Just absolutely, unbelievably dangerous and irresponsible.
I get the whole "We're not doing a lockdown!" "We need to open up the economy!" (whatever that means, given that generally speaking, "the economy" is open, just not doing so hot these days) stuff... but why the anti-mask approach? Why not encourage responsibility?
Earlier this year, people would say "We shouldn't have to shut down! We'll social distance! We'll wear masks! We can be responsible!"

And so places eventually opened...

And those same people are now like "I shouldn't have to wear a mask or social distance!"
It's just been an unending game of goalpost moving.
"Sports are canceled."
"OK, sports are back, but without fans. The games will be televised."
"OK, limited capacity and masks, but sure."
It was never about "opening up the economy." It was about people being upset that they were being asked to make small changes to their lives that didn't affect them in a meaningful way. And that was too much. They just want to pretend the pandemic doesn't exist. It does.
I worry about humanity's collective ability to address problems like climate change if governments and businesses couldn't do what was needed to address the pandemic.
And yes, this is another huge issue. The general message is, "good luck and hope you don't catch the virus." If you're working a minimum wage job that doesn't provide health insurance or sick leave, you're being forced to do the unthinkable.
It's not a matter of "Well, YOU can stay home if you're afraid of the virus" or whatever people keep saying. Most people can't just choose to forego paychecks. They have bills and rent and groceries.
Stay home and starve/get evicted. Go to work and risk catching the virus knowing that if you get sick you'll lose your source of income and could end up tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt — and that's if you survive. What horrible choices.
The answer all along was for the government to pay people to stay home. Print money, send it out. Keep businesses closed unless they are absolutely essential. Pay the people at those businesses extra. Let the virus fade away without people to infect.
Would it have been expensive? Absolutely. Very. But "expensive" is the result no matter what happens. The economy was always going to lose trillions of dollars. Now it's trillions of dollars and an entire year of death and suffering. This didn't need to happen.
There was no answer to this problem that would have ended with a thriving economy and a lower national debt. That just wasn't an option at any point here. But our stubbornness and unwillingness to take care of each other ensured we'd get the financial loses AS WELL AS the death.
It's hard to look at what's happened with this pandemic, what's still happening with it, and what undoubtedly WILL happen with it moving forward, and not feel overwhelmingly sad for humanity.

• • •

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17 Oct
“Does it matter if the Hunter Biden emails are, you know, true?” he says, referencing the difference between whether they’re actual emails or forgeries...

There’s nothing NY Post has published that’s scandalous so far? No, “hey, we got a bunch of emails” in itself is not news. Image
Biden released his taxes. His finances are out there in the open. People can go check them if they want. That’s one of the reasons why it’s good for candidates to release them!
Reminds me of what @MattGertz wrote about back in May about “unmasking.” It was a “noninformation campaign,” releasing a document without context or a clear point with the hope of others filling in the blanks and and coming to a sinister conclusion.

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17 Oct
Ah yes, the dossier, which was so radioactive that journalists with access to it before 2016 didn’t publish it because they couldn’t confirm what they were putting out there and doing so would be irresponsible and could have swung an election.
The “anti-anti-Trump” crowd are just sad.
Journalism isn’t just getting info and blasting it out into the world without contextualizing it or confirming it.
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17 Oct
I still don’t understand what crime Trump and people on the right are trying to argue that Biden committed? They’ve never actually articulated that. They’ve just said “He’s corrupt! Something something his son!”
I wish my tweets didn’t autodelete so I could find the instances in 2017/2018 where I repeatedly said “You know, whichever candidate wins the Dem primary, no matter who it is, is going to have to deal with Trump and Fox labeling them as ‘corrupt’”
1. Don’t call me “sweetie.”
2. None of this is proof of corruption. That’s my point. Even if you buy the story that he flew across the country to have a laptop repaired at a small shop owned by a Seth Rich truther, I still don’t know what you’re trying to say Joe Biden did.
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17 Oct
Imagine being a journalist and thinking that these things are both out of the same “playbook.” Embarrassing. Utterly embarrassing. ImageImage
“We cannot normalize insulting reporters for asking questions.”

The problem with Trump and media was never that he was rude to reporters. It was that he normalized the language of violence against them, adopting dehumanizing “enemy of the people” rhetoric, cheering attacks.
Biden is allowed to not like certain reporters. Trump is allowed to not like certain reporters.

If you cannot see the difference between Biden being a little rude to Erickson and Trump flat-out refusing to take questions from certain outlets/encouraging violence, idk
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16 Oct
The thing is... if there was anything actually damning or illegal in these emails, the FBI supposedly already had them months ago and nothing came out of it. Rudy's decision to push ahead and have NY Post run a smear campaign using them... seems unwise.
The story this came from a laptop that was dropped off at a computer repair shop run by a Seth Rich truther who has no idea who actually dropped them off, but he happened to open them, make copies of the hard drive, and... somehow come into contact with Rudy... doesn't add up.
I feel like it's way more likely that if the contents are legit, they came from a hack... specifically the hack NYT reported on in January. nytimes.com/2020/01/13/us/… Image
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16 Oct
The fact that the NY Post still publishes her work after [gestures at everything] says a bit about whether to take their ongoing attempt to invent a scandal around Biden
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