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15 Oct, 52 tweets, 8 min read
I saw the news that Star Trek: Discovery is coming back this week and I was like "Wow, didn't S1 of Lower Decks just finish?" and thought "we must be living in the golden age of Star Trek!"

then I remembered that twice during my life I've had TWO TREKS airing simultaneously
(and both of those times, one of them was DS9)
The Next Generation ran from 1987-1994, with Deep Space Nine running 1993-1999, and Voyager ran 1995-2001.
So other than the 6 months between the end of Next Generation and the start of Voyager, there was two Treks on TV for all of 1993 to 1999.
and they didn't even do like a spring/fall half-year thing.
DS9 S2E1 "The Homecoming" aired on September 26th, 1993.
TNG S7E2 "Liasons" aired September 27th, 1993.

Anyway, while we currently have 3 ongoing shows (Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard) with three more in development (Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, the unnamed Section 31 one), they seem to be (probably wisely) alternating them rather than having them airing at the same time.
airing multiple treks at once is a recipe for overloading the fans, making them tired of trek, and inducing Terrible Fandom Rivalries within the same fandom.
I mean, yes, we're going to spend the next 20 years anyway arguing which of the New Treks is better, that's just what we trekkies do, but at least we'll be doing it AND watching all of them, instead of only watching Voyager and saying DS9 sucks or vice versa.
right now the biggest competition Trek is facing is Other Trek so it's probably a good idea to not oversaturate the market.
and @bvigeant reminded me that at the same time, 1994-1998? Babylon 5 was airing.

Truly it was the Golden Age of television sci-fi.
Anyway, despite not actually watching any of it yet (my brain isn't what it was like in the 90s so watching narrative-TV isn't something I can do that much) I'm really happy to see Trek flourishing on the small screen again.
There was a dark time when Trek was just OVER.
The last of the original series of movies was 2002, with the disappointing Nemesis.
And the similarly disappointing (at first) Enterprise finished in 2005, and no one was in a hurry to make the next Trek show after that.
so 2005 to 2009, we had NOTHING.
No films, no shows, just a couple fan projects and a video game or two.
Then we got the reboot movies which were at least called "Star Trek", but no hint of it coming back to TV until Discovery in 2017.

So we had seven years without a movie and TWELVE years without a show.
fun fact: We are currently in the second longest movie-gap.
It's been 4 years since Star Trek Beyond, and the only longer gap between Treks was the 7 years between Nemesis and Star Trek The Star Trek Open Bracket Two Thousand And Nine Close Bracket
There's currently 3 more movies somewhere in some stage of development, but none are close enough to done to start filming yet, or have release dates.
So only time will tell if we get another Trek movie before this becomes the longest gap.
Those three movies are:
Kelvin Timeline Movie #4
R-rated Quentin Tarantino Script Movie
Noah Hawley movie (on hold, but officially Not Canceled at the moment)
But yeah. Prior to the Nemesis Gap, Star Trek had consistently put out a movie every 2-3 years, since it came to the big screen in the Post Star Wars Era, 1979.
I did a thread somewhere about how the history of star wars was forever altered by a ONE WEEK gap: The plans for the film Star Trek: Planet of the Titans were ended (internally) in May, 1977, because they didn't think there was an audience for big screen sci-fi epics.
They decided to focus instead of bringing it back to TV with Star Trek Phase II on Paramount Television Service, a 4th US television network that never came about.

But you know what happened a week after they canceled plans?
anyway that thread is here, after some blabbering about alternate casts for TNG:
ANYWAY now that Lower Decks finished S1, it's probably highest on my to-watch list, then I'll go through Discovery and Picard, in some order. Maybe Discovery first so I can start watching episodes while they're coming out.
heck, we're now in a time where Doctor Who is airing again. (the 90s may have been a good time for US sci-fi, but it was during the massive Doctor Who hiatus)
So probably in all reality we ARE in the golden age of televised sci-fi, since we've got multiple treks and a Who.
Although personally I'm gonna recommend 1997 as the best time for televised sci-fi, even without a Who.
Here's why:
2 treks on air (DS9 and Voyager), Babylon 5, and a series of Red Dwarf.
and @Kree_Darnor reminded me that's when Stargate SG-1 started (for some reason I thought it was later)

Farscape hadn't started yet (1999). Firefly would air for 20 minutes in 2002.
the Battlestar Galactica reboot came back as a mini-series in 2003 and the main show ran 2004-2009, filling some of the dark times without Treks.

(fitting, as it was co-created by Ronald D. Moore, who got his start on Star Trek)
Lexx had started airing in 1997... but only in Canada, and the first season was really more like a series of short movies than episodes.
It didn't come to the US until 2000, with Season 2.
what other TV-Sci-Fi was there around then?
Oh, Space: Above and Beyond had aired for one 1995-1996 season, so it was over by then.
Later we've get the B5 spin-off, the one season Crusade in 1999.
It's not really a "future space show" like Trek and the others are, but The X-Files was still airing in 1997, running from 1993-2002 (originally, with a revived version in 2016-2018)
The underrated Millennium X-files spinoff was running too, since it ran 1996-1999.
And the other spin-off, The Lone Gunmen, wouldn't start up (and end) until 2001.
Although if we're including modern-day-based sci-fi we've also got Dan Aykroyd's Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal running from 1996 to 2000.
1997 is also when Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict started up, running until 2002.
1997 also had Sliders airing, having started in 1995.
After 1997 it moved off Fox and switched to the Sci-Fi channel, running until 2000.
1998 had the unique Invasion America, a Dreamworks cartoon inspired by anime, created by Steven Spielberg and Harve Bennett (who worked on several star trek movies, most famously Wrath of Khan).
It only lasted as season.
Speaking of Spielberg, his Amblin Entertainment produced a sci-fi show earlier in the 90s: Earth 2, another one-seasoner.
seaQuest DSV (aka seaQuest 2032 for the final season) had aired from 1993 to 1996.
And we've gotten a TekWar show from 1994 to 1996... though that one has some weird air-dates.
speaking of Shatner... There was a Tales from the Crypt spin-off on HBO called Perversions of Science, which was more sci-fi focused horror.
Shatner directed and appeared in episode #3, along with his daughter, Melanie Shatner.
1996-1997 had Dark Skies, another UFO-conspiracy show. Only one season.
And although it only lasted 2 seasons, a highlight of 1997 to 1999 was the Glen Larson comic-book-superhero adaptation Night Man! A saxophonist is struck by lightning and becomes TUNED TO THE FREQUENCY OF EVIL!
It's beautiful stupid shlock and I need to rewatch it. Image
1998-2001 had the surprisingly weird Seven Days, about a secret time travel project that could only send someone back in time 7 days, used to avert major disasters.
Anyway if we're listing late-90s sci-fi shows, you gotta include Power Rangers.
Power Rangers in Space ran for 43 episodes in 1998, and ended the run of season-to-season continuity (aka The Zordon Era).
As you'd guess from the title, they are in space now, trying to find Big Z.
the season after that was Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, from 1999, which was about a city-sized space colony searching for a habitable planet. Naturally, there were some evil aliens, and some power rangers to fight them.
Roswell (which ran for 3 seasons) started in 1999 as well, going until 2002.
Apparently that got rebooted recently? I didn't know that.
Also apparently there was a 1993 one-seasoner on CBS called "Space Rangers". Never heard of this. Image
also apparently after the failure of Baywatch Nights' first season, they soft-rebooted the second season (airing 1996-1997) into a sci-fi based paranormal show.

AMAZINGLY it turns out that an X-files-style Baywatch spinoff is not what anyone wanted, so it failed.
1997 also had Timecop, the spin-off of the Jean-Claude Van Damme film from 1994.
It was such a success that they canceled it after only 9 of the 13 episodes had aired
And the 1995 Outer Limits incarnation was also airing around then, ending in 2002.
anyway I didn't mean to turn this into "hey here's a bunch of scifi shows from the 90s", like this was some kind of buzzfeed listicle.

so I'm gonna stop now before I have to explain Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills.
Sorry if I missed your favorite show.
although I have to point out an honorary mention since I brought up Nightman:
Cleopatra 2525.
Two seasons, 2000-2001, executive produced by Sam Raimi.
It's a deeply stupid post-apocalyptic war-against-the-robots show that refuses to take itself even slightly seriously. Image
and why listen to me telling you that it's awesome when you can listen to the guy who made Netscape?

• • •

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