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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ's visit to Ta'if:
Prophet Muhammad had lost his two strongest supporters and sources of comfort, his wife, Khadijah R.A,& his uncle, Abu Talib in the 10th year of Prophethood. This year is called "Aam-ul-Huzn" i.e " Year of Grief or Year of Sorrow"
Without the protection of his uncle, Abu Talib, in Makkah, tortures increased from polythiests and Prophet ﷺ marched towards Taif.
Prophet ﷺ wanted to spread the message to the people of Taif, in hopes that they would believe and accept the message of Islam .
RasoolAllah ﷺ trekked from Makkah to Taif to invite the people to the belief in one Allah.
His companion Zaid ibn Harith R.A was with him.
After reaching Taif, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ met with the chiefs of the major tribe in Taif, Thaqeef tribe.
RasoolAllah ﷺ told them about Islam, worshipping only one Allah, and leaving idol worshipping. They rejected his message and insulted him.
Not only did they refuse to listen to his message, but they unleashed the children of their tribe to throw stones at him and drive him out of their town.
The people of Taif rejected his message & they set on him a crowd of their teenagers and servants, who chased and stoned him
His feet were soon bleeding and The Prophet ﷺ left that place and then sought refuge in an orchard. Prophet ﷺ's feet were bleeding and he was in a very sorry state. Zaid bin Harith R.A tried hard to defend and protect him from the stones.
With people jeering at him as his ankles bled, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ran out, finding shelter in an empty orchard.
Alone, bleeding, and rejected, Prophet ﷺ sat down and prayed to Allah. He ﷺ was so compassionate and merciful that he ﷺ didn't ask Allah to punish the people of Taif or to execute revenge against them.
As the Prophet sat down, he said this highly emotional and touching prayer:

“To You, My Lord, I complain of my weakness, lack of support and the humiliation I am made to receive. Most compassionate and merciful! You are the Lord of the weak, and You are my Lord. ++
To whom do You leave me?
To a distant person who receives me with hostility?
Or to an enemy to whom You have given power over me?
If You are not displeased with me, I do not care what I face. I would, however, be much happier with Your mercy. ++
I seek refuge in the light of Your face by which all darkness is dispelled and both this life and the life to come are put on their right courses against incurring Your wrath or being the subject of Your anger. ++
To You I submit, until I earn Your pleasure. Everything is powerless without Your support.”
The supplication Prophet ﷺ said at Taif should be memorized by all Muslims and repeated every time when we are in a difficult situation or have been wronged or when any calamity strikes. Dua by RasoolAllah ﷺ at Ta'...
At that moment, Jibreel A.S came to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and told him that if he wished, Allah could order an angel to collapse the two mountains surrounding the people of Taif and crush them.
He ﷺ opted for mercy and not violence towards them
Instead of seeking revenge against the people of Taif, he said to Jibreel A.S, I rather hope that Allah will raise from among their descendants people who will worship Allah the One, and will not ascribe partners to Him.
Look to Taif today and we come to appreciate Prophet Muhammad ﷺ's vision, patience, and mercy. Today Taif has a population of 1000000+ people, predominantly Muslim.
1. To be patient when preaching the truth.
2. Bigger the assignment, the more we need to be patient and hard working.
3. Every difficulty entails opportunity and thus has high chances of bringing success if tolerated with sincerity.
4. Forgiveness Over Revenge
5. When we are grieved and extremely hurt we should react in the most beautiful way

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@Hadithoftheday Abi Hurayrah R.A.
Abu Hurayrah R.A retained more than 5,000 Hadiths word for word, throughout his life.
Abu Hurairah R.A was very keen to seek knowledge.
He was not literate and so all his knowledge depended on oral transmission and memorization
@Hadithoftheday Before accepting Islam, The name of Abu Hurayrah R.A was "Abdul Shams (which means Slave of Sun) ", but after accepting Islam, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ appointed hum with a new name "Abdul - Rehman (which means servant of the most merciful) .
@Hadithoftheday Abu Hurayrah R.A was called as "Father of Kittens (Abu Hurayrah).
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@Hadithoftheday Surah Rahman - Chapter 55.
The ayah/verse is فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَان which means “Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny"?
This ayah is repeated 31 times in Surah Al-Rahman.
It's most repeated verse of the glorious Qur'an.
@Hadithoftheday It is one of the most notable verses of the Quran.
The oft-repeated verse,
"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?”, serves to remind us of our lack of gratitude towards Allah.
@Hadithoftheday Allah has given us life, loved ones, as well as many other comforts.

However, we often tend to take many of His Blessings for granted. As such, we rarely offer thanks to our Lord. +
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@Hadithoftheday Ibraheem A.S.
Ibraheem A.S was such an honoured position as he was described as Khalil-ullah – the Friend of Allah (Qur’an 4:125).
Allah says in Qur'an:
And Allah took Ibraheem as an intimate friend."
(Qur'an. An-Nisaa 4: Verse 125)
@Hadithoftheday Many Qur’anic verses revealed concerning Ibraheem A.S suggest that his outstanding importance and high rank among prophets was because of the purity and sincerity of his relationship with his Lord, to whom he totally surrendered his will.
@Hadithoftheday The greatness of Ibrahim’s A.S standing with Allah is confirmed in a number of hadiths. The Prophet ﷺ referred to him as “the best of creation” (Muslim) and mentioned him as one of the prophets whose intercession the believers would seek on the Day of Judgement (Bukhari).
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@Hadithoftheday Ismail A.S.
When Hajar eventually ran out of food & water & could no longer breastfeed Ismail, She ran back & forth seven times between Safa & Marwa hoping to find water. Allah then sent Jibrael o their aid and a spring of water appeared from the ground at the feet of Ismail A.S
@Hadithoftheday The well was named Zamzam and the journey back and forth Safa and Marwa became a ritual during Hajj and Umrah.

Hajar A.S ran for water for her small child thousands year ago, Allah loved this act so much that he made billions since then to run same way
@Hadithoftheday In those days there was none in Mecca, neither there was any water. Ibraheem A.S left Hajar and Ismail A.S there, and left with them a leather bag containing some dates, and a water-skin containing some water. Hagar continued suckling Ismail AS and drinking from that water. +
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@Hadithoftheday Mount Toor, Valley of Tuwa.

Allah says in Qur'an:

& when he came to it,he was called, O Musa

Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals. Indeed, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa
And I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed to you.
Indeed, I am Allah (20:11-14)
@Hadithoftheday When Musa A.S was in Madyan for many years, Musa A.S missed his family in Egypt.
Once his contract with his father in law was fulfilled, he set back with his wife and family back towards his homeland.
To reach Egypt, they had to cross the Sinai desert. +
@Hadithoftheday On one particularly cold & dark night, they seemed to have lost their way. As Musa A.S walked in the darkness, he saw a light in the distance, on the side of Mount Tur.
He directed his family to stay there so that he may bring something that will keep them warm.
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@Hadithoftheday 13 years in Makkah and 10 years in Madinah.
The chapters which were revealed in Makkah are called as Makkan Chapters and the chapters which were revealed in Madina after Hijrah are called Madinan Chapters.
There are total of 86 Makkan and 28 Madinan Chapters in Qur'an.
@Hadithoftheday The Makkan Phase:
The Makkan phase of the revelation lasted about 13 years, from the first revelation up to the Hijrah.

The Madinan Phase:

The Madinan phase lasted about 10 years, from the Hijrah to the death of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
@Hadithoftheday The Makkan Chapters are those which were revealed in Makkah. This refers to everything revealed before the Migration to Madinah, even if the verse was revealed while the Prophet (ﷺ) was outside of the city of Makkah.
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