Yesterday was the first day Missy ever drove on lines (reins).
Once they become skilled on lines, you can wrap the lines around your shoulder and neck, and steer them by twisting your torso. This frees up your hands to operate an implement. This is me long long ago. You can see the lines.
It behooves you to have taught the animals you're their friend before you wrap the lines around your neck. If things go wrong they can go very wrong.
PS. I would never plow a field knowing what I know today.

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13 Oct
I used to ride behind Abe as much as I could.
Although it seems weird to me, I've only been at this serious donkey thing for about two years. I've had Abe since he was born, 19 years ago, but he was just your basic semi-ignored pasture pet.
It's the worst thing you can do to one Image
2. That picture is a year, and about forty pounds, ago. There was 40 pounds more of me. Think if you got up every morning and you picked up a forty pound bag of dog food, and you carried it around with you all day.
It's exactly the same.
I decided I needed to walk.
3. That's the only conscious change I made.
I am a repairman. I look at a situation and I automatically think, "How can I fix that?" Which leads directly to the question, "What's it supposed to do? Exactly? How does it work?
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13 Oct
I tweeted this thread the day before yesterday. TL;DR version is, how come the Old Orders (Amish et al) can happily live a non-climate-changing life in America, land of the Fastest, when "climate aware" people can't / won't? I forgot the most important fact.
2. This is going to be a shortened version of the history of two faiths, but to the degree possible without adding detail will be accurate. It's about Christians in Europe in the late 1400s and early 1500s.
Although we know the Old Orders best by their horses and buggies,
3. And by their "uniforms" of clothing, hair, and headwear, and also by their baptism practices, their faiths' foundations are in a rejection of "the world" and "worldliness." Social standards of prosperity, of progress, of power. This is based on certain parts of the Bible.
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12 Oct
I just tried to make a short video of the neighbor combining beans, but I had the camera on still photo.
Here he's unloading beans into his truck. It's a straight truck, not a semi, which marks him as a small scale hill farmer. The guys in the bottoms mostly have at least 2 semis
After unloading. He's got just a few beans left, but he's packing it in. Moisture - dew - settles on them, and he will get docked at the elevator if he's above the moisture limit. So he'll have a little more to do tomorrow.
This field is 2 sides of us.
The green on this side of the fence is our highest ground. Patches the Cow lives up there in spring, summer, and fall. Some in winter, but she tends to come downhill a ways.
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12 Oct
I am one of those people who is fussy about language. I don't mean people cussing, I mean language as a tool for communicating thoughts and ideas between humans. How we use words. I am a pedantic old fart.
I use colloquialisms and various similes, allegories, and snark - but
3. We need a form of interaction which is about exchanging clear concepts. All we have to do that with is words. We need to - must - agree on meaning at some level.
The depth, the subtlety, the clarity with which complex subjects can be understood by one another is based on word
4. I often use as an example the word "awesome."
Awesome had a specific meaning. One rarely heard it in a sentence. But modern society feels the need to overstate everything, to inflate everything. We act like Donald Trump's speech patterns were unusual. He is America.
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11 Oct
Sunday morning. I invite all to join me for services at the Church of the Obnoxious Question.
Many to possibly most of my readers are atheists. I know this because they say so in their tweets.
I rarely discuss my belief structure, but a workable term is "agnostic."
2. Just as an aside let me say that by my standards of evidence the absence of a deity is as unprovable as the presence of one. Don't bother to argue with me, I don't care what you think about it and rarely explain mine for that reason. However.
3. I would say that somewhere around 70% of the adults in the United States believe that we are destroying our future with a complex pattern of ecosystem disintegration referred to by the shorthand term "climate change."
These adults cannot find a motivation to halt this.
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10 Oct
The hills are alive with the sound of starlings.
As we destroy the ecosystem and drive species into extinction it is natural selection in operation.
As we destroy individual niches - every time we build a new Walmart or Home Depot with parking lots and highway services -
2. The creatures that we lose are evolved to specific energy sources, specific plants. The ones we don't lose are generalists - they can eat french fries and a portion of all trash. So the numbers of the birds who sing to us, and eat one particular insect that lives on one plant
3. The pretty birds, the ones with the bright colors that blend into an environment of varied plants at all levels - those birds dwindle and vanish.
It's not some abstract percentage of species, and it's not happening because of carbon.
Generalist populations bloom.
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