So "PhDs" is trending because Nate Silver is being an ass. As someone with a PhD in modern Russian history who didn't get a tenure-track job in the field because there basically aren't any these days, yeah, I can get annoyed at people who denigrate markers of expertise.
Maybe ol' Nate should take a moment to think about how irresponsible it is for someone with his prominence to add fuel to the fire of American anti-intellectualism, which is one factor that led to rise of the corporatized university in which I could find only precarious work.
Since I was going to be precarious anyway, I decided to become a freelance writer. But most people's experience of getting a PhD these days is pretty humbling and even heartbreaking. And yes, the training emphasizes being aware of the limits of one's own knowledge.
Make no mistake, there are indeed big egos in academia, and there are PhDs who are terrible people. But they tend to be the established ones, especially white men, because, let's be honest, they can get away with it. There are also many established, tenured profs who are great.
But as a precarious PhD, or what I sometimes refer to as one of the academy's throwaway PhDs, I find Nate's tweet particularly offensive. There are a whole lot of us out here reckoning with seeing a social contract we bought into ripped up in front of us, just trying to get by.

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6 Oct
Growing up in a high-control religious group generally means being denied a proper education, having a warped understanding of sex and gender thrust upon you, and lacking protections against abuse.

With SCOTUS gearing up to expand "religious liberty" as the right to dominate...
These issues must be brought into the public eye as much as possible. Above all, that means listening to survivors and advocating for children's rights.

@laureneoneal's and my follow-up volume to Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church, will highlight these concerns
Please share our call for submissions widely. And, if you have a story that might be a fit for the volume, please consider submitting it. Thanks!…

#TuesdayMorning #EmptyThePews
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26 Sep
I want to thank everyone who’s been sharing my latest article (linked below) and also those of you who have DMed lately to tell me you find my work helpful or encouraging.

Believe it or not, a lot of the time, I feel like I’m screaming into the void…
So it helps to hear I’m making a difference, on whatever scale. I suppose there must be a lot of us who feel powerless in this moment of national crisis. I guess the thing is just not to let that feeling paralyze us.

And remember, there are far more of us than there are fascists
If you do find my work valuable and want it to continue, please consider supporting it via Patreon with $5 a month or whatever you can afford, and/or sharing this link with others:

My warmest thanks to all my patrons!
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24 Sep
1. Today, white America once again failed to pursue justice for a brutally murdered African-American, Breonna Taylor.

Meanwhile, the White House banned anti-racist education by EO, and Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

And then there's SCOTUS.
2. You can be sure Trump and McConnell are seeking a compliant, politicized court that will rubber-stamp a Trump dictatorship. Roberts' and maybe even Gorsuch's concerns about legitimacy may be a hindrance, but don't count on it.

And say goodbye to the ACA, Roe, and Obergefell
3. There is much legitimate outrage over the rank hypocrisy of Republicans seeking to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year after voting has started, much later in the game than when they made up a precedent to block President Obama's appointment of Merrick Garland.
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22 Sep
Great work as always by @sarahposner, but the @nytimes' framing is misleading.

The heart of Sarah's story is why QAnon is taking off in evie circles, not that the occasional "respectable evangelical" is trying to stop it.

The bigger story? They have no chance of stopping it. Image
It's rich for "respectable" evangelicals to be talking big about "truth" when they have no ability to rein in conspiracy theories, because, as anyone who went to Christian school can tell you, they stand for numerous #ChristianAltFacts:…

I also wish @sarahposner had probed what "truth" means to Brown, instead of giving him the last word.

To evangelicals, "truth" is what the group needs to believe.

Some "respectable" evies want to draw the lines differently from the rank-and-file, but it's the same epistemology
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17 Sep
One of the things I appreciate most about @johnastoehr's piece here is the much needed media criticism that very few outlets will print. @RDispatches, thankfully, will.

My latest article for RD also highlights problems with most coverage of Christianity…
There are some former evangelicals in high places in journalism--@publicroad comes to mind--but she remains far more sympathetic to evangelicals than to ex-evangelicals like me, at least publicly, and I think @johnastoehr's general criticism is on point.
Most of the people who cover evangelicals for major news outlets either are (elite) evangelicals themselves (Michael Gerson, Sarah Pulliam-Bailey, Elizabeth Dias) or people who do not come from Jesus Land, USA.

Those of us who escaped from Jesus Land deserve representation.
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11 Sep
"For the majority of white evangelicals, there's no clear line between doctrine and politics. Many evangelicals maintain, as ardently as any stereotypical Marxist, that the 'correct' worldview and 'correct' politics are inextricably intertwined"

My latest…
Thanks to @ndrewwhitehead and @PaulDjupe for providing expert commentary on Ligonier Ministries' 2020 State of Theology Survey, which has been causing a minor moral panic in the evangelical information ecosystem--as it was designed to do.
For those unaware, Ligonier Ministries is a very Reformed/Calvinist outfit. And its write-up of its dubious survey is extremely partisan in that regard.

Despite disagreements among evangelicals over theology, LM is respected. It was founded by prominent theologian R.C. Sproul Sr
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