Da Nang Dick: "Waaaah."

Passing Obamacare was an exercise in raw political power, you worthless POS! That was the "original sin" that you blithely ignore. But that was okay with you, wasn't it? Such a hypocrite!

What a sanctimonious preening liar!
I hope that Sen. Kennedy was being tongue in cheek when he said how much he "respected" Danang Dick.
Kennedy is backing Da Nang Dick into a corner. Dick named Graham as a "liar." Can't wait to hear what Graham says when he gets a chance.

"Americans are voting" doesn't mean a G-damn thing, Dick! Has nothing to do with the Constitution.

• • •

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16 Oct
Can I make it through the last 10 minutes of Dementiacrat Stephanopoulos trying to drag Biden over the finish line of this "townhall rally"? It will be a close-run thing. The diminutive Stephanopoulos isn't doing all that much to prop Biden up.
No, it wasn't Charlottesville that got him into the race. He got in 7 days after Mueller fell flat on his face. Good question, though, because it speaks to Biden losing. Biden talking about "after he loses." I like that! Now he's babbling about his life story again.
Now he's pandering to his black questioner - just like he panders to every questioner (except those who challenge him directly). WTF does this pandering about "diversity" have to do with the question that was asked (what he'd do after he loses)?
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16 Oct
Savannah Guthrie is despicable. It is the DEMENTIACRATS who are pushing voter fraud through ballot harvesting and unverified mail-in ballots.
Here's a Dementiacrat questioner on COVID. How many more of these questions will be posed from a Dementiacrat point of view?
Here is that f**king Savannah Guthrie injecting another bit of fake news. She's carrying water for Dementiacrats.
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16 Oct

1. As I lay in bed tonight and hear all the "defund the police talk" can't help but think of that day on 9/11/01 and how quickly we forget.
2. Just remember this day and remember Al Sharpton wasn't running into that burning building, and LeBron James wasn't carrying injured people to safety.
3. And I don’t remember seeing any members of BLM or Antifa digging through the thousands of pounds of rubble to get to people that were literally being buried alive.
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15 Oct
Thread – Random Thoughts Exposing Leftist Hypocrisy

1. A pal sent me these insightful comments that made me nod my head in agreement. Read on:
2. School teachers are the number one occupation of the Antifa terrorist organization according to the FBI.
3. It took Nancy Pelosi 34 years to get offended by those Confederate statues.
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15 Oct
Rat-face Whitehouse (& conspiracy theorist) is up now. He is also whining about the "lack of comity" recently but again ignores the fact that the Democrats got this rolling back when they torpedoed Judge Robert Bork. He's whining against the "exercise of raw politics." Hypocrite!
Roe v Wade, ACA, etc., are irrelevant. Those are policy actions which are the purview of Congress. The federal judiciary isn't the mechanism to implement laws you can't get passed by Congress. Obamacare was passed without a SINGLE Republican vote. Unprecedented! Raw politics!
Yes, rat-face, Republicans DO have standing to express their political beliefs in their platforms! It's called political speech which is guaranteed in the First Amendment.
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14 Oct
Thread – The Coming Reset

1. One of my virtual pals is James Grundvig, who is (among other things) a contributor to The Epoch Times. He emailed out some predictive analysis about the coming reset that will start on 4 November.
2. It’s a great read, and I provide it below, with his permission.
3. The "invisible enemy" that POTUS comments on is a reference to Global Communism. That's the virus Trump is concerned about. Going through the history of their documents over the years, we have:

•1954 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (leaked 1986)
•1970s Davos Manifesto
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