According to publicly logged ADS-B flight data, a HKSAR Government Flying Service helicopter either landed in the middle of the sea or HKSAR govt personnel flew out to the Chinese Coast Guard cutter and landed on it after their Bombardier spotter plane landed after their capture.
They could have just turned the tracker off, not nope. It's all there.

A GFS Bombardier took off at 4:30am, flew straight to Nine Pins Island group, orbited for hours, then circled something that matches all accounts of #save12hkyouth escape attempt.

As soon as it landed, a GFS Airbus H175 flew to where Bombardier departed.
I'm a little shocked how little attention the fact that the ADS-B data shows that helicopter *landing* exactly where the geo-infographics say the Chinese Coast Guard boat it. The helo's reported speed and alt are ZERO something like two hours AFTER interdiction (8am / 10am).
What the hell was a HKSAR GFS helo doing in the middle of what would otherwise be open sea at zero altitude and speed? Your guess is as good as mine, but last I checked the Airbus H175 doesn't float. It was on a helicopter deck. On a ship. Where #save12hkyouths were at same time.
I'll leave it at this: archival AIS (ship/boat) transponder data is harder [$] to retrieve than ADB-S flight records. I have a v strong hunch that aircraft movements are only half the story because I can't think of why they didn't turn around. Did Marine Police leave AIS on too?
They're being circled for hours by a safety orange Bombardier flying <1k ft. Their doomed voyage lasts less than an hour before being intercepted by a Chinese Coast Guard ship large enough for a flight deck.

Why didn't they turn around? Or did they try?
it's the endless, pointless govt lying that I'm too worn out from to be as pissed off about this as I should be. They wouldn't be caught 'red handed' if various HKSAR govt @relevantorgans didn't 100% deny any involvement in this thing.

Just admit it and take the punches.
HKSAR govt simultaneously adopting the whole 'Twitter Wolf Warrier Diplomacy' DGAF vibe about nearly all top officials being sanctioned by US govt for HR abuses, but they've still got that pompous 'how dare you accuse us of doing what was clearly filmed or otherwise documented?!"

• • •

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16 Oct
1. The Washington Consensus has much less to do with domestic Western politics than almost universally assumed. The WC was a broadly used set of ‘conditionalities’ the IMF and World Bank demanded of deeply indebted developing countries
2. There is little overlap between 80-90’s WC and post-2007 ‘austerity’ experienced in the West other than govt services and safety nets often getting cut to the bone. The role of debt, taxes, and the agency of the govt’s in the two contexts couldn’t be more different, though.
3. Highly indebted developing countries were coming to the IMF and World Bank for debt relief and/or refinancing with new debt. The debt itself was largely re-re-financed loans dating back to 70’s Oil Crisis via the creation of OPEC.
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My knee-jerk assumption was that this was more-or-less an EJK assassination b/c Trump’s tweets, then believed the first version of story that Reinoehl fired first. Now I think burden of proof is on the @USMarshalsHQ to prove this wasn’t an assassination.
Reinoehl walks from his friend’s apartment to his car, as soon as he’s inside two @USMarshalsHQ vans full of swat teams parked nearby speed up right next to his vehicle. They begin their shooting when he reaches for center council.

He exits his car wounded. They follow. Image
He makes it this far. A Marshall from a third waiting van shoot him again with a hail of bullets when one he say he reaches for a bag (where no gun was found). Another said it was his pocked (where a handgun was later found). Other Marshalls join in at shooting the wounded man, Image
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14 Oct
In languages like how languages like Tagalog just use the English word for basically anything invented after the 19th Century.

Me, points: “How do you say that in Filipino?”
Pinoy: “It’s a microwave...”
Me, points: “And this?
Pinoy: “You’re pointing at a tire.”
Did they coin ‘vulcanist’ for anyone who works with a blowtorch?
The flip side is that I know of at least three words for rice, all dependent on what stage it’s at between being planted and ready to serve at the [breakfast, lunch, and] dinner table.
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14 Oct
Without looking it up, what do you think the selling price is (USD) for an Aberdeen 520 sq/ft (useable, <800 gross) 2 bed/1 bath apartment with a good seaview, micro-balcony, high floor but it’s also right next to city’s largest cemetery (not in view)?

Price is Right rules: go!
For those not playing at home (HK), 520 sq/ft [48.2 m²] is the size of the apartment itself. The ‘gross’ covers your share of the elevator hallway, basically. The closest MTR station is about a ten minute minibus ride away (+ walk & wait). It’s a good 30-45 mins from Central.
It’s neither old or new, but definitely one of the newer buildings in Aberdeen because everything else is so damn old.
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11 Oct
1. Read this with the recent @mattyglesias piece about how voters don’t actually believe GOP policies could possibly be as bad as Dem’s describe them, which was accurately conveying what their platform was.
2. The prime example comes from the 2012 elections, where a Dem SuperPAC called Our Priorities ran focus groups explaining that Romney wanted a massive tax cut on the upper middle class and wealthy that would be fiscally offset by masive cuts to Medicare.
Our Priorities found that most people in the focus group simply didn’t believe that a presidential candidate would be proposing something so reckless and unpopular. Only some kind of villain would do that. So they remade the ads to make Romney more villainous to give same facts.
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11 Oct
Five of these USN A1B nuclear reactors going into the new Ford-class carriers would produce more power output than the Lamma Power Station total combined capacity

Each A1B = 700mw

USN hasn't had any nuclear accident on these reactors since the first one they built in the 50`s.
I suddenly have an image of Green Nuke Deal, wherein US offers soon-to-retire Ohio-class SSBN's retrofitted to convert tube space for more reactors and park underwater selling developing countries sufficient energy at cost.

Just lay an underwater cable.
That covers security and safety: it stays underwater. It's already armed with torpedo tunes akin to VLS that can launch almost anything. Have an LCS anchored nearby.

Crew it 5:1 with Dept of Energy contracters.
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