acted like secret police
Specifically ref Vindman
I note they may not organize
but they act in concert
Read 7 tweets

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