Important Patriots🇺🇲
How do you #FightBack?
You will never win anyone over with anger, hate, and insults.
How does that look?
You look hateful
How does that make them feel?
Angry and hateful.
That's what the enemy wants.
Division is the trap.
So how do you fight then?
Drop facts
Drop videos
Drop memes
Drop proofs
Challenge their view
Learn to have a conversation
Focus on your similarities not differences
Agree with them on certain points
Express genuine concern.
Tell why you feel the way you do
Discredit the media
It is not necessary to win the argument. If you can plant a single seed of unity or truth, that is a victory. If you can get someone to acknowledge a single point through conversation, that is a victory.
Yes it is difficult
Yes it take practice
I am still learning to do this
Remember, every single real person out there is deceived. Almost all of us were. Recognize that. Make it part of your thinking. Not everyone you meet is the enemy

Learn to recognize who is
Look at their profiles
Learn what is probably a bot
Learn what is probably a troll
Learn what is probably the enemy in disguise.

Some advice on recognizing the bots/trolls. 👇

They want to keep you divided. Bots and trolls make you waste your time and energy. They make you angry and fearful. The weapons of the enemy.
The real enemy is not as numerous as you think. Once you are able to identify bots/trolls/bad actors, you can block them out of the equation, and begin to focus on the real people hiding amost them.

Do not expect instant results. In fact, you should not expect anything.
Rather, focus your genuine compassion ❤ and intention on helping them. Which will not happen overnight.

Remember, we have been conditioned and deceived since our earliest interactions with this world. That is not easily undone.

Focus on the small part you can do.
And for the rest, trust that there is a plan to help you. United instead of divided, we can slowly push that boulder until it gain enough momentum to roll on its own.
Remember, if you despair or give up, you will fail. You will probably fail many times anyways. You certainly will almost never see immediate results

If you fall down, pick yourself up again. Dust yourself off and tend to your wounds. Then march on. That is life. Why would...
This be any different? If you need help, turn to your fellow patriots. That is what they are there for.

But also recognize you may not get immediate help. It is difficult to search through thousands of tweets. It stretches anyone's limits.

That is partly why small accounts
Are important. Find each other. Lean on each other for support. A shoulder to cry on if you need. Someone to renew your spirit. You don't need to fight alone. No one is strong all the time.
Finally, Twitter is the battleground. This is spiritual and psychological warfare. You will be wounded! Take time out for prayer, meditation, exercise, being out in nature, etc. Whatever you do to be at peace. To heal.

Ok, well maybe don't kiss flowers. 🤣👇
You will not only face hard truths along the way, but deceptions, and things which make you question everything, even about yourself. I certainly have!

That IS part of the storm. You are living it every day. Learn to weather the storm. Overcome it. Even exult in it.
In the end, only love and unity can overcome hate and division. Once we are truly united, the enemy cannot defeat us. Learn from the examples you are given every day. Does it look like we are alone?

Learn to love each other. Do not let petty squabbles divide. It does not matter if someone has a different point of view, opinion, or belief. I haven't shunned any of you for your beliefs
In fact, I've retweeted more than few theories that have a low probability of being true
Because one, low probability doesn't mean impossible. Two, it's not up to me to decide for you what is true. I make up my mind, and pass it on for you to do the same

Everyone deserves their own voice. How will you find your true purpose if others are always silencing you?
That doesn't mean you won't make mistakes. If someone points out your error, or perceived error, just consider it. Be gracious

"I'm sorry, but I just don't agree"

If wrong admit you are wrong. It makes you stronger to learn from mistakes.
This is how we grow. Will you read this and suddenly start doing it the right way? Of course not. That is too much expectation for anyone. Stop judging yourself and give yourself leeway to learn.

Do the exact same for others.

Don't tell yourself you are a terrible person
or you will be a terrible person. You are what you do now, not what you've done in the past. People can change. Give yourself and others that chance to be better. Give love. Give help. Give support. ❤
One last point. If you think for one moment any of the leaders in this Patriot movement are perfect, I have one thing to say.
I'm certainly not.
I don't truly consider myself a leader
I try to show the best of what I am to inspire you to be the best you are.
Don't be deceived. We all make mistakes. We are all on the same journey as you. To learn to be better people. To cast off the old, and embrace the new.
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I'd like to add this video. Listen to the end, somewhere around the last two minutes. I like Tim Pool even though I don't always agree because I think both sides can relate to some of what he says.

(I suspect he is more than he appears)

• • •

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14 Oct
Attention Patriots 🇺🇲
One other important point that need to be made. I retweet a very wide variety of beliefs and viewpoints. Well, except enemy viewpoints. If you want those, you can watch CNN. 😆

I don't believe all of the are true. Well, I view them more in terms of
probabilities. What is important, what I am trying to demonstrate is, I accept you all. You all deserve a voice. You all matter. What unites us, defines us. Our differences just make us unique. Otherwise we'd be pretty boring.

Don't judge others for a difference of opinion.
We all get things wrong. Try offering a gentle offer of a differing opinion
"Here is why I don't think that is correct"
Maybe even
"I understand why you might think that."
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6 Oct
I understand the plan now. Completely. Reject all fear. Disregard everything which creates fear, anger, and hate. All of that must go. Don't buy into it. The enemy wants to to believe in anything that creates fear and division. That is the enemy's ONLY real power.
This is information and spiritual warfare. The enemy presents you with anything it can to create fear in you. Fear is control. That has been their method all this time. When you are afraid and angry, you become the victim. You lose the ability to act effectively to change
This world. Only fearlessness can defeat their control. Unity and positivity are the key to defeating the fear they create. That is what cue is trying to teach us. We are the plan, because you are the battlefield. Your mind, your soul. That is why you feel anger, despair
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So. Has the #media telling us to wear #masks done this research? Have the #governors mandating masks shared this research. What happened to the importance of #Science? You see, I know all this information because I was properly trained in PPE. #COVID19
To prevent spread of #coronavirus, there is one effective way to prevent the spread. Isolate yourself if you are sick! If you don't want to get sick, do things which improve your immune system. Exercise, sunshine, healthy food, supplements. There's plenty of advice out there
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Well, that would put a pretty little dent in the #Democrats voting fraud scheme.…
What else can we find?

Well that would be disturbing if that was it.
Well any politicians involved in criminal activities would certainly be doing everything in their power to escape justice. We know politicians in DC have been dirty for a very long time.
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