@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews 1. WHAT A WEEK! First news that the FBI used circular reporting to support their fraudulent claims of Russian Collusion by citing bunk news stories [that they likely fed to the media themselves], then confirmation of Bruce Ohr’s resignation & now the Oct. Rosenstein Scope Memo!
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews 2. What we’ve discovered from is that Rod Rosenstein essentially let the Special Counsel write their own scope memo [where was the oversight, Rod?, which allowed them to expand & extend this Witch Hunt for YEARS, despite the fact that before the appointment was ever made, all of
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews 3. the claims had been thoroughly debunked. They knew there wasn’t any collusion, so they immediately switched gears and tried to build a case around “Obstruction of Justice” against @realDonaldTrump - claiming that he was hampering an investigation into a crime HE DIDN’T COMMIT!
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 4. These jokers running the Special Counsel [like disgraced former prosecutor Andrew Weissmann] who also couldn’t prove Obstruction, instead gave the complicit media the cannon fodder they wanted by suggesting in what obstruction “could” look like in the Final Mueller Report.
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 5. Thank God once Barr stepped in this charade was finally brought to its inevitable conclusion. Unfortunately, Rod Rosenstein’s ignorance [or compliance] allowed this farce to continue long after it should’ve, which UNDOUBTEDLY effected the 2018 midterm elections [interference?]
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 6. For those following along at home, the Special Counsel didn’t charge ANYONE in the Trump orbit with Russian related election interference. Heck, they even dropped the charges against the Russian “troll-farm” they indicted once the Russians contested it in court! A TOTAL SHAM!
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 7. I don’t know about you folks, but I for one am having an INCREDIBLE week! From watching the stunningly brilliant Amy Coney Barrett dispatch any and all outrageous arguments and accusations being made by the [strikingly intellectually inferior] Democrat Senators, to watching
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump 8. a healthy and happy @realDonaldTrump crushing it on the campaign trail, additional revelations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings + evidence proving @JoeBiden lied about his knowledge of them, the steady roll-out of declassified documents exposing the coup-plotters,
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden 9. and also the ongoing developments occurring around the disclosures from @Annakhait regarding Osama Bin Laden, Seal Team 6 and the Obama administration [which I have NOT made a determination on, but am simply following along with curious interest] ... and it’s only Wednesday.
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @Annakhait 10. Don’t forget, today is also the deadline for the Senate Homeland Security’s subpoena of “all records” from Stefan Halper, American academic who was teaching in Britain, turned FBI spy [or *oculus lure* as Peter Strzok noted in his texts with Lisa Page]. BIG DAY!
@CBS_Herridge @RodRosenstein @CBSNews @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @Annakhait Follow-up. Speaking of Hunter Biden ... interesting exchange from @HawleyMO in the Amy Coney Barrett hearing today. Hat tip to @TheSharpEdge1 😎

• • •

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More from @Rothbard1776

15 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 1. Stellar news from @DNI_Ratcliffe ! As disappointing as it is that previous investigative referrals were sent to the CIA IG previously with no meaningful action, I am forced to look on the bright side: every single time a government official has been put into a position over
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 2. the past 4 years where they could have taken steps to enforce the rule of law, commit to transparency and prosecute those guilty of criminal wrongdoing ... but failed to act, we uncover another member of the Deep State/Washington DC establishment who doesn’t deserve to be
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 3. anywhere near our trusted institutions. A couple of prime examples: James Comey and Peter Strzok who were given an investigative referral to look into intelligence stating that Hillary Clinton approved a plan to frame President Trump for colluding with Putin, but failed to act
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15 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 1. The ICA was always a political document that wasn’t based on credible intelligence. It was used as a cudgel in order to frame the incoming administration two weeks before Trump’s inauguration. This is because ALL of the prior intel also couldn’t be verified or was proven to be
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 2. false. When John Brennan was questioned under oath whether the Steele Dossier was included in the ICA, he lied. When asked why, he said it simply “wasn’t a part of the corpus of intelligence”. Not only did he lie, as it’s been proven that it was in the appendix, but the
@CBS_Herridge @DNI_Ratcliffe 3. Dossier was the ONLY material addition to the original FISA warrant application to spy on Carter Page that was REJECTED [which is actually a rare occurrence on its own, showing how flimsy these allegations were]. However, the FBI added the dossier, filed against ... and BAM!💥
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14 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews 1. This is great news. It’s long been rumored that Bruce Ohr was still inexplicably employed by the DOJ, while it had been proven by IG Horowitz that he was used as a backchannel to continue funneling Christopher Steele’s garbage through the US gov’t after the FBI had terminated
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews 2. him as a source. This action also shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that these efforts to “investigate” Trump for supposed nefarious connections you Russia were NOT done in good faith. As more information comes out, it’s clear that the FBI under @Comey violated every rule in
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews @Comey 3. the book in their effort to frame Trump. What’s also important to note is that Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was employed by Fusion GPS [hired by the DNC] in 2016 during the time these operations were being run. She was funneling open-source intelligence to Bruce throughout
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14 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @SenRonJohnson @CBSNews Let’s see if Stefan Halper wiped his phones, laptops and any other communication related devices “with a cloth” or smashed them to bits like Hillary did. The music on the phony Russian collusion narrative is slowing rapidly. Who will be left without a chair when it stops? 🇺🇸
@CBS_Herridge @SenRonJohnson @CBSNews 2. Who is Stefan Halper some of you might be asking?

Halper is an American academic who was teaching over in Britain at the time of the attempted coup [Note: Christopher Steele MI-6 & Gina Haspel overseeing CIA London office at the time].

According to The NYTimes:
@CBS_Herridge @SenRonJohnson @CBSNews 3. “The IG is also scrutinizing another early source of info for the Russia investigation ... Halper, another FBI informant ... was asked to gather information on @carterwpage & @GeorgePapa19 - However, he also had additional contacts w/ other Trump officials that have raised Image
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12 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews 1. WOW! Another bombshell from @CBS_Herridge showing that the FBI had almost zero evidence to corroborate this bogus Russian collusion narrative cooked up by Hillary Clinton. Here’s how it works folks ... the FBI “leaks” garbage Intelligence to their friends in the media who
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews 2. who then proceed to write an article about it. The FBI THEN utilized those same news articles as “evidence” to bolster their unsubstantiated claims. Does anyone remember when the FBI was castigated by Horowitz for having improper relationships with & accepting gifts from
@CBS_Herridge @CBSNews 3. members of the media? The relationship between our government officials and media has become increasingly incestuous. Anyone remember James Wolfe? He was the SSCI staffer who was caught leaking the FISA application on Carter Page to Ali Watkins, who he was also sleeping with.
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11 Oct
@CBS_Herridge @LindseyGrahamSC @MariaBartiromo 1. These recent revelations are extremely important. I’m confident that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that not only were Hillary Clinton & her cronies responsible for hatching the plan to frame Trump as a Russian agent [in order to distract from her disastrous email,
@CBS_Herridge @LindseyGrahamSC @MariaBartiromo 2. hurt him in the run-up to the 2016 election & then enact an insurance policy in the event that he won in order to try and cover-up their tracks + remove him from power], but that our own sacred institutions, which are meant to protect us against these types of plots & threats
@CBS_Herridge @LindseyGrahamSC @MariaBartiromo [FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, SSCI, etc.] we’re complicit in the operation. The documented abuses by the FBI uncovered by Inspector General Michael Horowitz [an Obama appointee] cannot simply be explained away by “a comedy of errors”. These were intentional efforts to mislead the FISA
Read 10 tweets

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