What would you say if I told you there were NO SLAVES IN EGYPT....

Truthers understand that history has been written, rewritten, fantasised, extrapolated, killed, maimed, castorated and reinvigorated beyond any semblance of the truth. We know this, and yet
we still want to believe that Egypt was and is a bad and terrible place, where bad things are done to people who don't comply.

Mention Egypt, and people quickly retreat to supplanted knowledge, ie horror feelings around what movies have supplanted in their minds
this is devastating because I know that you are a fully functioning human being, until that moment when I see fears that are not based in any kind of reality rise within you, because of what the DS has done to your mind
to instal feelings of fear from nightmares and past lives to the full bible quotes (which do my head in), around being enslaved in Egypt.

Before I begin, it is important for you to free up your mind, and understand that in the history of the known world
there has been no other civilisation that has come close to the length and duration of the Egyptian empire. It was the supreme empire of the entire world, even over previous empires and other cities in other locations. The 'known' history of Egypt (accepted mainstream 'history')
is about 5,000 years old, to try to put that into perspective, that's about 3,000 more than the span of time between now and when Jesus was walking the Earth. The reality is that the Egyptian Empire is probably closer to 10-15,000 years, due to the figurines that have been
discovered that were dated around 6-8,000 BC and so much more that continues to be discovered. I am not going to bore you with dates. As dates and timelines are man made and heavily influenced by 'written' history. Instead I hope to convey a feeling about Egypt that will have you
understanding at the very least that we cannot trust what we have been told about Egypt.

Let me also say here that Egypt spanned such a great period of time, it moved in cycles, from its great early eras where things are still being discovered to this day
to its grandest periods, and the height of its existence in the 18th dynasty which is where I derive (and many others like me) a lot of my Egyptian knowledge. If you are drawn to my words, and experiences, I would imagine you were familiar with me in Egypt, either as colleague
friend or even possibly foe. Egypt journeyed through cycles and had some INCREDIBLY dark periods, along with some magnificently enlightened ones. Those periods where she was so close to the cosmic beginnings of her realm back in its hey day, as a prediluvian (means flood)
existence, and the heights of its magnificence til we journey into the murky depths and horrors of life in a twisted, dark and very difficult existance over about 1500 years until after Jesus died. Egypt held power throughout all of her reign in the earliest years until
the end of the 18th Dynasty where she fell into the hands of the powers of the 'common' rulers (they eliminated nearly all blood lines), into the hands of the Greeks, and the Persians, who tried to revive her, and again into the hands Assyrians who destroyed her and finally
the Romans. Throughout the late dynasties, after infiltration had been successful through the Priesthood in the initial attempts to destroy the bloodlines
Egyptology circles, lets stick with a figure of about 10,000 BC.

For proof of what Egypt looked like one only has to refer to some of the notes from some of the Greek Scholars who had arrived early on for their traditional philosophical studies.
One such account was from a philosopher, healer known as Herodotus says:

The Egyptians in agreement with their climate, which is unlike any other, and with the river, which shows a nature different from all other rivers, established for themselves manners and customs in a way
opposite to other men in almost all matters: for among them the women frequent the market and carry on trade, while the men remain at home and weave;
no woman is a minister either of male or female divinity, but men of all, both male and female: to support their parents the sons are in no way compelled, if they do not desire to do so, but the daughters are forced to do so, be they never so unwilling.
The Egyptians were the first who made it a point of religion not to lie with women in temples, nor to enter into temples after going away from women without first bathing: for almost all other men except the Egyptians and the Hellenes lie with women in temples and enter into
a temple after going away from women without bathing, since they hold that there is no difference in this respect between men and beasts: for they say that they see beasts and the various kinds of birds coupling together both in the temples and in the sacred enclosures
of the gods; if then this were not pleasing to the god, the beasts would not do so.
Women in Egypt were empowered, educated, and could hold office in Government and vote. They were doctors, lawyers, and educators, they were Priestesses and Queens and all manner of roles in between. Herodotus spoke of how impressed he was about the women and the manner they were
held in, often in high regard in the community. They were empowered. And these observations were in an era where Egypt was under great oppression. Imagine what it was, some 3,000 years before that?
The Slaves in Egypt were the result of the Roman empire who had taken control via various means through the Greeks, the Assyrians and finally the Romans who ensured that all citizens, not just Jews, were under deep control of the State, through religion which had become
politicised, and bound by religious rule which was woven into the every day. Not only do some state Egypt had no slaves, yet others claim there were no Pharoahs, as well.

So what do you believe? Go into your hearts and learn and discover Egypt, what you know to be true
Face your fears and know that 'as above, so below, as within so without' ~Thoth.

I am a daughter of Thoth, a Priestess Scribe, a Warrior Queen and I have been connected with Egypt for thousands of years.
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17 Oct
Infiltration is how they roll folks - this is an ancient tactic (think Trojan) where they can spend time "knowing" their enemy from the inside out, and affect culture and create confusion like nothing on earth.

This opens up something for me, which I would like to share.
Back in 2012, when I first went to Egypt as a tourist, who was red pilled since 1994, I knew first hand what government was capable of doing to its people. Understanding the Muslim culture had been a bit of a side project of mine, as something within me just didn't accept the 911
story, and what was most interesting of all, was that every Egyptian I met was as woke as me. Including the poor farmers, the drivers, everyone. Over time, I got to know these people and they have become my family so to speak, with beautiful hearts despite our different
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There's an angel in my midst
Of sound mind and pure heart
He embodies he and embraces
The essence of what it is, not what it isn't
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And all is ok
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Interfering with the birth of creativity
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15 Oct
Ok, so you are all used to me, right?

Every time I write about Egypt GUESS WHO pops up..... *sigh*... EVERY TIME. So I want to humour him.

Now, I will let you know .... he upset me in some other past life and I don't know why.... hmmmm
Now, I will let you know .... he upset me in some other past life. He never had a documented relationship.. because he didn't feel worthy at first, and then had nothing but disdain for them LOL ...stating they would rise in future.
Given he was from Venus, this would stand to reason, Venusian women are Goddesses in and of their own right.

Instead, he fed birds. He adored birds, and this is curious because Egyptians LOVE birds!
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15 Oct
As I share this information around Egypt, there's a really interesting mantra playing in the background (God loves to talk to me through Music and Sound)

Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee

Guru is a word that has triggered so many over the decades and has been largely overused in
spiritual circles. It is met with sometimes disdain, or cynicism at best. When you know what it really means, I'm sure you will feel as humble as I do using it

Guru is connected with the 1st chakra, base of the spine

Ram Das is our 6th Chakra, or our 3rd eye (pineal gland)

"Gu" means Darkness
"Ru" means Light

the Guru is the one that takes us from darkness to light.

I listen to Mantras constantly - sometimes all day, to help inspire me to open thinking, healing, move readily to a vibration of love (especially after seeing the shit in
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15 Oct
From the very beginning I have always been able to see the truth. I came in with my eyes wide open, asking why about every little thing. From the age of 2 I remember asking my parents when they were going to take me to the Sycamore Tree. They don't grow where I live, and my
parents were in their early 20s, and had no idea how to show me a Sycamore Tree. The Sycamore Tree is actually the ancient Egyptian Tree of wellness as it turns out (took me 42 years to discover) and this ancient tree grew in Egypt and was believed the place where the "Gods"
hung out. God is a Greek term, which has nothing to do with Egypt (you'll learn more about why I say this over time). Lets move from "God" as it is very triggering and totally inappropriate, to the more generic term of Deity or better still, the MdW Ntr term (ancient language
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15 Oct
I have so much to share with you all. It is hard to know where to begin. The love I feel when I feel this light surge within me, always has a tear fall..... it is so humbling to be the messenger here as the Gematria has asked of me for months and months and months.... thank you
for your love and your faith. I'm not going to complicate it too much, and try as hard as I can to provide you with a stream of consciousness that should be powerful, and emotionally healing. You will feel the truth as it is expressed, various ways. You may feel shivers, truth
bumps as I speak, you may feel some level of anxiety and rage, you may feel the cognitive dissonance rise, and you may feel none of those things. I have struggled as to how to actually structure this so it makes sense, but how do you semble infinity? You can't. I have also felt
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