Actually, you and @ggreenwald are perfect ideological birds of a feather, now more than ever. The only difference that you are open with your support for Trump, while he's on year four of a farcical charade attacking all his enemies, while pretending that he does NOT support him.
Really is amazing the degree to which Glenn's TL is indistinguishable from generic RW trolls like (whoever runs) Ted Cruz's account. The same 'issue' focus, the same attacks on their enemies (Dems), the same trollish 'by your own logic' owning of the libs, etc.
Just checked and his entire feed is just him melting down & owning the hypocritical libs about Twitter/facebook censoring the Russian disinfo. Litereally the only thing he's been talking about for 24 hours.

"A major story of historic proportions" LOL ImageImage
Glenn is so worried about the "huge authoritarian strain in US liberalism you're about to see vividly after the election" but the party in power for the past 4 years has done authoritarian move after authoritarian move & not a single comment from Glenn (other than to defend them)
There seems to be multiple new examples of GOP authoritarianism every day. From numerous examples all over the country of GOP going to absurd lengths to suppress Dem voters to the Trump admin using 'non-partisan' branches of govt to attack their enemies. Not a peep from Glenn.
But if someone kind of sort of support a private company banning obvious Russian disinfo being laundered through a (not really) news outlet? NAKEDLY DISGUSTING AUTHORITARIANISM OF A TRULY HISTORIC PROPORTION!!!!

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

17 Oct
Not even a slight exaggeration to say that the Greenwald-Taibbi-Tracey axis has put 100x more effort/tweets into Hunter Biden than they have literally any Trump admin action (and/or the 'principled concern about familial corruption' that this is supposed to be about).
Glenn has like triple digit tweets about it over the past couple of days. He's going around correcting the record on tweet after tweet, most that don't even mention him. He is ANIMATED. Because Russian disinformation about a Dem (candidate's son) is what Glenn lives for.
LOL look at all the weasel-words Glenn has to use to imply that it's just a given that there is nefarious business going on."Imply...though that's unclear". "suggests"

Again, we've gotten just endless airtight sourced stories about Trump family corruption. Not a peep from Glenn. Image
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17 Oct
Yup. The same exact play but with zero ambiguity (not that there was much last time) about what's happening. And there's just going for it out in the open. And the same exact talking points from the apologists like Glenn Greenwald.
The entirety of the run up to 2016 he attacked everyone who had any media criticism (WIKILEAKS EMAILS, Clinton Cash, AP Clinton Foundation, etc) as partisan hacks & pretended they were arguing it was 'immoral' to report on anything negative about Clinton. Now, the same playbook. Image
Down to a T. "Where is the proof they are forged? Prove that this obviously, comically transparent disinfo drop is false or you're a partisan hack & we must assume it's true. Image
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28 Sep
So not only were black voters (in key swing states) disproportionately targeted w/ GOP voter ID laws, but they were also micro-targeted with demotivation ads to get them to stay home & not vote. But sure..something something 'not visiting Wisconsin'.
If you'll recall, black voters were *also* targeted by Russian influence ops in same exact manner. Given that we know that ppl like Trump's campaign manager were sharing data directly with Russian intel, it's almost a certainty that they shared their list of voters to dissuade.
And I'd be remiss not to mention the other part- the role of the Bernie Left in lending a big hand. People like Shaun King, Brie Brie & The Intercept. What a coincidence but the 1 thing they pushed endlessly was also the same exact msg the Trump campaign was using to demotivate!
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28 Sep
Dude is just going full mask-off pre-election and I am here for it. I'm legitimately waiting for him to join The Federalist.
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27 Sep
The Eagles are just ridiculously terrible rn. Like pathetically bad.
Bring out the canned boos!
Fcking Carson, man.
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