This person, the wealthiest person in the Senate, is married to the chairman of the NY Stock Exchange. She's trumpeting her endorsement from a QAnon Islamophobe. Gotta love how that free market rewards rationality and integrity, eh?
And can we just pause for a moment to relish the absurdity of the NYSE's chairman's wife joining forces with a candidate and a party that prides itself on "fighting against the globalists who are undermining America?"
There are few things as cruel, heartless, and gratuitously mean as a super rich Republican politician. You could have just enjoyed your life on your 12 yachts, or you could go to DC to take away health care and food assistance from poor people...and you chose the latter.
I've seen Loeffler's net worth estimated at $500 million. that means that she could live on $25 million a year and not even touch the principal. But no, rather than just retiring into a cushy life of leisure, she wants to help QAnon take over the GOP.
Imagine the passion with which you must have to hate democracy and your fellow citizens who don't happen to be as rich as you are to devote your life to this mission. If it wasn't so damaging to my fellow citizens, I'd almost be in awe of it.
In case you're unfamiliar with just how vile and outlandish Marjorie Greene is, here's a taste.…
But if you won't take my word for how dangerous Qanon is, will you take the word of the FBI, which declared that conspiracy theory a domestic terror threat?…
Imagine being the chair of the New York Stock Exchange and going to work every day and having your colleagues say "so your wife is campaigning with someone involved with a domestic terrorist cult, eh?" and you just saying "yep, so proud of her."

• • •

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17 Oct
Conservative journalist gets attention of President on his pet issue. Goes on Tucker to celebrate. Image
Publishes puff piece on Antonin Scalia’s son who serves in Trump’s cabinet. Image
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16 Oct
This sounds plausible to me. I think the big question is whether it's possible for non-Trump Republicans to take back the party at the county and state level where QAnon supporters, Proud Boy sympathizers, and armed right wing "militia" types have basically taken it over.
IOW, I think an anti-Trump Sasse might be in for quite a fight with the Nebraska GOP when the time comes for him to win a primary. Back in the old days he could count on an establishment to have his back. That may no longer be the case.
But now the Texas GOP is run by Allen West. The Oregon GOP invites Candace Owens and Roger Stone to address their meetings. These are just two out of many states where an anti-Trump candidate for statewide office is going to face serious headwind in a primary.
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Uh, Reagan’s favorite news outlet was Human Events which thought the Civil Rights movement was a communist plot, and he also had many friends who were John Birchers, so....
In 1983 Reagan still thought MLK might have been a Communist. We know this because he said it to his friend Meldrim Thompson, who sat on the board of the JBS. IN 1983!…
That same year, 1983, Reagan hired John Rousselot as a Special Assistant. Rousselot has been the Western Regional Director for the John Birchers in the 60s, and was an active member of the group into the late 70s.…
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16 Oct
Many people are saying that Joni Ernst doesn’t care about the price of soybeans because she’s in the pocket of Big Seitan.
An unnamed source inside the campaign claims that Ernst wakes up every morning and sings “Get Behind Me Seitan.”
These jokes make miso happy.
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15 Oct
Ben Sasse making a strong push to be the next inductee into the "GOP Profiles in Courage" hall of fame.
Here's the thing, if your party just doesn't nominate someone who admires dictators and cozies up to white supremacists, then you wouldn't be put in this compromising position.
And if you'd just put country over party and spoken honestly about our outlandish President, then you wouldn't go down in history as one of the least principled and most craven politicians in the nation's history.
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15 Oct
I'm so old, I remember when Tea Party conservatives railed against the idea of a government using jackbooted thugs as agents of extrajudicial violence against US citizens.
There are few phrases that trip off the tongue of a conservative Republican as smoothly as "jackbooted thug." Image
“Now that we control the government, jackbooted thugs are good actually!!!” Image
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