fuck it, I'm reading the entire SPD manual and live tweeting it.

(yes, I should have read it months ago, but here we are now)
here is a link if you want to follow along:

I'm going to try and CW the rest of this thread where appropriate, but this is a general CW for what is likely to be police violence, racism and bad mental health policy
ok so its broken down in 16 sections, which they call "Titles", plus an introduction.
And we are already getting info about how how policy is changed within the department. It sounds like no one not part of the Police Department is involved in policy changes, except experts chosen by the detective in charge. The third Wednesday is coming up, wonder if thats public A detective is assigned to ...
Or if that happens every month? In what I think is going to be a pattern, the manual is purposely vauge
update, this happened.

So I went back and listened to the Police Scanner instead.

I have all the written, but I think I'm going to wait till we get more info about what happened.

ok, I ate some food took a break and am back to tweeting

also why are you all RTing this thread? I literally havent said anything useful yet?
Oh goody! A guide to reading the manual. It says most sections will have:
Policy: with the rules
Procedures: with steps to achieve the dept's goal. Multiple people involved
Tasks: Another list of steps to do for the goal, but for a single person.

Unclear where the goal will be Manual sections generally i...
And the below that is SPD's PO box address and a link to click for SPD contact information.

Now, I genuinely did not expect to find anything good here, since I'm still reading the into but I clicked the link
Now it gives us a search bar, so I pop in a name that I know should show up. But no results.

So I try Brooks, the Lt. in charge of the CRG, and get a long list of names, but it turns out they are all other city employs who happen to have the last name brooks (blurring for anon) Search Results  No one matc...A list of city employees, a...
I think I found the general City of Seattle Directory, another couple of clicks and it lets me search by department. I put in "Police" and it pulls up a list of police staff. But there is only 75 people listed.
According to SPD's website there is 1,433 sworn offers and 631 civilian employees.
I checked other pages, to see if the systems maxed out at 75 people, but nope other departments seemed to list every employee
A bit more digging and it seems like the 75 people all are also part of some other, non SPD department like HR or legal. But this is purely a guess and its kinda a perfect metaphor for the SPD to have a link to contact information that doesn't have any useful contact info
And now, since this thread has already dived into pure chaos mode™ and is only vaguely related to the manual, why don't I take this a step further
Why Does SPD have a department for the Police Foundation? WHAT DO YOU DO DIANE?
(her actual title is "Corporate Support" which answers no questions)
(her linkin says "Strategic Advisor/Foundation Liaison" which also answers no questions) A screenshot of the SPD Dep...
Adding Diana to my list of things to investigate later, I'm going back to the City of Seattle Directory. It has a drop down menu with a couple of options, including "Police Guild". Moving past the question of why does City of Seattle have a dept for SPOG, it lists two employees
Tara Mullins, who is currently employed as director of member services for in Police Guild Department of the City of Seattle was convicted in 2008 of stealing over $40,000 from SPOG.

what the actual fuck



I legitimately don't know what to do with this information. Like it seems bad practice to hire the people who just stole $40,000 from you?

@faruq_kiefer @ericacbarnett @spekulation @TheUrbanAce @Omarisal @daeshikjr
(this isnt me burying the lead or anything here, I came to this thread to read SPD's manual and don't know how I ended up here but I did)

also here is the screenshot from the directory, showing Tara Mullins as a current employee Screenshot from the City of...
A quick google of all the other SPD related departments isn't showing anything interesting, so to summarize this thread:
-SPD doesnt answer to anyone outside the dept when changing policy
-SPD has no employee contact info online
-SPD hired someone who stole 40,000 from SPOG
And heres where I am in the manuel A long list of all the manu...

• • •

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