From the very beginning I have always been able to see the truth. I came in with my eyes wide open, asking why about every little thing. From the age of 2 I remember asking my parents when they were going to take me to the Sycamore Tree. They don't grow where I live, and my
parents were in their early 20s, and had no idea how to show me a Sycamore Tree. The Sycamore Tree is actually the ancient Egyptian Tree of wellness as it turns out (took me 42 years to discover) and this ancient tree grew in Egypt and was believed the place where the "Gods"
hung out. God is a Greek term, which has nothing to do with Egypt (you'll learn more about why I say this over time). Lets move from "God" as it is very triggering and totally inappropriate, to the more generic term of Deity or better still, the MdW Ntr term (ancient language
of Khemet - Egypt's real name) of nTr. You'll see me write this a lot. Deity or Ntr has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT reference point and understanding than what you believe you know. Why am I writing all this? I watch with great concern at how people recoil in fear at the very mention
of Egypt, of Gods, deities, Mummies, scarabs and most of this has been because of the way Hollywood, books, the KaBaal who have been involved in EVERYTHING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS and have been able to infect your minds with what is not the truth. I watch in conversation
as people feel both disloyal to God, and captivated by what they feel they really should know, and don't. You are 100% correct, you should know. Egypt is not known as the Mother of the World for nothing. She is ANCIENT... she goes well beyond what the 'approved timeline' states,
and I do mean 'approved'... nothing is permitted to be stated, found, or accepted in Egyptology without 'approval' and for those of us passionate about the truth, you will struggle with the massive amount of lies and disinformation that sits at the heart of our ancestry thanks to
'science' and yes did you see? "OUR" Ancestry means just that. Any Egyptian will openly and willingly share with you, if they feel this in their being, that you are a descendant of Egypt, and that Egypt is your original home. Why do they say this? You'll learn more as I share,
for yes, Egypt is "our" heritage, we are all from Egypt at one point. She is known as the Motherland for a reason, and she and many other indigenous cultures (note Egypt is an indigenous culture - something a lot of people misunderstand) rose to great heights in Her most
powerful periods.

Like all civilisations there were many rises and many falls. My information comes to you, channeled through the Akasha, it comes to you through a deep knowing and understand of who I am and who I have been throughout antiquity, for like Egypt, and the
Earth itself, I am many, many thousands of years old. I have returned time and time again as a StarSeed, by my own volition, to be here and help humanity rise in these challenging times, and help people understand who and what they are. I have known this since I was small.
Through my own innate gifts and talents, and an uncanny connection with this land, which often even has me reeling, I am here to help you understand the nuances. I am a big, big beliver that past lives matter. NOT for the purpose of becoming wrapped in identity again
(we are letting go of this)but to learn who and what we once were, to learn to accept this into our being, and let it go. With the emphasis on let it go. The Ego is a funny thing, and it will wrap its tendrils around anything it can in order to rise so it can take control.
But to allow this would be amistake, albeit if a very human thing to do. Just yesterday God was showing me the very word: Eg-ypt (not its ancient name).... Egypt was the name that the Greeks gave Egypt (Aigyptos) because they could not say the MdwNtr term "Hwt-Ka-Ptah" .
..which is simply the Temple of thethe Soul of Ptah. God showed me yesterday that EGYPT can also look like this: Eg-Ypt Ego Ypt.... and I will tell you that if you permit your Ego to take over in Egypt, she will sit you down on your ass so hard, you won't know what happened.
One must be mindful of one's energy in Egypt, or be prepared to face a swift lesson that lasts. In this very sacred, high vibrational land of manifestation, and will talk more about that I go.
you learn to humility and love.

Essentially though, my name and Egypt is inextricably linked. And I feel the need to share about me, before I go on, so I can give you some connection to what truths I share as we go.
my name, on my birth certificate is Petah. My full name is Petah-Jane. I don't hide behind anything, or choose anonymity. I chose a long life of hiding, and I believe we are emerging into an era where transparency is integrity. Without integrity there can
also be no transparency. So the name is a name my mother made up. She knew nothing about Egypt, or the Middle East at all. I am of the knowing that God sent whispers to my mother before I was born as to what I was to be called, and how my name needed to look on paper, and that
this was integral to my life purpose. Fortunately for me, she listened. You should know at this point that I received a lot of bullying over my name as a child, a 'man's name' (it sounds like Peter), and it isn't particularly glamorous. It was not for another 40 years that
I was going to learn about the significance of my name, or its connection with Egypt. So my name Ptah, is the very name of an Egyptian anthropomorphic deity that was 'worshipped' (and we need to be careful about that word) for 60,000 years into antiquity. But wait.... wasn't the
great Pyramid built in 3500BC? As I said, let go of all you think you know because you will be largely incorrect.

A little about me: I'm a mother to two adult children on the autism spectrum. I've been married 3 times, and live in Queensland Australia, and was born here.
I am a double Aquarian, and have been travelling to Egypt for more than a decade. Of all of the Spiritual Tour leaders and alternative researchers, Egyptologists, and other specialists, there are probably no more than about 10 other people in the world that have travelled to
Egypt and invested the time, money and resources into understanding this land emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally as I have. From the very first moment I set foot in Egypt this life, I had an innate understanding of this land that is very hard to make sense of!
I have a unique perspective on Egypt, which means I am sought after by many traditionalists, by Egyptologists, Guides, Spiritual Teachers, and history enthusiasts worldwide for my knowledge. I don't hide the fact that I am not, and never want to become an Egyptologist
which is a highly politicised science, and which is bound by regulations and restrictions that reject anything other than the mainstream view and nothing else. When we are talking about the truth, that level of rigidity doesn't work with the unusual approach I have towards
my research which is a combination of working with the Truth in written, spoken forms, that goes deep into our ancestral, and native shamanic heritage, that draws on the Akasha for answers, God's guidance, the support of all of the elementals, the Pleaidian realms, the winged
ones, the shining ones, the cosmic forces and the Galactic Federation of Light, all of whom come in at various points in time, and provide their insights into the knowledge I share and help point me to the truth. For I am an ancient scribe who was sent to Earth here, thousands of
years ago, to support humanity during pivotal shifts on Earth as a Starseed, Warrior, Angel of Light, Messenger, Scribe, Healer, Queen, and powerful leader in my own right.

At an ancestral level, I am many thousands of years old and can recall lifetimes in the cosmos, and
the great battles that took place on behalf of Earth. I have been witness to the great Fall of Gaia, to lives in Lemuria, Atlantis (not altogether pleasant) and ultimately Egypt - firstly around 13,000 years ago, and again in more recent times. I have been Queen, High Priestess,
servant, warrior, and in one lifetime a man. I lived a life as Mary Magdalene (we share the same birthday and same passions, same hair, same life struggles, same life path number), and have returned throughout history in various incarnations, but not since the days of Christ
have I been so engaged as I was back then, teaching the knowledge around the Path of the ChristoSophia (perhaps that is why I called my son Christian) as the inner path which is found within all authentic spiritualities.
It is this inner path, which is leads to the discovery of the Divine within that sits within all of Creation. Something the Egyptians were passionate about, and was the path of the Spiritual Awakening for all who engaged in 'worship' uniting God + human; Spiritual + Material; and
the Masculine + Feminine, which was what the words and teachings of Jesus was all about. Hopefully in time you will learn that I am not about telling people to leave their existing faiths (for the two can be held quite readily), however in recent times, the timelines have shifted
and a deep awareness around the truth has arisen. We are starting to see that the Church and organised religion has been the cause of massive levels of hardship and suffering for many thousands of years. There was evidence of this on the Temple walls of Egypt, and the Egyptians
understood that this period in which we find ourselves now, is a dark, dark period of history. The path of the ChristoSophia is one that encompasses and transcends all of its manifestations on the Earthly plane. We already know that religion in and of itself is limited and
incomplete with regards to its power to embody truth (yes I am being diplomatic lol), because the human mind can only know and express relative truth. As we start to envisage the magnitude of this and what has gone on, we start to then realise with deep humility the vastness
we are approaching. As the ancient Egyptian saying goes: "once seen, can never be unseen" and "the truth is hidden in plain sight".... as I share, riff and muse about the aspects of Egypt I have within me, know that I am no 'expert' on Egypt, as only one being can know all. That
is God. A civilisation that has endured over many, many thousands of years historically (and many more thousands than written history will admit), cannot possibly be embraced by one mind, by one being and one thought. My hope is that what I share is simply to be able to tilled
into the furtive soil of your own mind, where the truth is embodied and held within your hearts, where you have the ability to access through your own Akasha, and your own collective processes, and see the Truth of what is, for as the Ancient Egyptians said "if it could be
written, then it cannot be the whole truth" their belief, even now is that only God has the whole truth. And I feel exactly the same way.
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15 Oct
What would you say if I told you there were NO SLAVES IN EGYPT....

Truthers understand that history has been written, rewritten, fantasised, extrapolated, killed, maimed, castorated and reinvigorated beyond any semblance of the truth. We know this, and yet
we still want to believe that Egypt was and is a bad and terrible place, where bad things are done to people who don't comply.

Mention Egypt, and people quickly retreat to supplanted knowledge, ie horror feelings around what movies have supplanted in their minds
this is devastating because I know that you are a fully functioning human being, until that moment when I see fears that are not based in any kind of reality rise within you, because of what the DS has done to your mind
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15 Oct
Ok, so you are all used to me, right?

Every time I write about Egypt GUESS WHO pops up..... *sigh*... EVERY TIME. So I want to humour him.

Now, I will let you know .... he upset me in some other past life and I don't know why.... hmmmm
Now, I will let you know .... he upset me in some other past life. He never had a documented relationship.. because he didn't feel worthy at first, and then had nothing but disdain for them LOL ...stating they would rise in future.
Given he was from Venus, this would stand to reason, Venusian women are Goddesses in and of their own right.

Instead, he fed birds. He adored birds, and this is curious because Egyptians LOVE birds!
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15 Oct
As I share this information around Egypt, there's a really interesting mantra playing in the background (God loves to talk to me through Music and Sound)

Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee

Guru is a word that has triggered so many over the decades and has been largely overused in
spiritual circles. It is met with sometimes disdain, or cynicism at best. When you know what it really means, I'm sure you will feel as humble as I do using it

Guru is connected with the 1st chakra, base of the spine

Ram Das is our 6th Chakra, or our 3rd eye (pineal gland)

"Gu" means Darkness
"Ru" means Light

the Guru is the one that takes us from darkness to light.

I listen to Mantras constantly - sometimes all day, to help inspire me to open thinking, healing, move readily to a vibration of love (especially after seeing the shit in
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15 Oct
I have so much to share with you all. It is hard to know where to begin. The love I feel when I feel this light surge within me, always has a tear fall..... it is so humbling to be the messenger here as the Gematria has asked of me for months and months and months.... thank you
for your love and your faith. I'm not going to complicate it too much, and try as hard as I can to provide you with a stream of consciousness that should be powerful, and emotionally healing. You will feel the truth as it is expressed, various ways. You may feel shivers, truth
bumps as I speak, you may feel some level of anxiety and rage, you may feel the cognitive dissonance rise, and you may feel none of those things. I have struggled as to how to actually structure this so it makes sense, but how do you semble infinity? You can't. I have also felt
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14 Oct
I have been reading the Akashic Records since 2012 (itโ€™s 12:12 as I type this).. I spent 6 months training and perfecting this ancient craft (which we can actually all do but thatโ€™s another topic).

I just want to share what was brought into the light for me this afternoon ๐Ÿ‘‡
I figure people just throw up dates and say whatever they want, so if they can do that I can share this. I never share anything Iโ€™m shown instantly Iโ€™m careful. But this #Benghazi issue is massive on every level and a put to rip open something nasty that they canโ€™t (and wonโ€™t) ๐Ÿ‘‡
put the lid back on... this means WHITE HATS have poked the [DS] bear and frankly, itโ€™s dangerous right now for all parties involved. I just shared something about Timothy Holmseth that points to exactly this.

So you need to think strategically.
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14 Oct
Some of you may have found the truth crushing. I know over the years I have. Itโ€™s something I have become used to and over time been been known to say that the Truthing (you call it red pilling), can at sometimes feel like having your skin removed with a rusty knife. This is part
of a process of growth. Others go through something similar but this is us being brave and taking responsibility for our direction. It brings on feelings of grief and loss, can highlight separation and doubt, and the tears... tears of joy, sorrow, relief, and shock ... but this
Is where the healing comes in. Nothing helps me like music (the right kind), to help soul scape me, soothe me, polish me and balance me. This album is extraordinary for this. The voice over is by a friend of mine... ironically sheโ€™s not at all into Q, if only she realised ...
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